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    First of all, Tarragon is a car sale guy. Obviously the review will be targeted at peddling overpriced pieces of sh*t like Premio and Allion. Like any car sale guy's review, it will not contain any technical depth or knowledge about the actual Japanese market (like irage pointed out). Buyers have much better options than Premios and Allions for 7.5 mn price range. So car sale guys are desperately looking for fools to sell the allions and premios.
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    First of all, Sri Lanka is NOT the land of honking. If you think that's the case, you haven't been to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam or any other Asian country, even Thailand for that matter. Honking is relatively less in Sri Lanka compared to most of our neighbours. I am not promoting honking at all. I don't want morons who sit in front of a computer to tell the whole world that we are worst at something when we are really not. Secondly, it is very unethical to blatantly copy-paste tonnes of text. I would say it's more unethical than honking at random.
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    Isn't it nice when you have some kind of AV system installed already when u r spending more than 7Mil? Its up to the user to get it changed or keep it as it is. its not something that car sellers has to decide, these are all marketing gimmicks made by car sellers. Good old days we got some really good AV systems like pioneer carrozzerias. BTW, this is not a forum like elakiri, people here knows and has some taste on good vehicles.
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    Great to be back tho. Need to rescue this forum from the thel hingannas!
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    Wow! These techs are like from out of this world. I can't recall these even existed in the past decade or will exist in the near future. Maybe that's why these cars are so expensive, even close to a brand new Audi A4 or a BMW 3 series. Keep it up your good work fellas. By the way it's too bad to hear that they dropped Premio G Superior package. As I heard there's no such grade for 1.5L version, but comes with1.8 L version. But Toyota Japan specially manufacture these 1.5L G Superior version for Sri Lankan millionaires( redi mudalalis) who are so concerned about saving some fuel on their daily 5km cruise to their business place a.K.a.redi kade.
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    Every time I see this interior, it makes my heart leap. There should be a picture of this dashboard in the Sinhala dictionary under the phrase "Budu Ammo!".
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    the fact that you can take criticism (constructive or otherwise) hopefully is a sign that you (even if you are a car salesman) are sincerely trying to achieve something more than just peddling off cars. So I will continue to give you the benefit of the doubt.
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    It is really impressive to see the interest within you for the content and thank you so much for these genuine, factful feedbacks and criticisms. This is a real push to figure out how the future work should be carried out. Our target is to make information available organized. There what we realized with these expert ideas is that the information should be related to different levels of justifications which would match all the levels of knowledge and expertise that the readers possess. This is just a beginning, meaning we can enhance but you are the drive force. Thanks again and keep in touch. Let's grow together...
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    Not true...like I mentioned in my previous comment...please do your research when stating facts and figures (which apparently have disappeared again) if you want credibility from actual car enthusiasts. Toyota had the G Superior and G grades only for the 2.0L variant NOT even for the 1.8L variant as you have mentioned. With the current facelift I believe the 2.0L now comes with G and G Ex Package. I am not sure if you have noticed, but Toyota is trimming down the grade variation for the two models (in the Premio you will notice that 1.8L grades and 1.5L grades have overlap)...that is their typical strategy for phasing out the model (in lieu for a new model or a complete exit) As for the 1.5L G Superior... the Premio dealership line (Toyopet stores) did offer an official "G Superior" package as a dealer option package for the 1.5L variant. So whilst on paper the 1.5Ls were F grade you could get an official Toyota dealership G Superior accessories package on it. Granted these options were merely cosmetic and were far less than what you would get in the actual 2.0L G Superior and G grades. To be fair to your statement....yes true...there is a strong possibility that our devious and loving car sales people (and I am sure most of them did) just made up their own "G Superior" packages for the 1.5L.
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    2 out of the 3 technologies mentioned in the articles are available in my Dash cam (although imperfect).
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    Wow and apparently "The two models has come with significant design as well as technological improvements. " Redi mudalali's neighbours will surely be impressed.
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    Nice review. Have the same colour in EX Tech trim. One of the better colours for this car for sure. Waiting for more updates!
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    Nice....the new face looks much nicer Will you be blackening out the red circles ? (on a funnier note...now you know what your car would look like if you went mad and decided to put 4 huge fog/driving/spot lights on the bumper :D)
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    Congrats again doc, so glad to see your years of effort pay off man!
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    Well done mate and truly deserved Glad to see one living the dream and may u win more to come... hopefully i can cheer you next time around.
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    Ok, just checked and it seems to be working.
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    Great work @MADZ and the team! Looks great! There's a lot of exploring to do! Kudos on the 5GB storage space. The top banner area has a bit of blank space underneath it in mobile view. Screenshot below:
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    1. If you drive full out at 130kmph per hour or drive rather aggressively within city limits you would reduce the total range of the car as you are effectively using more energy. 3. Hmm.. buy and live in a caravan. Home will always be right behind :D
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    @iRage the AL blog is different to AL forum. For each blog posts, there will be a dedicated thread to comment and It's designed to highlight each blog posts published by the blog owner. Therefore it's better to comment under respective blog post.
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    Yes... The video-graphy has improved quite a lot (you guys even got a helicopter to do fly overs ! <--- sarcastic humor) Sound quality has improved a lot...editing needs to be a bit more smooth...sudden cut offs..sudden changes in sound levels, etc... So a few questions: 1. By pushing it a lot and staying within a higher power output band did you effectively reduce its range ? 2. Presuming you could have gotten to the "next-exit" or a charging station. How long would it have taken to re-charge ? 3. thought it was funny how you considered getting stuck on the highway being bad but getting stuck on a normal road not bad Personally I thought you guys covered a lot more in your Allion/Premio review than the Leaf review though Also, perhaps you should just have one thread for your reviews ?
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    That is highly appreciated and that is exactly what we need right now... Thank you very much... Keep in touch
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    My nearly two year old Axio has these exact same features. It's called Safety Sense C, and there's Safety Sense P which also watches out for pedestrians in addition to cars.
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    For most cars the player is a DEALER OPTION so it is not part of the "production process" as it never gets done in the "production" by Toyota unless it is some sort of integrated vehicle monitoring/control/ thingies. Typically, Toyota dealerships have a range of AV devices officially assigned to their dealerships which buyers can select at time of ordering the car (you can check the available units if you go to the toyota website and configure a car) is not too much expensive than getting a similar unit outside at an AV shop or a place like AUTOBACS in Japan with installation...so there isn't that much of a HIGH premium. I think you meant "And thats why the player is not coming with brand new cars" to Sri Lanka.
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