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    Supiriyak soyannekuta. For only 47.50 lacks, this baby could be yours. Look at that sunroof. Fatta fata fata elama maxxa machan eka wasi mage ekah Thel 27.36 karanwa machan.
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    basso has broblem? blease elaborate more ! no one can helb if your question is this vague.
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    Get a digital torque wrench adapter https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_dWsCX8p
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    It's great that you're doing a gasket replacement by yourself. I believe you can rent a torque wrench from a hardware store. Just check if you can because that would be a lot easier. Also, make sure whatever torque wrench you get has been calibrated recently.
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    @fiat fan Thanks I now have cancer
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    If you love your engine..yes. Even the maka baases I know of use a torque wrench for that.....because 1. The tightening needs to be balanced...so the entire head needs to have a consistent level of tightening from one side to the other and back and forth. 2. You do not want the head to be over tight..that is bad as it creates unnecessary pressure. You do not want it to be loose either.
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    Um that's an extremely broad and rather vague question! Care to elaborate further?
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    Hi guys!! My Toyota Passo 1kr is no power! What can be the problem?
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