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    Toyota Gorilla Ashkio 141 japan modal (not thaiwan) ,Bajj intariyal ,winkel miraar, pul opshan, baket shit, lady doktar owning, ganuin milaj 69,000 km. Hand 10,00,000 /- pinans 53,000 *48, Susuki avery badi van sexchange conisadared.
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    Its like taking a grandma to midn*ght [email protected]
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    Friends, one of my colleagues is searching a Toyota sedan. He was new to vehicles and he was respecting one mechanic known to him. That mech fellow told our guy that "Toyota Gorilla" is a good car and find one.....:). He is now chasing after me to find that.....:). Is there anything such Toyota Gorilla released around 2006 ~ 2009? Don't know whether these guys referring to Corolla or something.....:)
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    Let’s raise white flags on our rides to mourn the loss of lives
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    Chiming in here the AC in my 2018 Civic Hatch stopped cooling as well. Turned out the condenser had massive leaks in multiple places. Car had only done 5000 Kms. Got a new condenser and had to refill R1234yf gas. Total cost 130K!! Seems to be an inherent problem with inferior materials used on the condenser. A quick search says that this is a common issue. Also as the car is low to the ground and has a front grille that has large openings the condenser can be prone to debris damage. May be worthwhile for anyone buying a new civic to get this checked out before taking delivery from your importer.
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    Bodywork started after disassembling almost all parts. Remain only the outer shell of the car with wiring harness which can not pullout easily. Gauge 14 & 18 zinc coated metal sheets used for most places. Firstly cut the right side of the chassis and welded new bar. Then the left side and floor board plates one by one. All door bottoms, front and back wings repaired. Mean time door hinge pins refilled at a lathe workshop. Finally attached all doors and wings again to check the aligning. Carbide 9kg and a oxygen cylinder consumed for this works.
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    Yes it's a basic A-B car. Performance is non existent. You have to really step on the gas at times to get to a decent speed. Going on all roads does not necessarily demand performance. Recently got down a 2016 Safety unit for an uncle of mine as a personal import- genuine mileage little less than 30k. It gets him from A-B and that's it. He however made the observation that it was vibrating a lot - an observation tiv had also made.
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    This reminds me of a mechanic who said about Isuzu ගාමිණී (where he was referring to Isuzu Gemini) regards, JC
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    Seems you are reading more adds on that quick site everyday.
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    yes it's a good car. As you are looking at a 3 year old car there will not be any major mechanical issues in the near future - unless it's horribly hacked which is unlikely for a mazda since majority of mazda users apparently take good care of their rides. Regular maintenance cost is on par with any new car.
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    1. You do realize that the related companies became related because they wanted the Toyota HSD know how right ? Thus, after they become related it really does not make sense to say it does not count. As for your article....the website is not the most well balanced or unbiased websites around. They have a strong following of skeptics and doomsday followers and they have openly indicated that they have strong interest in Teslas economic success (so when they say don't fall in to Toyotas trap...can't one just as easily say that Tesla has interest in maintaining EV only vehicle's success rather Hybrids let it be gasoline or FCVs ?) A few notes: 1. The tech is not stated to be able to be used in EV vehicles because Toyota has not used it successfully in EV vehicles. No one has. Thus, it would not be in their best interest to say it can be used in EVs. 2. What fee-based services ? The patent is free....and for further development the technical assistance is FREE. 3. Toyota has not gained traction in the EV market thus they have been cozying up with the Chinese for ages. The CH-R has an EV variant, the Chinese Corolla is supposed to be next, etc...the other EV vehicles around the world have been small-scale. Also, it is interesting to know that the website does not site the fact that one reason Toyota lost out on the EV race was because of what the American gas industry did in the late 90s (where Toyota first developed the EV RAV4...). 