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    Hey guys I finally found a car! And a red one at that!
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    Think of it this way. Would you marry a reliable Japanese woman or a flashy looking Chinese woman?
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    My Mrs wanted me to impress her.. My response...
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    Drove the new Mitsu Eclipse Cross and I’m amazed by the balance between comfort and handling. Certainly comfortable as a car, while being sporty enough to rocket out the corners. Highly recommend over the Honda CRV. The turbocharged 1500cc is much more livelier than what you get in the CRV. Only downside is the fuel economy which is around 12kmpl during long runs and 6-7 round the town.
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    Update : Brake system rebuilt with a master pump repair kit, wheel cylinder rubbers (washers) and new brake liners. All pipes cleaned, flushed and filled with new oil. Here are some images.
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    oh looky ! We are going to see the new Joke JOKE JUKE in September... EDIT : Damn autocorrect...keeps changing joke in to joke EDIT EDIT : Damn it....autocorrect keeps changing jUke in to jOke
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    @Magnum today I got a chance to drive a KDH205(correct me if the code is wrong) which is 3000cc and fully loaded with climate control ac. I'm really impressed how this babe perform as a van!! I never thought that I would love to drive a van. But my mind totally changed after driving it. I totally agree with every detail you provided in the review. Really comfortable in long journeys. It's not comfortable as a car, but there is a totally different way how a Hiace handles the potholes or bumps: It just gives a boat like feeling when hitting a pothole, softening the sudden impact. This is totally different from a Hilux. And man the engine is a devil on mountains. I did a few risky overtakes on a hilly road and this babe pulled like a demon. Really impressed how she performed as a van. Would really love to drive something like an Alphard.
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    Hey guys! Bought a mint condition 2008 indian swift beetle from a friend! Very BIG Thanks to all the AL members for helping me avoid crapboxes along the way!!!
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    For me the best automotive related youtube channels are, Chrisfix- IMO Chris is a Legend when it comes to DIY videos.His clear presentation is top notch and to the point.Been following his "Driftstang" project from the beginning and I am totally hooked. Gears & Gasoline- This is relatively a new channel and from a tuner perceptive their videos are excellent. It attracts tuner cars from all over and let them take through an overview of their respective build. Highly entertaining and top notch video editing. More importantly the channel covers all the aspects of the automotive industry. Project builds,Tuning, Walkthroughs, Maintenance, to name a few. Eric the Car guy- If you are extremely into mechanical aspect then this is channel for you. Eric is a guy who will completely tear down the engine and explain every single part in detail.
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    Not to mention the fact that at some point of time, you will need to use silicone or no-leak to seal the damn thing shut!
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    Exactly. So the sambola sticks to the rice ... you can eat just rice and sambol if the rice is like that. Next best thing is with string-hoppers, and finally with good old roast-paan. Damn it it's 4pm i'm in office and now I'm hungry.
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    අම්මට හුඩු .!! I just found my long lost twin! 😀😀 Haven’t met many people who had the same feeling towards cars (not only BMW`s but in general as well). I drive car made in 2018 daily, the thing can brake by itself, tries to keep within the lane, supremely quiet and comfortable, accelerates like anything, etc…... I have also driven a few BMW models: E36`s, E46`s, E90`s, few modern ones (440i, 120i, 320i etc…). Also other stuff from Golf Gti`s to WRX`s to Audi A4`s.. But my GOD the E30 is so much more engaging and fun at legal speed limits! I`ve driven a 320HP BMW 440i to its limits, honestly felt a bit ‘meh’ in comparison (power, safety and comfort is a completely different story here but..). The airiness of the cabin, knowing exactly what the 4 wheels are doing, feeling the steering linkage doing its thing, hearing the brake booster hissing when the pedal is pressed, the engine being lethargic as soon as its started then coming to life slowly. Any of this can hardly be experienced in a newer car. !
