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    My Montero Sport Saved my life today. Took a T bone collision to the rear quarter panel, from a lorry, the thing came straight to the drivers door. I accelerated and saved my self, just got discharged from the hospital after a checkup, No matter what new fellas say about crumple zones and what not, this thing is proper weight to weight. Just realise how strong these suvs are. Just a large bump and I drove it home. Amazed realising it took tg awhile weight and was shoved to a side. The lorry was a proper mahiyangana sand lorry, full load, the c**t was driving on a learners permit, couldn't control his reverse into the construction zone, lost control and rolled right onto me down a slope, face first. If I was in my vitz or a smaller car, I'd be in a morque now. Cops took over the lorry momentarily but I deferred them. Repair cost approx 100k, given I need a new wheel arch and tail light. And its pearl white, expensive bitch to paint. Despite my parents and friends deciding to ruin his life legally, the driver is in the hospital after negotiations but I am not pressing charges or taxing him for the repair, as he will loose his livelihood and be in jail. Best part is, if the car rolled over, I would be in the mahaweli river. Dear friends, please give up smaller cars when money permits. Get something large and safe. Due to privacy concerns I am unable to share pictures.
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    If you read the above hrm and irage posted you should see that the actual G superior will come with a 2L engine. As for FAT you're probably referring to something like this Here FAT refers to transmission and AAC refers to Air conditioning and nothing with the grade. In Sri Lanka the local buy-and-sell mudalali or the car sale guy from Kohuwala would say the best way to identify the G Superior is by the rear wiper. If you see the pic below it's an 'F' grade with EX Trim and it comes with a rear wiper ...so these boys fix the G-Superior badge sourced from Maradana and Presto your Budget-Bentley just became a few more lakhs worth
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    Please search the forum. There are lots of things discussed about Premios/Allions in general. Simple answer is you should have to have the 2000cc engine variant to get the original G Superior trim. There is a G Superior dealer package introduced to 1500cc variant also but it's pretty hard to distinguish it from local maka bass/sale bayya modifications which is the case with about 99% G Superiors in SL. Sometimes it's just the Rs 4000 badge sourced from Panchikawatte. Easiest thing is to do is to forget the G Superior thing (as it's fake anyways) and pay attention to overall condition, maintenance and ownership details. If you find a loaded one with above criteria take that as a bonus.
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    Well it's like this - the 141 Corolla usually came as a brand new import through the agents mostly by people with permits and by organizations etc while the Axios were re-conditioned grey imports from Japan. The 141 drinks a bit more fuel than the Axio, so naturally the local market has hyped the Axio and fetches a higher price. But in reality the total cost of ownership of both (fuel + maintenance + initial buying cost) would probably be the same. Axio's were also used as taxis,fleet cars etc due to the fuel savings. While there could be hacked 141's many 141's were home used or as second-cars (bought by govt servants on permit etc) . I This is more or less same as the Yaris/Belta scenario (Belta - JDM grey import)
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    "market" or demand is less so harder to re-sell One day transfer is usually not possible Some leasing companies give 10% less than the usual rate for cars on duplicate books
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    Hope all of you doing good after lockdown!! After the pandemic, few cars start coming out of some of storage and collections so thought of spending/ investing money not a lot but about $10k. I was looking for a few “future classics” and I have drafted the below list during the lockdown. The list I have made as below, Corolla FX GT/ GT- I 16 (AE92) (Missed a GT-I 16 during the lockdown 😢) AE92 Levin – Mazda MX5 – NA specifically YOM 1990 Mazda Familia GTX Nissan Pulsar GTIR Celica SS-III 206 GTI 180 - Not JDM lol CK4 Lancer MR I have managed to score a bonus this weekend, I went to check MX5 and found Del Sol so I bought both for a good deal. Mazda MX-5 R2 Limited, only 500 were made. Honda CRX SIR – 97 NZ New B16A2 I have paid top $ for MX-5 since it is a special edition, so owner aware about that but I got a real bargain for the CRX. Works needed: MX-5 – Roof need to replace, cam lifers noisy, valve rubbers need to replace since it had done about 220,000KM CRX – Need to respray, F/R shock need replace, F/R lower arm bush need replace, F/L CV boots need replace, Cambelt kit needs to replace. Have a look at my above list and tell me what is your idea about the list, have a look at the cars and tell me what you think. P.S. MX-5 in transit will add more photos once soon
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    I found a E30 same as your's on the phone, i mean it is the same car but with chrome bumper model, done 270k and need a bottom end replacement as it's noisy. owner asking 5k let's see. :-) regards, JC
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    Spotted this collection yesterday in Kandy. Excuse the bad photo quality, was not in the best situation to snap those pics.
