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    So I took the Vitara to the A*W inspection camp in Kandy today, well impressed as they are quite aware of the model and the technical aspects, however It was hoist inspection, suspension and the scan tool, which again they said is compatible with UK imports. all in all it was a good effort
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    Hi all, After using a Korando for 7 years (of course, got rid of it) following comments can be made.... 1. The vehicle gives an acceptable service for about 80000 km. Only minor repairs as broken door actuators, clock spring, degraded speakers (all 4). The interior held up really good without any rattles. 2. The drama starts after passing 90000 km. The auto-gear box failed (Australian Made DSI gear box). This is an inherent issue of Korando. It costs Rs. 800,000.00 to 900,000 to get is repaired by the agent :). 3. After fixing the gearbox, oh boy!!!! the Turbo unit and engine problems.....Cost Rs. 600,000. This is the quality of Ssangyongs experienced by myself.....Being a very careful user of vehicles, I guess the probability to happen these kind of failures is almost 95%..... Lesson Learnt: Never go for new brands pop up in the market from time to time (Same applies for DFSK too....Just remembered the intersting discussion going on the AL).... Better rely on brands people trusted for years....
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