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    I joined this forum in 2012 when I only had a rusty mountain bike with no brakes! Learned lots and finally obtained my dream. Didn't think of resale,fuel or what not. Just followed my heart! But sad to see the newer generation of car buyers, makes me weep hard. Does anybody even care about driving the damn thing anymore? instead of resale and fuel! This is not showing off. Just an Appreciation to AL and the community! PS. Its a 2 Liter Turbo with 200 horses and still does over 13kmpl city, so go f*** off with ur premios and vezis!
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    Hi Guys.. this is my new username previously known as PreseaLover
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    The only description on an Ad reads "This car 2nd Owner. Both owners are doing senior level executive jobs," like who the F### cares??? ?
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    On the way home from the airport on the Katunayake expressway in a new Nissan Caravan. The driver has no regard for the speed limit, lane rules or other vehicles. I'm holding on to a bar (and my dear life) inside the van, both feet pressed against the floor. Yes, it has no seat belts. I'm asking myself "obata sathutui da dan?"
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    Don't want to Jinx it but I think the AL community can all breathe a collective sigh of relief today!
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    I wish this forum would go back to the old days. When hybrids weren't here. Fuel figures were always absurd. Anything below 1300cc was a maruti, real old petrolheads and stories of their broken cars, projects, builds and younger petrolheads (like us - now old) speaking of drags and driving civics to extinction. A world where a Suv always had 4wd. I was just a peer back then. But I learnt a lot.
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    If anyone is in a mood to make a couple of prank calls, there's a gold cefiro advertised in the classifieds, whos owner appears to be thinking very highly of the car
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    Permit threads permit threads everywhere. ?
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    Saw a new Suzuki Spacia - the most hideous thing I saw all day.
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    Ok so this time Restoration I think, I replaced every possible worn out part, and spent more than the last and and the satisfaction is also higher than the last.. still not done with it though.. Basically to replace a worn out nickle handle I purchased an entire Presea door! We are talking about that kind of a restoration here cuz i have severe OCD.
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    I have spent 50k on transport and mechanic costs inspecting Presea's all around the country for the past month upto today. And I'm getting tired of it. But do I settle for less? No, the hunt continues for an H' number automatic...
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    Who likes to volunteer to come with me to inspect a Cefiro this saturday (would be a joy ride to downsouth) as I dont know what to check in a big engine like this
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    Test drove 2 cefiro's and I swear the Presea has a better pickup than the Cefiro
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    Civic Threads ...Civic threads ...everywhere i think we are in for something like the vezel epidemic of 2014
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    Sold the car and waiting for new prices of Leaf / Vitz
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    One more "Is it a good idea to buy a vezel" thread and i swear im gonna loose it
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    Anybody else living away from SL and missing it badly? I rather be in dsi pol gaha lakuna slippers ,eating a kottu and riding the 138. than be away from SL,wearing gucci and driving bmws!drinking starbucks! F u to that asswit who gave that Aussie part last week. Shove that F’ing UTE up ur cucky ass! Begone THOT.
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    Anyone heading towards Matara/ Mirissa/ Sinharaja side in the weekend? ??? Need to hitchhike as I’m heading to ‘Katuwana’ to inspect a car..Is there a train i could take to go to Katuwana or a nearby city?
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    Still amazed after all these years as to how a simple high end tweeter can change how an average car audio kit sounds!
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    You guys saw the posts on Facebook regarding the stickers and some other modifications on a bus being ordered to be removed? I feel kind of bad for the owner
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    You guys remember Californican? If he was around AL now he would be having a blast with all these hybrids and electric cars coming down to SL now
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    Sudden influx of retards on AL again(not just the 1000CC bunch but folks who expect SUV's to be as green as a Prius) any reason? Rainy weather?
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    It's like comic con here So many new made up heroes to save us damsels in distress And teach us of 1000cc goodness and fuel economy
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    Spammers in the forum bumping old threads and asking senseless questions and promoting smartphone apps...
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