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    Guys, finally I bought 'FD 1', I was seeking a well maintained FD1 or FD 4 for months but was not lucky enough. After many cheatings and hassles, I accidentally found this red beauty. And also after dozens of negotiations, I settled with her. This FD1 is a brand new import under the permit scheme and registered in 31st of December 2007. previous owner is a doctor & he was the first owner and had maintained her with Sfat#d Mot#rs and had all service records from the beginning to up to date. Two Autolankans were helping me with this. Hyaenidae, [email protected] and also I thank full to who wrote threads about FD's. I read each & every thread about FD. Thank you all guys. Here are some photos of her.
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    Wish you all have a rocking year ahead spent with friends and loved ones!! On behalf of Team Autolanka, I would like to thank our Top Contributors, Senior Members, Moderators and all Members for their contribution and support throughout the year.  2019 Top Ranking Contributors.. @iRage @Hyaenidae @matroska and @Davy 2019 Top Ranking Bloggers are @matroska @tiv @kusumsiri and @alpha17 Wish all Auto Lanka Fans a Very Happy New Year 2020!!
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    Thanks alot iRage! Wholesome stuff, This brought out the inner kid in me...gonna try it out😁 Also here's a 1:12 scale diorama I made a while back, needs a few more improvements and additions, spider webs & dust maintained for special effects😉:
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    Happy new year to all of you as well and wishing everyone an amazing and safe year (and new decade) of motoring
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    Oooh, thanks for the silver me hearties! Wish you many happy and safe kilometers in 2020! May your engine run like butter; may your brakes stop you in time; may your AC keep you cool; may your paint shine forever and may you reach all your destinations safe, sound and with a smile on your face! Keep revvin'!
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    Dear @Roshan321, Before reading further, I suggest making a supermarket run quickly and getting yourself a large pack of diapers, because the excrement that's about to unfold for you won't be pleasant. But I'm sorry, I have to do this on behalf of all the members of the forum. AutoLanka forums has always been a place for sharing knowledge and personal experience about cars. A lot of senior members (including myself) joined over a decade ago and have slowly grown as members and gained so much knowledge. This is because most members are genuine, helpful gentlemen. On top of that, genuine members always try to learn from others without trying so hard to prove a point. My last two posts on this thread was saying exactly that. I was trying to get you to not try so hard (while getting members here also to give you a chance). Moderators including myself have been totally impartial. But you went ahead and made a mess of the situation. I'm sure you know what I am trying to bring up here so you better put on one of those diapers now. When I first read that post by @Saranga_S, I thought that it is too much of a coincidence for a new member to pop out of nowhere all of a sudden and say good about the vehicle in question. Then I read the full post and my suspicion was doubled. Then I read @iRage's response and I thought we maybe onto something here. So I had to dig in and everything started to make sense... I'm not going to tell you how I found out, but we know. In fact, we knew from the first post made by you using the @Saranga_Saccount, but I requested the moderator team (and other members who posted) to wait silently. As expected, you took the bait and responded as @Roshan321. So my question is... what do you have to say for yourself? How desperate are you to create fake profiles, post as a genuine owner, and to respond to your own fake profile thanking yourself for doing so. Maybe change that diaper before answering. Or pretend that you didn't see this - but rest assured we'll know when you read this. Finally, thanks to the moderator team (especially @iRage) for staying silent and helping me carry out this sting operation. Also special thanks to @Hyaenidae for the corporation and helping me hide one of his posts to keep things undercover until we were completely sure. --- Moderators, I'm not sure how we should proceed. We'll have a discussion separately I guess.
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    Mileage is 127,000km now. Some repair work done at agents. (1) Brake Pads replaced. Mitsubishi Part No. MZ690563 , Rs.16,144/= (2) Brake Rotor Disks resurfaced for the first time. - Cost: Rs.2300 (3) Caliper rubber kit replaced for the first time after 11 .5 years. Mitsubishi Part No.: 4605B861 , Rs.2,184/= , Labour cost for (1) & (2) ; Rs.2,221/= (4) Radiator coolant replaced. Mitsubishi No.: MZ341015EX , 4 liter = Rs.3,284/= , I had to buy two 4L packs but ¾ remained. Labour cost: Rs.1150/= (5) Power Steering belt started to make noise. Power Steering belt is already done 81,000km and Alternator Belt already done 50,000km. Replaced both. Power Steering Belt –MD375935 ; Rs.9345 , Alternator Belt – 4451A098 : Rs.4928.00 Labout cost= Rs. 1,437/= (6) My number plates are almost new as they changed CP to WP in 2014. After cut and polished car appearance is almost new. Number plated holders were faded. Hence replaced both number plate holders. Now appearance is nice. One unit cost Rs.511/= and Rs.1,022/= for 2 units.
