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    @Toyotaonly Do you mean there is nothing on the LCD display screen? Have you tried pressing the arrow keys and other buttons on the steering wheel? Also when you heard the beep are you sure the car was completely switched off and that it was in P and not N?
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    My personal understanding is there is no any relationship between the visual disappearance of upper display segment and engine went off while it was on park mode. If the battery is on good condition, I also think display will not come due to some settings change. However it's better if you can get an advise from a good mechanic, they may give you a better explanation.
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    @Suar.t have any ideas on this topic?
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    I saw 3 T Cross vehicles here in SL so far. All around Colombo.
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    Someone I know bought that car. My first thought about it was its too small. But he's 6ft 2in tall. Seems to manage with it quite well. The car is still new so it's tough make any comments about it. However, I have heard enough horror stories about the 1ltr engines of VW group. That's the only reason I would stay away from 1ltr VWs and Audis. There 1.4ltr engines seem to be very popular here in UK. In fact the Audis are the most popular cars in the area where I live. I have actually never seen a T-Cross in UK roads yet.
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