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    This is an interesting piece. http://www.ft.lk/opinion/Sustainable-and-broad-minded-solution-for-Colombo-s-traffic/14-674188 Quick Quotes "I didn’t want to explain to him that the traffic is created by drivers who drives recklessly and selfishly to reach their destination as fast as possible. They never follow lane discipline, never bother about pedestrians, and they go wherever they can move their vehicle thinking that this is the way to avoid traffic in Sri Lanka." "An open-minded and well-disciplined public will reduce 50% of self-created traffic jams." I doubt that is a research backed number, but it will definitely help. Some research here. https://www.smartmotorist.com/traffic-jams Now why do I bother posting? I can't reform everyone. But here is the hope. By reading this and learning something, it might cause people to modify their own behaviour. I have done a lot of practicing lane discipline. See the problem is, people in traffic are more reactive, they try to wriggle into whatever tiny space they can (watch the tuks) and then find themselves on the wrong lane. Of course, we can't always follow the recommended practice, have to keep moving out of the left lane due to potholes or idiots who parked cars where cars should be moving. But proactively putting yourself in the correct lane to manage your turns will help ease the traffic tremendously. As a small example take the traffic lights in front of Orion City. There is at least 4 lanes there, but cars that can travel straight through the lights are eternally stuck behind people who want to turn but occupy the wrong lanes coz they think they can get their thing done faster by doing so. In the end, my conclusion is this. When using public property, you do not have a right. You have a duty. This is the mindset I'm gonna have. Hopefully it will inspire others, but at least I'll gonna try it. Can't preach it without practicing it
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    I don’t know about this vehicle and I am not going to compare it with a quality Japanese vehicle. But I am always positive, if you manufacture or assemble something in Sri Lanka. It gives our country more employment opportunity, technology and it may save some US dollars within Sri Lanka. Let me tell you a story. Everyone can recognize above photo. This is a rear passenger side panel in Bajaj three wheeler. Previously these items were imported from India and quality was very poor, but price is cheaper than manufacturing it here. If something hit on this Indian part, it easily get whitening and get damaged. Later Sri Lankan government introduced a rule that certain percentage of parts of three wheeler should manufacture in Sri Lanka. So all rubber parts, plastics parts, vinyl parts were manufactured in Sri Lanka. I was the plastic raw material supplier for Polypropylene plastics for some items and I supplied a Polypropylene Co-polymer grade from Taiwan (which use for making car bumpers) to manufacturer above side panel. The Sri Lankan manufactured side panel with my Taiwanese material was so strong and much higher in quality and safety and even a person can stand on it and it will not damage or break.. (Photo shows side cover made by my material). Later government increased import tax on three wheeler and three wheeler prices were increased accordingly. Then government wanted to reduce impact on three wheeler prices increasing and government selected to withdraw of that rule with Sri Lankan made part percentage. Importing inferior quality Indian part is cheaper than manufacturing high quality Sri Lankan parts here. So simply Sri Lankan parts manufacturing stopped and now three wheeler comes with Indian manufactured side panel. Ok, I lost a business but I am a single person, but it became worst with various rubber and vinyl part manufacturers and their sub suppliers together with workers. In the past , I worked for AmSafe Bridport in Wathupitiwala EPZ for a short period , and they manufacture OEM cargo parts for Boeing and Airbus air planes. Proud to say that our Sri Lankan hands do a good job there. I am always positive if some product manufacture/assemble in Sri Lanka irrespective of the size and the value of the product, if the product is with reasonable quality. Otherwise only potato would be the product we double check and get confirm before buying it, that it is a Sri Lankan product. (Me Lankawe Alada ? 😃 )
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    Finding good examples of a car like Allion or Premio is extremely hard these days as most of them have been beaten to death. Sometimes there might be better ones popping up for sale. But you have to be patient since you are looking for a nearly 15-17 years old car. Usually cars in this price range are less likely to be changed by a huge margin, so you might gain or loose depending on the market. Buying a hybrid like an Aqua is pretty useless if you do less than 1000km per month as the battery will degrade sooner. Mind that most of the Aqua batteries might be in their last breaths so you might have to keep some additional money for replacements. Fit is also a good choice, but again it’s also a hybrid, but IMO better to drive and looks better than the Aqua. Another fact is that hybrids’ values depreciate much faster than normal cars. I would never pay over 3million for an indian car. There are good cars like Mazda Axela, Honda Civic FD4 and Mitsubishi Lancer EX, which are better looking and better to drive than Toyotas. Most of them are owned by people who enjoy driving, so you’ll have a good chance of finding a nice one. As a drawback you might not be able to sell them easily. Best thing is to drive each one of these models and select the best model which suits you. Make sure to mention what are your major requirements other than the resale value as it would be easy for members to recommend accordingly.
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    Next you want to find your VIN. The problem with that is there is no definite location its stored. So if you remember from earlier the VIN of the replacement cluster was “AW72288” what you want to look for is “AW” on the right side pane of the hex editor. Once you find a possible match look for the rest of the VIN. In mine 41 is ASCII for “A” and 57 is ASCII for “W” the rest is “72 28”. The next two numbers are some check digit. You want to leave that as it is. The last is “8” shown in the pic below. Turn all of that to “F” while keeping the check digit as is. “Click Save Binary File”. Now put the blank EEPROM in and try reading that to verify that it reads properly by following the steps mentioned previously. Next click “Load Binary File” and load the file you just edited. Now click write. After a few beeps you are done! Now apply fresh soldering paste to the terminals in the cluster. Remember to fix it the same orientation that you removed it at. Mine was upside down comparing with the rest of the board. Do some hot air soldering and we’re done! Remember to clean up that area with alcohol after it has cooled down. Now assemble in the reverse order that you took it apart. Word of caution, take care not to chip any of the edges of the LCD panels when you fix the metal enclosures around them. Fixing the dials is the same as disassembly. Turn counter clockwise and press down gently. Align then as best you can to the reference pics you took before removing them. Fix the cluster on to your car and turn your key to position 2. If all went well you’ll have a 0 or near 0 ODO meter reading. 0 mileage E46 . Note the tamper dot is still there. Now plug in the OBDII cable, put car in 2nd ignition position and fire up NCS Expert. Load the Expert Mode profile. Press “Vin/ZCS/FA” ZCS/FA f. ECU Select E46 and then EWS - This reads all the FA coding and VIN numbers and stuff from the EWS module Press “back” Press Process ECU Select “KMB” Select “Change Job” Select “CODIERINDEX_LESEN” Select “Execute Job” - This will read the coding index from the cluster Select “Change Job” Select “FA_ Schreiben” Select “Execute Job” - This write the FA coding (all the options) that you read from the EWS module to the cluster Select “Change Job” Select “SG_CODIEREN” Select “Execute Job” - This will code your cluster If all goes well the cluster should restart and you should end up with your actual mileage and the dreaded tamper DOT gone! (that and I fixed a burnt tail light and probably drove 38km too) Happy Coding!!
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