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    Quick search shows 2016/17 cars all sitting at 16.75 - 16.90, such a tight strict market lol. New facelift was advertised at 2.2 IIRC. But I say the Alto 800 is a better buy, kwid is scary to drive.
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    Hi ! Welcome to the forum...here are some of my past responses to the question...
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    What about the new Bajaj - thingy bob with the 4 doors ?
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    Yes you are correct, i am in NZ. Colin was the winner, unable to access any stock 555 Subi anywhere below 20k
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    I have cefiro a33 auto. Does around 8 in colombo city and outstation 10-12. I've been using about 6yrs. Don't ask from people who never had it.
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    Have been looking for a MX-5 in SL. Only handful in SL, most of them are molested good ones are not for sale. 😞
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    Finally!!! An interesting thread.!!! And Congrats on the purchase.! Just my two cents worth : CRX / Del Sol Personally not a fan of the design, I`d rather a 1st gen. Never driven one though, so dont know how they are like to drive. But the B16 is the party piece in there, should be a nice reliable little screamer once sorted properly. Those wheels does not look original though? Something like Enkei RPF1`s would look great, nice and light and easy to find. Mx-5 This is right up my ally!! Great buy! The best-bang-for-the-buck sports are ever! I mean, a properly/purposefully designed sports car with double wishbone suspension in all 4 corners.! Mazda pumped out 'special edition' Mx-5`s whenever they felt like it, so I wonder what exact features this one is having? Is this an NA6 (1.6 ltr) or NA8 (1.8 ltr)? And the year?
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    Hi @Harshak, welcome to the forum. I have merged your question with the existing thread you made a second post on. Please continue your discussion here. As others have said above, the 1000cc Vitz does vibrate quite a bit. But if this is a recent development, then I suspect worn out engine and transmission mounts since you seem to have done a fuel system clean up. I personally wouldn't recommend using reconditioned parts for something like engine mounts. "Reconditioned" is just a fancy word for "used" because there's nothing to recondition in an engine mount compared to something like a reconditioned alternator or starter for example. So yes... get the engine mounts inspected first.
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    Oh, I remember so far my first game which was Dota2. I remember that my parents were very against internet games but once I went to a friend's house and still tried. At first, I was afraid to play Dota2
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    Go to Mag C#ty or Kundasale AW.If u have a Toyota better go to toyota service station and there is a guy named ######## near Katugasthota police station,never heard any complain abt him. Sent from my MI 8 using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
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    Did some shooting of few of my models out of boredom. Just phone captures so please mind the lightning and white background. The actual models look much better, dont think im doing justice here.
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    No I ride one A33 for almost 6 years. Mine does 9 km per litre definitly. It does not drink as bad as they say.
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    If I were you I would sell it and put the money in a FB and buy a new car once you are back after one year. if you must part make sure its in a closed space where rats cant get in.
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    The question here is, can a person who has special needs (ie. disabled), get a driving license in Sri Lanka. The answer is YES. There's a laid-down procedure to do so and a driving school (a proper one, not a fly-by-night one) can help you get it. Some top-brass at the DMT will decide what kind of modifications are necessary to the vehicle, to enable the person to drive. This will be on a case-by-case basis. They will let you know that. In most cases, you can get a vehicle, get it modified and use that vehicle. Good news is vehicles that fall under 'invalid carriage' category have much lower taxes. Only a person who has special needs (ie. disabled) can drive them. You will get a PZ- number when you register such a vehicle. You may need an import license to get one from abroad.
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    Your idiot greese monkey will be the death of your autobox. Turning on the engine with no fluid in the transmission is a recipe for disaster.
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