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    Kind of difficult to pinpoint one BUT I just have this inexplicable thing for the Datsun 240Z - I know I'll never own an actual one but thankfully my father gave me a 1/18 for Christmas a few years back.
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    Do a compression test and see to make sure your engine is under compression, could be faulty glow plugs Engine may have had a overhaul
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    The overhaul kit is not that costly for a 2C, take the head off inspect the wear, most probably the bore will have a bit of scoring and a bit of a lip, rings are sure to be worn, check the bearings change the above, run in a bit with a fine oil and you ll be good for another 100,000km and you ll have piece of mind
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    Sorry to say, Overhaul is not a part of general maintenance,.. but your van is not new. Replace the air filter , as the mileage is just an optimistic indicator, better not base your decision on that alone. check under the engine for possible oil leaks.
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    What is the mileage I don't think u need a complete overhaul Just change the ring set
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