4. Japanese manufacturers believe that Hybrid and EV vehicles are transient technologies and that the next long term step would be fuel cell vehicles along with a shift to personal mobility devices and large volume transport solutions. So they have no interest in prolonging Hybrids indefinitely. In fact Toyota and Honda are investing heavily in Japan with the government in setting up Hydrogen stations....Any country's or company''s positioning on the technology scale is cyclic....so it is natural for a certain company or country to be at the low end of technology spectrum whilst another is ahead until the next step comes in. 4a. Toyota's explanation as to not do complete EV vehicles by themselves has always been a matter of production volumes. They have always claimed that they have the capacity to build only a few tens of thousands of EV vehicles but a few 100 of thousands of Hybrids (i suppose this is in terms of batteries); and that their assessment is that the number of Hybrid vehicles will provide more ecological benefits than a few thousand EV vehicles (i.e. they will be selling more gasoline vehicles as lesser eco friendly vehicles). Of course the legitimacy of this claim can be questioned (how eco benefit was calculated etc...) 5. Yes cars have shorter life spans. But that does not mean neither Euro nor Japanese nor Korean manufacturers have reduced their R&D processes and compromised quality. The Europeans did that in the past....the Japanese did that in the 2000s and it did not work for either one of them. When R&D processes were short (or manufacturers were in a rush to put out technologies) all of them had issues of quality. They have changed that now for the most part not by compromising R&D but by developing long lasting, evolving platforms (Mazda started it with the SkyActiv) and partnering with other manufacturers. No one spends long R&D time on things that do not matter like cup holders or plastic components. They (all of them) spend time on long R&D on things that matter...like engines, etc...but for the record..you should also know that designing the structure of something that seems as trivial like a cup holder is not as simple as it seems. So it is not a valid statement to say R&D cycles have compromised quality. At the end of the day..you need to except that all these companies are there to make money. None of them are charities (they do charitable work but not charities). Thus, their financial sustainability always comes in to play (and Tesla pretty much play the game by projecting themselves as the disruptors and trying to be the Robin Hood amongst them). In the long term..the biggest issue all these companies face is that the younger generations are moving out of cars...
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    Hi All, Hope all you members, families & friend of yours are safe after Sunday's massacre. Please stay safe.
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    I don't know if you are being sarcastic or being completely oblivious. 1. Price conscious motoring....does not mean using a tuk tuk or uber....by this statement you are also implying that people in SL buy cars for wanting to be exorbitant. Also...cars like the Axio, Prius are not pricey cars...they are pricey in Sri Lanka because of stupid policies. You seem to be missing that when comparing Mercs and Toyotas.... 2. The ICE Civic is a ICE ! Pure Gasoline engine....why on earth would a sane person compare that with a Hybrid ? It is also obvious that you are oblivious to developments that are happening with model changes. The Civic (which is a pure gasoline only model) went turbo charged with the change of model. The Corolla with the change of model is also going turbocharged with its pure gasoline engines and Hybrid line up will be separate. This seems to be the general strategy for Toyota (and even Nissan and Honda) when and where feasible, some markets will still have the large capacity pure gasoline engine purely for maintainability sake. Most of Toyota's turbo know-how had been improved through the BMW and Subaru partnerships....and the other's Hybrid tech has been improved via Toyota's Hybrid know-how. So it goes both ways (if you had read any of my previous posts you would know that Toyota's HSD patents are free for use) 3. It is not a matter of holding out. Holding out serves no purpose to anyone..including themselves...them holding out and then putting out old technology is not going to make them any more richer. The Japanese have always been conservative when it comes to rolling out automotive tech. They have always been so and always will be. They play a long R&D game along with waiting and watching what happens to others and their tech...The classic statement "The US/West will invent it, Japanese will improve it and Chinese will mass produce it cheaply" still holds.