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    One of the original KITTs is for sale for cool 10mil rupees
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    A concerned citizen reminds you to stay focused on road
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    Its been a while....its been 6 years since we have had her in the family and we have put 23,000km during that time. She has been extremely trouble free and have never missed a beat. Toyota sure does not make cars like this anymore Just yesterday took a pic of my little beauty next to the new Corolla Touring Wagon. The old girl looks cuter and more slender... Car during last year's cherry blossom season After a coating of Soft99 Fusso Mirror Shine Random pics through-out the years...
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    First of all apologies for opening a new thread to show my new ride. This might be a regular car for autolankans. But thought of writing on it as it is slightly different from ones you see day-to day. First of all I would like to say that I'm typical car buyer who buy japanese cars though I love to ride a beemer or six cylinder jap car due to financial reasons. My last drive was a toyota vitz (2007) which became a pain due to very low fuel consumption (I drive about 70-90km daily), and vibration issue. It cost significant fraction of my salary for fuel. I was thinking about buying used F10 520D, but I dropped that idea due to the reason that spending 7-8 mil in 8 year old car was useless. Then I started hunting an aqua(2015 or up) mainly due to fuel economy. While on hunting suddenly I noticed this car which was in a sale at Kalutara n had a look. Other thing was I wanted to exchange car with my Vitz. (I couldn't go through that pain of selling a car with lot of time wasting). Finaly they agreed to exchange those two. So here I present my new Toyota Aqua Gs (2015)... This car had been imported by the same car sale in 2017. First owner of the car had been used it carefully. I got service records for the past 2 years as well and clocked at 46000km. Had original tyres on it, but threads were worn out. So I had to change tyres at 1st. Due to the cost factor I went for Chinese set. Will see how it goes.. Car had been modified in Japan by these guys http://www.autoworld-custom.com/. Headlights came with angle eyes and all the other lights had been changed. Side mirror glasses had been changed to ones with light blue tinge and signal LED arrow. Mirrors also have welcome lights. When I bought this right side mirror glass had been shattered due to some reason and I had to replace it with normal aqua glass. Indicator is still visible at dark but not visible with bright sun light. If any of you guys has an idea where to find this glass (right side) please let me know. She came with dual exhausts which are functional with nice beat. I dont have undercarriage photo at the moment. Bonnet is supported by gas struts/hood dampers on both sides This has stock 17 inch alloys with caliper covers in red. Caliper cover letters glow in white in the dark and inner side of all wheels glow in yellow (LED). That's about exterior. How is the interior? A pillars have tweeters and on right side there is RPM meter. Usually tweeters are on the doors in aqua. Steering has been replaced with modified version. Start/stop button covered with a sticker. Pedals had been customized. Seat covers has been applied. this is the gear shifter.. color changed to red when on reverse. This is the reading light on the hood which has something else as well. ? Air purifier? I have no idea. But it has a fan or some thing. Came with a throttle controller which has 3 modes. Eco, normal and sports. Yet to check sports mode... So that's it for now.. will update on new things..
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    Wishing all AutoLankans a very happy new year 2020! Kudos to all the members who have been keeping the forum alive and kicking - sharing knowledge, blogging and providing support. Here's to another year of growing as a community of individuals sharing the same passion. Cheers!
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    I' don't know about your family dynamics and it's not my place to advise you, but I can tell you that arguing with a partner over an accident is not worth it. Cars, no matter how precious they are to us, are replaceable. People that are close to you may not be. Just my two cents. Did you by any chance check if VTEC had changed the cars number plate covers to those that have their branding? They did this to me without asking (both front and back and the existing ones were perfectly fine) and I wasn't fond of it. I only noticed it after a couple of days after taking the car home. One disadvantage of having these plates is that VTEC motors brand is somewhat associated with accident repairs. So people might assume your car went through a massive accident even when it didn't.
