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    Finally she’s here😁Thanking all the members who helped me in various ways💪
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    I joined this forum in 2012 when I only had a rusty mountain bike with no brakes! Learned lots and finally obtained my dream. Didn't think of resale,fuel or what not. Just followed my heart! But sad to see the newer generation of car buyers, makes me weep hard. Does anybody even care about driving the damn thing anymore? instead of resale and fuel! This is not showing off. Just an Appreciation to AL and the community! PS. Its a 2 Liter Turbo with 200 horses and still does over 13kmpl city, so go f*** off with ur premios and vezis!
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    Is it just me or are there more and more classifieds with genuine mileage - even for mainstream cars? I see people not being afraid to advertise mileages of 200,000 + this is a good trend.
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    Don't want to Jinx it but I think the AL community can all breathe a collective sigh of relief today!
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    The most unrefined petrol car I’ve driven - Vitz KSP130 3cyl 1.0l
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    Wanted a jimny, tried for a Copen, ended up behind a vitz sigh’ married life
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    Ok so this time Restoration I think, I replaced every possible worn out part, and spent more than the last and and the satisfaction is also higher than the last.. still not done with it though.. Basically to replace a worn out nickle handle I purchased an entire Presea door! We are talking about that kind of a restoration here cuz i have severe OCD.
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    I have spent 50k on transport and mechanic costs inspecting Presea's all around the country for the past month upto today. And I'm getting tired of it. But do I settle for less? No, the hunt continues for an H' number automatic...
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    Is everyone here safe from yesterday's incidents?
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    I just realized that adults are on 4X2 mode while toddlers are on 4X4, hence toddlers have better traction
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    Bought a Lexus UX for my mother. If anybody is interested in knowing about it, shoot away! Thel wadsa karanwa machan. Towme 15 wada karanwa. Market ekath hodai! 😉
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    I’m really impressed about the fuel consumption of the Allion A15.Yeasterday had a journey to Anuradhapura through Matale and returned through Ella(340km) and It cost me only Rs.2700 using 95 octane.So the car had done closer to 19 kmpl which is kind of impressive for a car that weights 1.2tonnes plus 3 grown up people and using AC all the time.As I remember my 121 did around 15-16 for the same route.
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    It's a sad day for DIYers and petrolheads who know the value of this man's work. I must have been around ten years old when I first peered in awe through the pages of a Haynes manual. It was one for a Renault 12 that belonged to my grandfather. That manual is probably one of the reasons for why I don't mind some grease under my fingernails, and what inspired me to get one for almost every car I've owned. Rest in peace Mr Haynes. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/founder-haynes-manual-john-haynes-has-died
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    What's the deal with this stupid hideous impractical body kits on the prado, so hard to find an unmolested used one of the last generations. With that kit they can't even clear a road divider, forget off road.
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    Received the newly ordered Center Panel from Yahoo Auctions as a pre-christmas gift from me to myself Why does it feel soo good to spend on car parts?
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    Anyone else is in love with the new Jimny?
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    Anybody else living away from SL and missing it badly? I rather be in dsi pol gaha lakuna slippers ,eating a kottu and riding the 138. than be away from SL,wearing gucci and driving bmws!drinking starbucks! F u to that asswit who gave that Aussie part last week. Shove that F’ing UTE up ur cucky ass! Begone THOT.
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    Ok here's the deal.. I'll reward 20k for whoever finds me a 'H' number automatic Presea, and if I buy it I'll reward you rightaway...
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    Anyone heading towards Matara/ Mirissa/ Sinharaja side in the weekend? ??? Need to hitchhike as I’m heading to ‘Katuwana’ to inspect a car..Is there a train i could take to go to Katuwana or a nearby city?
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    I've been seeing a Presea advertised in the quick site for all these years for 3 times now, in fact i went to inspect the car 4 years back and didnt buy it.. all 3 times it was advertised, I see that the odomoter is tampered with... does every tom dick and harry who buys cars does this now when they want to sell?.. shik
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    Contemplating whether to keep the 185/70/14 or to go for 205/70/14... The idea of the project is to make this look classy and not sporty... So Worried of the following reasons: (i) The comfort level will reduce (ii) The classiness of the car will go away (iii) Fuel efficiency will drop down (iv) Handling will be harder
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    Guys, anyone knows any CROWS from RMV? What i plan to do is to get the crow to give me a list of 'H' number preseas in the country, and find those mofo's and offer them a price to sell their cars.. So any CROW contact please???
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    Really fed up of driving in this country now, let alone being a motoring enthusiast, Buses coming head on, Honking from behind, law gone to the dogs, everyone's a V*P, everyone's a hooligan. Pity what this country has become Another day in paradise!
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    The gaskets and the head of my Cefiro Engine blew off.. Searched the whole country for a Singa Version engine and all I could find was a Jap engine (which is completely different to the neo engine including the mounts). So returned the new engine back and sold the car without the engine for dirt cheap. half a million loss.. Now looking for an automatic Presea again and do another presea project.
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