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    When you run out of face masks and DIY is life. The successor to the N95 mask... The K&N95! 😂
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    Writing is not really my profession, Just a very,very fulfilling side hustle. Owner of the Batmobile is a good friend. We are both second generation car collectors as our dads were among the first to start collecting cars as a hobby in SL back in the day. So that,and the fact I also have a collection myself, with experience in ownership and restoration helps other owners be at ease when handing me the keys I guess. Just to be clear I didn't "thrash" the car. Just drove it fairly hard,at a decent pace that I was certain to not have any adverse effect on the mechanicals. I know how to show respect to the machine and have fun at the same time, especially when in a classic. I think that's what separates me from most other auto journos. Trust me, I was well aware that it was a super rare and worth 400,000$. Edit - Found a pic . Mods pls remove if it violates forum rules regarding other publications.
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    Corolla 141 will be the best suitable car for your usage pattern. (Hope "second car" means selling first car and buying another one)
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    Depending on your usage pattern - weekend driver/long distance trips there's no point in getting a used hybrid and running the risk of hybrid related maintenance headaches. Overall the obvious choice would be a Corolla 141 - it's a simple car easy to maintain and will be more comfy than the Yaris on long drives/Outstation trips.
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    I have to ask, where do you get all this information that you spout so authoritatively? "Honda is not having a good rep regarding engines in resant times" you say, care to provide some sources? Pretty much every engine Honda has made in the last decade or more has been perfectly fine in terms of durability based on any source I can find, maybe you've found different info? The 3 pot is actually quite smooth in use and if you didn't actually know what it was you'd not be able to tell it was different from an average 4 cyl. Honda like most Japanese makers does not adapt a technology until they are quite sure they can make it work reliably, unlike the euros (and especially the VW group). Between the two, I would still bet that the CIvic will be a better long term prospect than any VAG 1.0l turbo.
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