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    On the way home from the airport on the Katunayake expressway in a new Nissan Caravan. The driver has no regard for the speed limit, lane rules or other vehicles. I'm holding on to a bar (and my dear life) inside the van, both feet pressed against the floor. Yes, it has no seat belts. I'm asking myself "obata sathutui da dan?"
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    Permit threads permit threads everywhere. ?
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    Saw a new Suzuki Spacia - the most hideous thing I saw all day.
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    Test drove 2 cefiro's and I swear the Presea has a better pickup than the Cefiro
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    Civic Threads ...Civic threads ...everywhere i think we are in for something like the vezel epidemic of 2014
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    Sold the car and waiting for new prices of Leaf / Vitz
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    One more "Is it a good idea to buy a vezel" thread and i swear im gonna loose it
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    You guys remember Californican? If he was around AL now he would be having a blast with all these hybrids and electric cars coming down to SL now
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    Sudden influx of retards on AL again(not just the 1000CC bunch but folks who expect SUV's to be as green as a Prius) any reason? Rainy weather?
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    It's like comic con here So many new made up heroes to save us damsels in distress And teach us of 1000cc goodness and fuel economy
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    Sold The Car. looking for a Vehicle again, this time looking for a SUV (Crossover) Probably a X-Trail 2006+ Suzuki Vitara / Escudo 2007+.
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    Back in the day, AL was a place where we Petrolheads came for insight and advice on our motoring prospects / daily runner etc and glance new builds from senior members and experts, Now its become a place where internet heroes come to exercise pora talks and mask down at least the one or few good threads still running.
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    I slipped away without paying parking fee's after parking the car on the road for 10 hours.. did it for 2 days... What will happen now?
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    If you're looking for a good time, join the FB Suzuki Wagon R Hybrid owner's group. It's exactly like the Alto and Panda club, except the retards are wealthier.
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    Looks like PhotoBucket.com updated their image hosting policy. You can't use your photos on third party websites using a free account anymore, so all image links on the forum pointing to PhotoBucket are now broken. Time to maintain all photos within the forum itself.
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    You are providing great help.
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    Happiness is watching the reaction on wife's face as she drives the Mitsi for the first time.
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    So I was going slow on the road and a wagonR guy overtook me and threatened me while there was so much of space on the road for him to go and there were no vehicles around either...I showed my middle finger and went away..the guy stops at the colour lights and got down to hit me.. I locked the doors and he got into his car again..wtf man?
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    That moment when the previous owner of your car, pulls up next to you at a red light and says "Hey mate, how's the car?"
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    Sunday Entertainment - Reading the Renault KWID thread on Elakiri... One buyer claims it's suspension is smoother than the Vezel! freaking awesome!
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    Am I the only one talk to my self when driving alone. Specially scolding
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