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    Found a couple of pics of my little YEEE 30 taken at the car park at a BMW Agent. Look at the generation gap and the size difference. Light blue - E46 M3 Dark Blue – F20 1 series, most probably a 120i White – Current model 5 series Light blue in the far end – Most probably an E92 coupe (325i). -------------------- --------------------
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    Yes....thus why he replenishes his ingredient stock every two months When my parents come to visit me their suitcases look like they are smuggling spices.... Roast pan !!! If with rice..I need the rice to slightly over cooked
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    And a person knowing that the timing belt replacement is due and hearing a rattle probably from one of the cam bearings or adjusters, and yet failing to act you should not buy cars from people like that, imagine what else has been neglected
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    Totally..!! I’m one of them..😂 Sambola + bread or sambola + white rice 😍
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    @Radar As Davy, I too am biased towards the Lancer. But it doesn’t mean that we insist on omitting every other option and going for a Lancer every time this kind of a thread pops up. But looking at the list of cars you have put up, it seems the best car for you would be the Lancer CS3. Since I've spoken about pros and cons of CS Lancers in many previous threads I believe listing them all again is pointless at the moment. However, I'd like to point out few facts that I observe in the car models stated in your list. 1.Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 manual 2011/2012 I've rarely seen CS3s with manual boxes that have been manufactured in these years. Most of the cars that were for sale had automatic CVT transmission. One of my friends had a manual one but bugger sold it to be cut for an Evo conversion. CS3s with manual transmission are one of the most fun cars I've driven in this segment. The best part with the manual Lancers is that the clutch is very soft and smooth. Anyhow finding a manual car made after 2010 would be very difficult IMO. The down side of the CVT is that if it’s not properly maintained, it would cause issues. And if that happens, you are in bit of a trouble cuz finding a recon CVT box will be difficult as JDM of CS came with a 4 speed auto box. By these years almost all of the cars were bought and used by companies rather than individuals. The car being a brand new import and being a 12 year old model made it pointless for an individual to buy it for that price at that time. So, if you are going for a car that were manufactured in the years you've stated, you have to consider this fact as well. Nothing wrong with company used cars as long as they've been used properly and carry all service records (this is a long shot though). Mine was a company used one and it was pristine when I bought it. Last year I saw several CS3s in the marked which had done over 150k kms, one car had 205k on the clock. So be mindful about the mileage. Also few months back, Unit#d Mot#rs too sold some units that were used by their staff. Other than these, the ride quality, handling, power, ground clearance, leg space in the cabin and durability of this car is best in its class IMHO. Lastly finding parts for a Lancer around Badulla area would be difficult when compared to a Toyota. 2.Toyota 121 Manual 1500CC 2003 This is fairly an old car. But a solid one. The most concerning part about this car is that finding well maintained genuine car. Since these are goon on fuel, most cars by now should have been to the moon and back. These cars were very popular with cab companies before Axio’s and Hybrids took over. So if you are going for this, you’d have to be very careful. 3.Toyota Yaris 1300CC 2008 No driving experience with this car, however I’ve been a passenger several times. It’s not specious. I don’t like how it looks. Whether this car is powerful enough to be used in hill country is a question you have to consider about. 4.Toyota Vios 2005 No experience at all. AFIK this is not a Japanese made car. Wonder what happened to these cars as I seldom see a one in Colombo nowadays. Back in the day these were very popular. This was the car for people who could not afford an Allion 240. Since this is not a JDM you might have to think about availability of spares. However I remember there was a regular member who spoke very fondly of Vios in general. 5.Mazda Axela 2003 If a car could compete with the Lancer CS3, this would be it. The only downside is that the car is now bit old. I remember some weird issue with these cars where flies get stuck inside the rear tail laps. There was a thread about it also if I remember right. Again Im unable to comment much as I haven’t used this car. One of the best cars which I believe might suits you that is not there in the list is the Honda Civic ES8. Please consider that one as well. One of my cousins had an ES8 RS manual, absolute fun to drive car. That’s a Ripper if you could find a one. Even an auto is superb. The car pulls like a train. Hope this (plus all the input given by the other members) helps to make you the correct decision. Best of Luck Cheers!!!
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    Well... Like @Hyaenidae, I too am biased towards the Lancer purely because owning one for five years gives you a good impression about how reliable and great cars they are. I only have good things to say about the CS3 I had, and I only sold the car because I'm not in the country anymore and my father who was using the car wanted an automatic hatch for ease of driving daily to work. The only car that's comparable with the Lancer's handling in that list is the Axela IMO. The Yaris and the Vitz is the same thing underneath and the rear torsion bar compared to the Lancer's multi link suspension dwarfs in comparison. The question is, can you get a 2011+ CS3 for your budget of 2.8M. From what I can see, they go for a little over 3M?
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    You already know what I'm gonna go with if I'm the OP Huge lancer fan because once you own one you are hooked. Even if you enjoy far sportier and comfier cars that is one car that has the ability to secure its place in your heart. It's the newest car in OP's list, and all CS1 and CS3s were imported brand new. Although, finding one that has been well taken care of is gonna be somewhat of a challenge because the kind of owners who take well care of the car wouldn't sell it easily; yesterday I saw a Lancer advertised for sale that has been run 190,000kms and it was the 1st owner who was selling the car! The ad said the car was maintained by the agent throughout, it looked like an absolute minter. that, and the small number of imports means a long wait for a decent one to pop on adverts. The agent for Mitsubishi is quite agreeable. They don't charge exorbitant "service charges", have quite reasonable prices when it comes to consumables (oils, filters, that kind of stuff - spare parts too, when compared with other agents) they don't push you unnecessary repairs, let you be near the car when they're working on it if you want to, has an islandwide network of workshops. They're quite good when it comes to service recalls too, I had mine called in for a minor recall once, I remember cars sold in 2005 being recalled in 2016. It's reliable as much as any Japanese car out there, it's a time-tested and proven car under harsh Sri Lankan driving conditions. The deciding factor is how the car has been taken care of. I've seen many CS1 cars that were absolute minters, like Sampath's CS1 and the CS1 I found for a fellow autolanka member . If you can find a similar CS2 or a CS3 you'll have no reliability issues. Fuel economy wise, it's similar to any non-hybrid sedan in 1500CC-1600CC range. All in all, my 2 cents is, go for the Lancer if you can find one that has been reasonably taken care of.
