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    New version ◾️I’m a politician but I’m not a thief ◾️I’m a prostitute but I’m still a virgin ◾️I have a 2002 Corolla 121 but it has done only 95000km😅
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    Waiting till a new profile to show up named like ; “DFSK”, “Glory580”, “DFSKGlory”, “DFSK580” or likewise including DFSK related words. Still no one in the forum😅
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    Go to the Wagon R club Facebook group and look for a ‘meet up’ video Thank me later!
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    (Not an Ad😁)For everyone who seek for high quality cables and connectors such as mobile phone(Type C, Micro USB 2,Lightning), Audio (AUX cables, Stereo to RCA converters) and little gadgets like card readers, chargers I highly recommend UGREEN brand which can be imported through Ebay. I ordered few cables and pretty satisfied with their build quality. I know the ones available here in SL are extremely poor in quality and that’s why I’m recommending them for anyone interested after my personal experience.
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    Hope his use of cars are not as bad as phrases he use (calling Japanese cars as junks). I am a fan of Bimmers too but shouldn't discredit others this way. Also wondering what he called a 'Beast', The car or the previous owner? 🙄😜
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    Effin' pickup driver reversed onto the rear bumper while I was parked 😡😡😡 Luckily the damage is minor, I'm on two minds whether or not to get the bumper repainted or leave it as it is
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