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    Finally she’s here😁Thanking all the members who helped me in various ways💪
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    Drove the new Mitsu Eclipse Cross and I’m amazed by the balance between comfort and handling. Certainly comfortable as a car, while being sporty enough to rocket out the corners. Highly recommend over the Honda CRV. The turbocharged 1500cc is much more livelier than what you get in the CRV. Only downside is the fuel economy which is around 12kmpl during long runs and 6-7 round the town.
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    Is it just me or are there more and more classifieds with genuine mileage - even for mainstream cars? I see people not being afraid to advertise mileages of 200,000 + this is a good trend.
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    Hey guys! Bought a mint condition 2008 indian swift beetle from a friend! Very BIG Thanks to all the AL members for helping me avoid crapboxes along the way!!!
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    I need a Honda, wife forced Toyota ☹️
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    You have no idea of the new 'Colour change process' at RMV you guys... went 2 times and still couldn't get it done.. I don't think I ever will... unlike those days, you cant get it done easily now. if you ever decide to change colour or any modification to your car which requires book update, might as well forget about it cuz they wont approve it unless you go there 4,5 times and kiss their ass. I will separately create a new post for the new process for colour changes and modifications.
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    The most unrefined petrol car I’ve driven - Vitz KSP130 3cyl 1.0l
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    Wanted a jimny, tried for a Copen, ended up behind a vitz sigh’ married life
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    Ok so this time Restoration I think, I replaced every possible worn out part, and spent more than the last and and the satisfaction is also higher than the last.. still not done with it though.. Basically to replace a worn out nickle handle I purchased an entire Presea door! We are talking about that kind of a restoration here cuz i have severe OCD.
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    Gonna check on a Merc this weekend (if time permits). Let's see whether it will turn me ON 😂😋
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    Logged in after 5 Years. Whats happening here people! Any old timers around? Madz?
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    I sold my Vitz and got newer Vitz Why are these things so bland and why do wives like them so much
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    Mitsubishi Evo to make a comeback? https://www.caradvice.com.au/769731/mitsubishi-lancer-evolution-return/?fbclid=IwAR2Z7Vvahd1aI45diLzsqcyR9d10EMxlgsuAvsOqWzqWIjc29TtFlHlYVok I'll believe it when I see it.
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    So Nations Trust Bank has put up a pic of my van in their Kandy branch board http://oi65.tinypic.com/o94qdf.jpg Looks like they ripped it from my blog 😑
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    Would a newer petrol prado 2.7l TRJ150 be a wise swap to a 3.2 diesel Montero 2013 v98, can it be called an upgrade?
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    Took the car for the colour change process to werahera at 2.30pm and the head mofo said cant take in now as he has to go at 4.15 and told to come another day at 8am. i begged him for 10 minutes and he scolded me, so i scolded him back and told him to kiss the fattest part of my big ass. So instead of going to werahera again i can do the process at Gampaha kachcheri too right? anyone know an inside connection who works at gampaha kachcheri?
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    Is everyone here safe from yesterday's incidents?
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    I just realized that adults are on 4X2 mode while toddlers are on 4X4, hence toddlers have better traction
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    Bought a Lexus UX for my mother. If anybody is interested in knowing about it, shoot away! Thel wadsa karanwa machan. Towme 15 wada karanwa. Market ekath hodai! 😉
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    I’m really impressed about the fuel consumption of the Allion A15.Yeasterday had a journey to Anuradhapura through Matale and returned through Ella(340km) and It cost me only Rs.2700 using 95 octane.So the car had done closer to 19 kmpl which is kind of impressive for a car that weights 1.2tonnes plus 3 grown up people and using AC all the time.As I remember my 121 did around 15-16 for the same route.
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    It's a sad day for DIYers and petrolheads who know the value of this man's work. I must have been around ten years old when I first peered in awe through the pages of a Haynes manual. It was one for a Renault 12 that belonged to my grandfather. That manual is probably one of the reasons for why I don't mind some grease under my fingernails, and what inspired me to get one for almost every car I've owned. Rest in peace Mr Haynes. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/founder-haynes-manual-john-haynes-has-died
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    What's the deal with this stupid hideous impractical body kits on the prado, so hard to find an unmolested used one of the last generations. With that kit they can't even clear a road divider, forget off road.
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    Received the newly ordered Center Panel from Yahoo Auctions as a pre-christmas gift from me to myself Why does it feel soo good to spend on car parts?
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    Anyone else is in love with the new Jimny?
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    EVO X final edition at a finance yard... whyyyyyyyyyyy
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