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    The very first thing you have to do is check 12V battery. I saw few Vezel's and GP5's giving different kinds of errors due to 12v battery issues. You may go forward with other checks only if 12V battery is in good condition.
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    @NIMANTHA88 Honda Vezel and other Honda hybrids of that era are known to display those error messages when the 12V battery level is low. Get a scan done as @Davy mentioned but before doing that please check the status of the 12V battery from a battery shop. Most probably changing the 12V battery would solve this issue
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    Um that's an extremely broad and rather vague question! Care to elaborate further?
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    A video would help Did you try the easiest remedy, pumping some 95 octane from a different filling station?
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    probably the weak 12V battery. those error codes will be stored in the ECU. after replacing the battery, get them erased by the OBD scanner.
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    I had a similar indication a few years back in my GP5. Diagnosed with agent and problem was ABS system of the car. I could not remember the cost but it was less than 2000/=
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    @NIMANTHA88 and when changing the battery keep in mind that the 12V battery needs to be replaced about every 2 years in these hybrids regardless of the brand of the battery
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    What Davy said.... The Honda systems are pretty tightly integrated... and extremely sensitive. So even if there is one thing that is having an issue all the other systems connected to it will also get in to panic mode. Sometimes it can be something as simple as the Hybrid battery being worn out or loss of contact with the auxiliary (the 12v) battery. The warnings are telling you that the systems are not working so be careful and take it to the dealership. It does not say it is necessarily broken, so what is broken can be something completely unrelated. When you drive does the Eco/EV light still come on (which is supposed to come on when the Hybrid system engages). Does the Hybrid system engage ? According to some Japanese forums a common issue for the above seems to be the Hybrid system battery having charging issues (and in a few cases the 12v battery having contact issues).....where the VSA is concerned the system is telling that the gasoline engine is always running to try keep the hybrid battery charging so the power might not cut off when taking bends, etc...Same with hill start...because the power from the Hybrid system is needed to stop the roll back..if the hybrid system is not working..it is warning that the car may roll back...with braking you are supposed to take care because..again...because the gasoline engine is constantly running and the HV system does not kick in to assist with slowing down, the braking effect might get reduced. The E-parking brake gives an error in case the brakes are not fully disengaged because of power issues. So DO NOT panic and think doom and gloom. Go get it scanned and take it a step at a time. I think it would quite helpful and benefit the community if you can let us know what the scans told you and what was done to fix it.
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    The diagnostic scan shouldn't cost you much, so better take it to the agent if possible. As I said before, the cost of repair comes down to what the actual issue is, and will only be revealed from the errors that are found during diagnosis. Not sure of other garages, maybe another member can suggest one. I assume the agent would have Honda Specific equipment that enable them to scan and provide you an accurate report of what is wrong.
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    Only a diagnostic scan will tell. On the plus side, the car "knows" that something is wrong with it and telling you. This is better than an error that is difficult to identify. You say that you bought the car recently. Did you import the car yourself or buy it from a car sale? If it's the latter, did you get some sort of warranty? If yes, you might want to take it to them for inspection.
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    From the warning symbols, the errors are in the following systems in order of the photos in your post: 1. VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) system 2. Hill Start Assist system 3. (Electronic) Parking Brake 4. Braking system The warnings are basically telling you to get the above checked out. Get a diagnostic scan done to reveal the exact error codes and proceed from there.
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