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    I got negative reps in Ela*ir* for saying that.
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    The difference of 2.1 million is the price they pay for a permit in the black market.
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    With a 1.2 you get the full value for your permit as the tax is 3.85 million and the permit is only 3.6 million. If you go for a 1.5 gasoline Axio the tax will be very high and not worth it. There was a 1.3 gasoline Axio but it is not as good to drive, not that economical and probably has a lower 2nd hand market.
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    Well..how much your Axio will be at auction will depend on the car you are looking at itself.... But...the new Corolla sedan is a much nicer car to drive and has much nicer features. Also, the seats and such a much nicer to sit in. Only think I do not like is that in the rear it was a bit dark and felt a bit claustrophobic. The old Axio with its boxy top half "feels" more roomier..
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    Uhh..based on CNX's reply don't you think the 1.2L option is actually pretty good ? You would have used the full value of your permit and out of pocket you have to put only 250,000LKR. For a 1.5L car you would have to put the permit plus a lot more money towards the tax. With the 1.2 you can have more money for the car. The 1.5L engine is getting phased out by many manufacturers. In fact in the class of vehicle you are looking at, the only manufacturer who has a 1.5L engine is Honda. The other options are look for a Premio/Allion at auction ?
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    For a budget of 5 million assuming you have the 3.6 million permit, you can go for a zero milage 1.2 T CHR or the 1.2T corolla manual transmission. The 1.2 gives the best value for the permit as the tax comes to around 3.85 million so you end up paying only 250000 as taxes out of pocket. The other options are hybrids such as Vessel , Axio hybrid.
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    Yes...that is what the business model grade is now. In the past the business model had a X and G grade with cut down feaures and some added features useful for fleets, roadies, etc... Well...I don't believe you will find any "0" mileage Axios in auction anymore...even if it was bought from the Toyota dealer yesteray it would have about 40-100kms on it...but since the Axio stocks were sold out a few months ago..it is highly unlikely that the 0 mileage ones are still lying around. But you should be able to find low mileage ones around still. If your importer is good..they will give you access to the Japanese auction house website where you can see the cars that are coming on to the auction block. The documents you will see on these sites can be trusted. Better yet...see if you can check the same car from different auction sites...You can pick the cars you want to bid on and they will do it for you. You cannot trust the documents when you don't have this access.
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    Yes...the JDM variant comes with a 1.2L in sedan and touring form but only with a 6MT. The 1.2L Corolla Sport on the other hand comes with both CVT and 6MT
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