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    Iā€™m not updated with the latest info, you might have to check that with DMT, anything can be done there if you know someone up the food chain.
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    Gonna check on a Merc this weekend (if time permits). Let's see whether it will turn me ON šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‹
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    Although it's not officially supported, Android Auto does work in Sri Lanka. You can simply download the APK from a site like apkmirror and get going. When @danss70 said Android Auto was not working, what cable did you use to connect to the car? It will not work with most cheap cables available in Sri Lanka as it uses a high speed data connection between the head unit and the phone. Try with the original data/charging cable that came with the phone. If thats not available, try with a UGreen data cable from ebay. I'm using AA with Audi MMI since day one with zero issues. So it does work in SL. And Google Maps beats the hell out of any proprietary maps software car manufacturers have.
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