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    a day after the easter attacks? When there was curfew ? wow you must have been really motivated to buy the DFCC eh? hope you had a safe trip from the unimo showroom to your residence 😛
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    This is an interesting piece. http://www.ft.lk/opinion/Sustainable-and-broad-minded-solution-for-Colombo-s-traffic/14-674188 Quick Quotes "I didn’t want to explain to him that the traffic is created by drivers who drives recklessly and selfishly to reach their destination as fast as possible. They never follow lane discipline, never bother about pedestrians, and they go wherever they can move their vehicle thinking that this is the way to avoid traffic in Sri Lanka." "An open-minded and well-disciplined public will reduce 50% of self-created traffic jams." I doubt that is a research backed number, but it will definitely help. Some research here. https://www.smartmotorist.com/traffic-jams Now why do I bother posting? I can't reform everyone. But here is the hope. By reading this and learning something, it might cause people to modify their own behaviour. I have done a lot of practicing lane discipline. See the problem is, people in traffic are more reactive, they try to wriggle into whatever tiny space they can (watch the tuks) and then find themselves on the wrong lane. Of course, we can't always follow the recommended practice, have to keep moving out of the left lane due to potholes or idiots who parked cars where cars should be moving. But proactively putting yourself in the correct lane to manage your turns will help ease the traffic tremendously. As a small example take the traffic lights in front of Orion City. There is at least 4 lanes there, but cars that can travel straight through the lights are eternally stuck behind people who want to turn but occupy the wrong lanes coz they think they can get their thing done faster by doing so. In the end, my conclusion is this. When using public property, you do not have a right. You have a duty. This is the mindset I'm gonna have. Hopefully it will inspire others, but at least I'll gonna try it. Can't preach it without practicing it
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    As we all go through some sort of lockdown and are being directed to stay at home and practice social distancing, car manufacturers are coming up with ideas to keep the motor heads home bound....here are some selections from the Japanese manufacturers... TIP : You will need 120gsm+ paper. If you do not have access to that (or your printer cannot handle it...just print it on normal 80 or 100 paper and paste it on thin/handycraft cardboard. Part 1: Something for my petrol head friends....here is something to help you get through lockdown ..for those with car loving kids and the kid at ❤️ PAPER CRAFT CARS ! MAZDA https://www.mazda.com/ja/csr/social/kids/papercraft/ MISC. https://creativepark.canon/…/categ…/CAT-ST01-0091/index.html SUBARU http://www.e-saa.co.jp/special/download/ TOYOTA https://www.c-himeji.jp/naradeha/paper-craft… https://gazoo.com/…/ar…/salespoint/120201_13/86_color_r1.pdf https://gazoo.com/…/a…/salespoint/120201_13/86_manual_r1.pdf NISSAN http://www.nissan.co.jp/EVENT/PAPERCRAFT/ MISC. https://www.honda.co.jp/hondafan/papercraft/
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    There are, they are called mechanics. Each member here has a specific set of knowledge/talent, some have are more knowledgeable than the other but we are all here to help/learn from one another. So please don't treat this as some sort of magical one stop shop for all your automotive needs. This is a discussion forum after all, not a panel of judges and experts. As this is a unique type of problem pertaining to the internals of the engine, no one can say for sure without seeing it or having experience this same exact problem before. I'm Truly sorry to hear about your problems as you are in your 3rd engine now but some people would rather stay silent rather than speculate or give false knowledge/false hope. Let's see if there is someone here who has an idea of what could be wrong. Also, do describe the noise. When does it occur, at what point, how loud, or if possible post a quick video.
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    Hey that reminds me of my last car selling experience- So I advertised my previous car for sale alright, the first buyer who agreed to pay the asking price was a queer one - he didn't even take a good look at the interior, much less a test drive - he just fell in love with how good the exterior looked- "brand new wage thiyenne mahaththaya!" was what he said. He was right - I know a thing or two about paint protection (wax, people, wax!) - so the very next day we travel to the bank, do the paperwork, he deposits the agreed amount while I fill out MTA forms and stuff - while all this is going on in comes the protagonist of the story. The buyer introduces the newcomer to me as a close relative of his - a professional astrologer. He had calculated the best auspicious time for the new owner to get in the car (or hand the key over- I can't remember which) so anyway, after a wait of more than half an hour we do the deed on the auspicious time - the new owner wanted to take me home, didn't want me to take the bus, bless his kind soul! We were on our merry way when he suddenly remembered he needed a photocopy of some document and we kept an eye for a "communication". You see where this is going now dontcha? Le wild communication appears - driver slams on the brakes - a poor sod who was riding his CD90 too close rear ends the car - gets airborne - lands on the rear trunk and leaves one of his incisors on the trunk lid. We all get out - the very first thing the astrologer told me was "hondha welawata nekathata waahane paarata dhamme, naththan apey passen enne bike ekak nemey tipper ekak!"
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    Another wonderful year is going to end. But don’t worry, one more year is on the way to decorate Autolanka !!!
