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    hi machan. as much as it looks lovely there, the paint wasn't right. had to get the black accents done later on the front and rear bumpers. she's pending a full paintjob anyways. apart from that the honda is more or less done. i'm toying about with an idea for a digital dash, but that's it for now. it just runs, and i'm happy with it doing just that. the datsun is finished too. just some final touches on it. i mean they never really finish do they? its getting a new clutch etc but the shipment is stuck with kapruka global shop and isn't looking pretty at the moment. meanwhile i have the don's cars to take care of as well, so hands are full of 510's these days. loving every moment of it. cheers man!
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    Even if a certain colour develops a tinge, a good cut/polish will restore original hue. No paintjob job drastically changes colour unless due to sub-par prep work, incorrect mixing or the clear coat gone bad. Mr/Doctor Siripala, If only there was someone who tried to warn you about the sh*tty paintjob you were getting...Oh wait!
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    You want updates on his ladies you need to follow him on FB.
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    Ok now I'm even more confused.... and i really don't think it's a girl .. probably a 6'5" Nigerian dude
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    @varotone Confused? lol. No worries I'll explain- Was reading through some of my favorite resto-threads here on Autolanka to cut through the boredom. And decided to see if there were any updates on any of Komisiripala's builds as I could see that @matroska and @Komisiripala had logged into comment on some girl hitting them up on AL...Take a look (at the other car threads, not the girls hitting him up...) He's got another thread on a car he built up: A Datsun 510. It'll be right up your alley, based on your current project. Lots of good reading either way...
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    Am an outdoor kinda person who likes to travel, this curfew was killing me so bad that I have been using the Samurai to go down to the the adjoining land. This helps the vehicle have a bit of running and for me to enjoy. So I thought of doing a video of it going through some obstacles. Sadly couldnt get more videos as I was relying on a cinnamon bush to hold the phone.
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    Here are some images after applying the top coat. Used Toyota white 058 as the color.
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    Update : Repairing the gearbox The second gear popped out several times while carrying the car to home. Also 1st gear had a bad noise. So decided to open the box and check. This is my first experience of repairing a gearbox. So went through the workshop manual few times before try it. But it was not that much complex as I thought . Above images are the initial status of gearbox. Firstly noticed that there was very low oil amount inside it while manual says its 1.3 liters. The speedometer cable & drive pinion was missing and that could be the reason to fill oil partially. These pictures shows casing, rare cover, second motion shaft, three shifter shafts & gear selectors. Replaced the first motion shaft razor RLS 8. All other parts was in good shape. But there was enough dirt inside the box. So cleaned everything and washed with kerosene oil. Finally could not find packing set even from S**ana motors, Panchikawatta. So had to prepare all packing myself.
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    Looking lovely here! How are things @Komisiripala? I see you're checking in...All good buddy? As you can see, I've been reduced to re-reading old resto-build threads and doling out advice on how to check if batteries are charged to keep myself entertained. *Ah! I should go read a book or something-The horror my life has become! (Am even contemplating reading!) But I digress, how are things with your ladies? (Eaaasy, don't need details all your exploits, looking for an update on just the cars! Thank you...) All good? How's the Datsun doing? Any new updates there?
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