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  1. @alpha17 good stuff mate! when writing blogs make sure to include at least one photo which relates to the blog. Then it will make your blog post more interesting to read. You can upload the main photo as Feature Photo which is located bottom of the edit view and if you have more photos you can just upload and drag and drop any place in your blog post. For this blog post I just added the same photo which you had in your AL blog home page. Feel free to replace it if you have a better pic.

    Also you may consider renaming this blog post as 'Toyota Corolla 121 Review' if you are planing to write several blog posts under your AL blog page and also rename the title of your main blog page.



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  2. 1 hour ago, iRage said:

    Also, perhaps you should just have one thread for your reviews ? 

    @iRage the AL blog is different to AL forum. For each blog posts, there will be a dedicated thread to comment and It's designed to highlight each blog posts published by the blog owner. Therefore it's better to comment under respective blog post.

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