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    If you're going to use it for office commute in traffic better stick you your Allion 5 series is meant to be driven over long distances in comfort
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    Do you know that there's a Facebook page called Toyota Raize owners and fan club Sri Lanka !!!😲😲😲
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    Dude chill.. It's genuinely helpful.. You can't get first hand , hard cold facts like this from anyone on any Facebook page .. These guys are legit.. But they won't sugar coat information.. but I see no harm intended at you brother.. Don't worry no one is laughing at you, .. Also for a guy who can afford a 4-6 mil bulk for his first car .. I must say you are living a luxury life.. so don't think that anyone was condescending.. I'm a doctor and I saved up five years to buy my first car,,( which started out as a 30 mill aqua in 2013 when I first started saving,, but ended up as a Suzuki Stingray wagon R 😂 thanks to tax hikes) .. So I think you have no right to feel disheartened.. Cheer up dude.. With this budget you have a lot of options.. Don't worry
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    bmw is definitely fun to drive than premio thats the positive side, 5 series is executive clss,its compatible with toyota camry,can’t compare with premio. but if u can effort for 2019 bmw its good option but old germen has lots of reliability issue,and easy to break not like ur premio, maintain cost will b more,other disadvantage is 520d is diesel vehicle in our country v can’t find good diesel so engine waste is more than expectation if u really like for germen vehicle better to go for benz e200
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    1. First and foremost..service history. Go for a car that has been maintained properly....if not you are going ot be biting in to a real sour lemon. There are quite a few hacked 5 series out there....even those that were used by sonny boy whilst daddy was busy making dough... 2. Everything ! The BMW will be more fun and engaging to drive. However...if you arenot in to actual driving you will feel that the Premio with its boat like soft suspension and pillow like seats are more comfortable. 3. Well....your lost opportunity cost is that there always is an idiot who will buy any POS with a Toyota badge on it. You have hit gold because you have a Premio with gold badges and the all worshipped G Superior badge (I hope the G superior PACKAGE is an actual Toyota dealer installed one and not one done up by the local guys). Where BMWs are concerned....as they get older they are either bought buy enthusiasts or cheapskates looking to buy a car with a premium brand badge on it. You say Toyotas are cheap..not so....if you maintain your Toyota with proper/original Toyota parts (from sources you can certify 100%) and at garages that are reputed...the Toyota does not cost that much less than a Euro brand. It is just that you hget a lot of knock-off parts and cheap Chinese alternatives for Toyotas....
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    old one is still the better looking premio for me
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    I’d suggest you to go with the facelifted latest premio.
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    I am guessing not the petrol because of fuel consumption ? Because the 3ZZ should produce about 110hp with about 150N.m of torque...so not a bad ride for city driving. but yes..every tom dick and harry with a cabinet full of parts for sale would probably have parts for a 2C engine..... Well...cars are depreciating assets just like any asset you would invest in....so as long as you don't lose sight of that..you are good to go
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    Too late, permits are already screwed!🤣
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