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    You really have to learn to search the forum. Performance - there is none, slow noisy lump Faults- nothing major so far, safety system has shown faults sometimes but nothing major, we all gonna need engine mounts soon though, 2nd hand market- only thing this car has the colour you have chosen is one of the cheaper ones, white and orange being the costlier, so don’t let them overcharge you, it’s a nice colour though, has a good demand do not even have a slight hope of the mileage being 20000 to 30000 or lesser, as taught by some of my friends here and after extensive research 95% cars have done over 60000km to 80000km and have been clocked back. It’s nothing to worry though as cars in Japan have been looked after and the wear is way less. The other 5% being hand to hand personal imports and damaged cars repaired and sent. Find a good car and finish it off soon as the budget may do wonders with the prices soon enough
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    I don't get this....most of the crossovers get 6-8kmpl in the city..which is not that much lower and even the same as most of the sedans around so it is not that more expensive than a sedan (granted the subsidized price of diesel and an old diesel getting lets say 10 ? in the city would provide per tank wallet-friendliness). Been using CRVs and RAV4s in SL for ages and it has not cost that much more nor less than the sedans the company has. You really don't have to rev that high....most of the power comes in at about 3500revs and most of the torque comes in at about the same point in most of these crossovers, the former of course does help in SL driving. The diesels of course gets most of the torque around half those revs whilst the max power will be reached around the same as the crossover. So yeah..it is not about power but torque in these situation. Also, with the CVTs, when driving on the highway these things settle down at a rather low rev range. The issue is going to be finding a good example of these old diesels...people do not want to get rid of good ones and when they do it is typically on the higher end of the price spectrum. So, the bottom line is, considering what the vehicle is going to be used for and how often; the question that the OP needs to ask himself is if the requirements for an old diesel really justifiable when considering the long term total cost of ownership (so you would need to balance out costs of maintenance of high mileage diesels vs a mid mileage petrol...). Also, if you are looking for a easier car to drive around town for your parents...then some of those crossovers are easier for them. If you think that was bad....you should try the new one in pure petrol form To be honest I don't think the 2L was bad in the T30...what let it down was a twitchy gearbox which was not geared to handle a heavy, boxy body. So driving around town was not the easiest. The CRV and RAV4 of the time were similarly powered the 2L variants). The RAV4 had a slight weight advantage and the CR-V had a pretty sweet engine and a good gearbox (although the weird hill climbing thingy was a bit of an annoyance).
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    I think it will do like average Jap sedan. Diesel 12 kmpl and petrol 8 kmpl. Normally Jap sedans also do similar or just little more during usual city traffic. But if you ask this question from a lankan mech or tech, he would tell Jap sedan would do 40 kmpl and European car would do 2kmpl....😀. You have to check with guys who have knowledge on both.
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    I resently bought a Prado uk model with the 1KD engine. I took a look at a 5L with manual transmission. The 5L never matches the 150 and stand clear of it. Frankly the 5L is being used for UN (united nations) models. Anyway the 1KD atleast in UK spec has great pulling power. Didnt drag a trailer around but with 7 adults sitting comfortably climbing upto nuwaraeliya didnt even break a sweat. Mainly due to the high torque figures it passes other vehicles like nothing. The 5L diesel engine has only has 106hp and 197nm of torque. The petrol G frontier has 158hp and and 246nm of torque. The company model 1KD diesel has 170hp and 352nm of torque. While the UK (england) model 1KD diesel has 190hp and 491nm of torque. So that makes the difference.
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    150 with 5L 😂😂😂 With the 1KD i have remapped the ECU get power to pull the trailer. unsure which Japanese engineer decided to plant 5L into the 150.
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    If you are considering the J90 series Land Cruiser Prado, make sure you find one thats well looked after. The 1KZ engine found in it produces decent power and it sounds lovely but it could become a complete nightmare if not looked after properly. There are few 90 series LC Prado in SL with the 1KD engine as well, they pack more power but the earlier versions of 1KD engines are known to give injector trouble. It was also offered with the 5L engine, these are cheap to run and maintain but these were bit under-powered.
