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    If it's a registered package or letter, they attempt to deliver 3 times. On the 4th day, the postman will leave a slip in your post box. You need to go to the post office and collect the package. This is actually better than Australia, where they attempt delivery only once. Assigning your neighbour to collect is fine as long as the postman agrees. Otherwise, you need to give an authorization letter to the post master at the nearest post office.
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    1.Sent back or discarded : They try 3 times to deliver. If those all attempts failed, send back to sender (Think its only for registered post letters). Between the deliver attempts, letter remains in the post office. So you may visit and collect it. 2. Auto forwarding : Never heard such thing from our SL post 3.Assign a neighbor : Could be possible. First meet your postman and update him . Then write to the post master of your post office.
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    Take the car to the dealer so they can not help you.
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