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    Well.....I am going to say opposite to what Gayan said....if you are going to keep this for a long time....you buy what you want irrespective of what we in the forums say. So if a manual makes you happy....go for a manual....take a few test drives...see what makes you feel better. Don't forget you are the one who will have to live with it. Pros of an automatic...well..an automatic is easier in traffic and you do not have to bother yourself with balancing the clutch on hills etc...also...for the vintage of the cars you are looking at, automatics are much easier to come by. Cons, well....if not taken care of the transmission might be having issues Pros of a manual : more fun to drive...a little bit more forgiving in terms of maintaining it.... As for your budget...DO NOT spend all 2.8mil on purchasing the car. Save some for some mandatory fix ups as soon as you buy it and some repairs ha may come up after you use it for sometime. So out of your 2.8mil..your actual car buying budget is about 2.5mil. Maybe that will reduce the number of choices in your list. With the Yaris/Vios and the Lancer you have the benefit of finding permit imports (even first owner ones) that have some sort of maintenance history with the agents, so that helps a little but with finding an honest vehicle. Some are actually pretty good. The Lancer is a bit more fun and more refined in terms of ride quality than the Yaris/Vios...so I would go with that. The 121...well....robust, economical, well put together and comfy car. BUT finding a good one is quite hard...most of the ones around are dressed up for a quick sale and are harshly used. However, I have seen a few really good agent imported brand new units for sale but those are very rare. As for the Axela...well...good ones hardly get sold....
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    @iRage I think another reason some of the options are not available even for selection is the origin of manufacture. As some models imported new to SL now come from Indonesia/Thailand whatever developed for those markets is essentially what we get as well. On the options I can see the benefit of adaptive cruise control and cruise control on motorways. I'm yet to use a car with adaptive cruise control but I use cruise control quite a lot, even in SL. The adaptive will deal with the issue of encountering traffic on the way. I'm not a big fan of emergency brake, because sometimes the best cause of action to avoid an action is not to brake or brake lightly. Also the system completely ignores the situation behind you which you are taught when learning to consider (at least in the UK) before slamming on the brakes unless an extreme emergency. Finally as you point out a massive pain for the car to keep breaking when it thinks when three wheelers, motorcyclists etc are filtering quite close to you not to mention pedestrians. On the issue of the permit, I think the OP should consider the following. #1 Buy new if at all cost effective but try to stick to models which are not too different from the JDM. That will ensure a good supply of spares and body parts and keep long term ownership costs down. The CRV is a good option in this sense. #2 Consider the agent. I've dealt with Toyota Lanka and Stafford and both seem to be decent. Note Stafford does slap an agent commission on top the purchase price and there is a long wait, and personally on Honda's I do not consider warranties that important (to be honest this will hold true on most Japanese vehicles, except hybrids where the battery warranties can prove useful). Warranties are essential if buying a European vehicle. So on japs carefully consider third party importers as well. #3 Make optimum use of the permit. Buy something of which the duty figure is close to the permit exemption. #4 If possible avoid made for the Asian market vehicles. It's not because these vehicles are bad, it's just we do not yet have as big a supply of spares from these markets, plus they are a bit like us so don't really throw away vehicles, so have to rely on the agents for new. This is somewhat true of Korean vehicles as well though things have improved a little. The other reason is some of these made for asia models are made for a lower budget, so won't have the same interior build quality of their international cousins. Often mechanical s are derived from other models so rarely an issue.
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    @MADNESSSsss 1. access the menu : Yes 😀 2. change language : not yet 😫 but trying 3. and stuff? : clock, not yet, 4. post the content of the SD : I can do that, but it won't help you, I think. I tried cloning and imaging , Linux dd clone, but they didn't work. Possible reason is CID security linked software content of SD card. CID writing to sd card is only possible with certain hardware / laptops and sd also different to allow CID changing. these sd cards are cheep but don't know about the equipment. i can still post it if you want(I'll accept BBQ offer 😛 ) . I'll still have to explore this audio.
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    Sad story.. What can be done more to be safe is to take your car to a car shop like that in Darley road,. and get the safety treatment,..
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    I would say get an automatic.After few months you'll appreciate it.Because non of the above cars worth a manual other than axela.axela 2003 is a no brainer you'll find it hard to get a well used one.Get a yaris 1.3 automatic.You can find good number of very well looked after ones.
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