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    I owned a 2011 cerato and currently own a 2011 focus. You might not be able to find a properly maintained car below 3 million. You can always find them for cheap, but especially with focus, if it's not maintained properly from day 1, it will eventually be expensive. This is true for any euro. Cerato is more nippy than the focus. Both do around 8.5 to 9 in the city. It's my 8th year with the focus and I didn't face any significant repairs. Just a broken bonnet lock, broken gear shifter Bush and simple problems like that. It all depends on how the cars were maintained.
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    No idea about the focus but both CS2 and CS3 lancers are way better in driving pleasure + handling + comfort compared to a Cerato...
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    This thread so far has been a collective facepalm for the marketing team of UNIMO if there is one
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    Finally AGM/DGM marketing has taken over
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    I'm with Crosswind on this - maintenance and even more so preventive maintenance is key in ensuring one has a reliable and pleasant vehicle ownership experience, especially when it comes to Euro's, so don't be afraid to pay a premium for a vehicle with all the work done in good order, verified by a specialist or independent assessor as well
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    Avoid the kias if you consider what you spend on the car an investment,
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    are you mentally challenged or blind or both ? This whole Donkey comments being thrown around by several members is nothing short of annoying and is getting really old and complete waste of any and all valuable posts and threads and actually is crossing over to spamming. Spamming is a "ban"-able offense on the forum.
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    Mate if the vehicle is actually good as it's claimed to be, that itself would quell the rumors. Facts would always trump opinion in the end. Besides, I don't understand how criticism of a vehicle in an online forum can destroy peoples dreams of buying it. Bulk of the negativity towards the 580 in this thread is based on the history of the manufacturer. You really cannot blame people for being skeptic in this case. It's DFSK who has to prove their new vehicles are actually good, not the other way around.
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    Here comes the pearl white knight to the rescue riding the golden stallion driving the metallic gold chariot of righteousness made in the fiery forges of DongFeng, slashing the unprofessional lazy retards who dare make a mockery of the renowned 580 apart with his sword of vehicular justice!
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    Well...depends on the number of the G....but for the most part, if the vehicle has a chip in the windscreen or a serious crack on it...the G value will be high and the car's Auction Grade significantly goes down as per Japanese regulation any vehicle with a crack or significant chip on the windshield means the car is NOT roadworthy. The same applies for certain other glasses as well.
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    Is it the same sensor that is always going off? I had the same issue with my car (not a Civic though) and for some strange reason I first noticed in heavy rain. When I examined it I found out that the car sale guys had fixed the number plate slightly off alignment that it was too close to one of the sensors. Centering the number plate fixed the issue for me.
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    On this note my office has one of those electronic garages for parking complete with the lift and conveyer belt which moves the car into slots. Quite a few times the alarm goes off because the car thinks someone is trying to steal it when the conveyer platform starts moving! Have to say this is the only car which behaves this way and there are some very high end Euros at my office that don't have this issue! Not a big deal though. I don't bother locking it while its inside.
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