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    Hi so, about the Mitsubishi’s, personally the above vehicles are really good, but would defeat your purpose on being a reliable tourer, see the montero sport, it’s not going to happen around 6mil, if there are cars, they’d be badly hacked or mileage turned, they take 200,000 plus cars and make em 100,000 and sell em, so if you buy one you ll have work, most of the true mileage ones are above 7mil , and owners are less likely to part with them cheap. Agent mileage records can also be cheated if you know the right people. and an older montero, same story, lot of pending work. Mostly . It’s not going to be cheap For both these either, the montero sport has very little aftermarket / recon parts so it’s mostly agent montero bits are by the hundreds but not cheap either So you ll be hunting for parts and doing repairs rather than going on this tour, I’d suggest something newer, cheaper and smaller, so you’ll have money to play around with, Incase something goes south. And something that will hold value
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    The Montero/Pajero V60 series is actually pretty comfy. I personally do not like the seats as they are a bit too benchy for my liking but they are nice and plump. The thing...when in good condition...moves like a bat out of hell....compared to its rival models and alternatives in the price range you get a lot more for the price. The Montero Sport...well its bouncy but not too bad, but bouncy...decently put together...feels heavier and a tab more plasticy than the likes of the Fortuner. I like the ride of the Fortuner better. The Fortuner feels more grounded than the Sport. Don't forget the Fortuner too is based on a truck chassis... The old 70 series Land Cruiser..yes for its age its surprisingly comfy. Yes..there are plenty of 70 series land cruisers (II and Prados) that have had the body swapped. Quite a few military 70 series LCs that have gotten restored with new bodies around. Some are legal with proper permits and amendments to books...most are not. Buying an old diesel...well...as with any engine it will require preemptive maintenance done and should be fine. However, the fine part depends on how well the thing has been taken care of. Some people swap the engines out as they start showing age related issues...a few rebuild them. Either way, you need to check what has been done. I am guessing you want a large diesel SUV for the size (to carry the entire family) and for the long runs ? I guess something like a RAV4, X trail, Vitar, etc would be out ? Even if it looks like a SUV with the rear mounted wheel and such ?
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    Toyota brings 51 years of history and heritage to a close as it releases the Mark X Final Edition as a farewell tribute to the Marx/X-chassis. The Mark X family is Toyota's 4th longest running name plate right now (currently tied with the Corona which also ran for 51 years), and pretty soon it will just be the Land Cruiser, Crown and Corolla name plates left from the original 5. Sad to see Toyota's last affordable FR sedan taking a bow.... <yeah true the Crown and Lexus IS, both of which shared a lot of drive and power train components with, are there; but those are 40,000USD++ cars whilst the Mark X was between 25,000-35000. > The Final Edition is based on the 250 range which was the most popular range of the Mark X and the updates seem to be mostly modest and visual only. So the Mark X GRMN ver.2 was the last sporty version (although what had th emost amount of power was the SuperCharged M+ variant. The GRMN felt more sportier because it was heavily tuned in the suspension and body rigidity department and the gearbox and ECU tuned to be more at your face (which also came with a 6 M/T); whilst the M+ had less aggressive tuning in the suspension but just had the standard 350 series engine mated to a super charger https://toyota.jp/markx/cp/history/?padid=ag341_from_markx_top_rec_cp2
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    Well i now drive a Audi A5. However i regret letting go of my Mazda because of sheer driving pleasure it gave me compared to the Audi. I did not have an issue in selling my 2016 car. Of course i did have to take a hit compared to my purchase price but thats depreciation
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    They do around 8-10 kmpl Maintenance cost is NOT LOW Also I guess you are looking at used ones Either the 2014 lot or the 2007 2008 lot or the early 2000s old shape lot. Most of the above will have high mileage within the country and reasonable repairs. Parts are the bit scarce for the second gen so u have to go to agents at times. So its is not going to be cheap to run or not going to be trouble free. Keep a cash margin for repairs
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    Hello guys, Sorry for bringing up an old thread. Any one tried newly opened Toyota Lanka service centre in Kandy? How's the experience? service charges ?
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