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    Wish all Autolankans a very happy new year 2020 !!!☺️
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    There's a saying "When you are in deep-sh*t keep your mouth shut" your sad, childish, pathetic, marketing gimmick has now been found, you have lost all credibility and whatever drivel you type is now scorned by the forum members. If you have any common sense or an ounce of shame left you'd better close both of your accounts and stop mumbling here. This is no longer about the quality of Chinese Vehicles but more about a pathetic childish attempt by a naive third class marketer. And since you like to quote in Sinhala : ෆේක් account දෙකක් හදන් සත පනහෙ මාකටින් කරන්න ගිහින් ...ඒකවත් හරියට කරගන්න බැරිව නාගත්ත උඹට මොන democracy ද? තවත් විහිලුවක් වෙන්නැතුව නිදාගනින්
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    so I thought of sharing the information of the colour change process at RMV as it is not the same process as it was before few years back. 2 years ago, when i wanted to get the book updated for my colour change for my previous car it was so simple.. you obtain a form from narahenpita rmv, then go to werahera rmv and show the car. they then just check the chassis number, engine number and then one inspector approves the form with a seal with a 500 buck receipt. then had to go to narahenpita rmv with the form and the book of the car and they will send the book in 4,5 months time after updating it. thats it. That was then but now, shit gets real as the process has changed. Now if the car has lease, you can't get the colour change approval. You need to clear all your lease and get the book to your hand before the color change. Then you have to go get the form from narahenpita RMV and go to werahera RMV early in the morning at 8 and then stay in the queue. even if you go first doesnt mean you are the first to be inspected. also if you dont go before 10, you will be sent home to come early the next day. you stay seated inside for like 2 hours until they call your name. then you have to pay 500 bucks and get a receipt from them. Then you have to sit and wait for another hour until they call your name. And then they finally call your name. then you have to put the vehicle to the vehicle scale. then the weight of your vehicle showed in the scale should match the weight mentioned in the CR. if it doesnt match you are doomed, you cant get the approval. luckily the weight tallied mine. Then comes an inspector. He checks the engine number, chassis number, colour of the car. not only that they even measure the length of the car, height of the car, tire size, wheelbase, and all the details which are mentioned in the CR and all of those should tally what is in the book. if you have tyre size upgraded then you have to go through the process of submitting the tyre change forms as well. likewise everything should match in the book. then the first inspector checks all those and gives a signature. luckily all of those in the CR matched mine again. then you get to sit for another 1 and half hours. Then comes the turn of the head inspector.. so for another round, you have to repeat the same process of scaling, measuring heights and lengths of the car with him as well for the 2nd time.. this time not only that, he also check if the car is mechanically or physically faulty. he tells you to blink headlights, show if signal lights, parking lights as well as number plate lights are working and then he also gets inside the damn engine and check for oil leaks.. mine had a small oil leaking from the packing, therefore my colour change was not approved and told me to go fix the leak and come.. then the next time you come they once again do the process of inspecting the car 2 times by 2 different inspectors and once again they check if the car is in absolute mint condition like a brand new car. and once again pay 125 bucks and take a receipt and stay in the queue. and if there are no faults then the head inspector gives the approval. then you have to take that approval form to rmv narahenpita with the book, and after few months you get the updated book with the updated information. now i know after you read this you wont ever want to go through a colour change process. i had to go 3 times to get the approval form only. hope this information helps. PS: This is the legal way ok
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    So Iv decided to open thread instead of a status update. (BTW its my 400th post for the 8 something years I've had this profile,used to have another profile since 08'. But I dont even remember the name on that) Ok peops. I got a story for u gents. I used to have an Audi A4 B5 since 09' upto 2014. Loved that car to bits. Gone through more men than a maradana hooker, but less than a model in SL. Treated badly,not run for years,ignornat bighead owner, etc etc. This was the Jayasuriya model A4 back in the day, he won a 95' for being man of the match(pic attached) Not the base base model,had a few options in it. But it was a 96' model year(the b5 came out in 95) so it was kinda old and sad looking because just after two years, the 97' came up with a facelift that really put it out there(bastards). I posted a few pics of my own car. I'll post the rest later as I need moment in the office 😏 I don't know why, but it said Audi A4 Limousine in a sticker in the boot!
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    To OP The fuel figure timeline car sellers, if you drive it right it does like 30kmpl or even more, blah blah first fellows who buy it like ”machan it does 40kmpl believe me” I went from Galle to puttlam to anuradhapura to airport with my dogs in 1 tank the second lot mid year, who sold their vitzs due to peer pressure it does 30kmpl, just like my Vitz but it’s so better, I put 95 now, pickup is so good it’s soo smooth ( they lied about the vitz fuel figure as well) the last lot by the end of the year, who buy it for a price hike, (current price + hike)= pora buyer it does 4kmpl, (Deep within, I put a loan and a lease to buy it because my co worker and Neighbour and brothers wife’s sisters uncles second wife got one, I don’t have money for petrol so I just take it for a 10km stroll on Sunday in the traffic) and he spent this months salary on the chrome, carpets and 3m tint and 10inch Chinese player. jokes aside mate to get an accurate value for this you ll have to wait for at least 1 year. Given the engine and the turbo expect 13kmpl or less on long distances but Just a guess. Do not get so worked up on the fuel figures bro, these are budget suvs, some chum on a bike gets intimate with the tailgate or the lights or a mirror, you ll be looking at 1 years fuel costs, if you aren’t prepared for that expense buy something else. car salesmen, personal importers, fb forums they push you and bluff so beware.
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    My Car has a specially designed collision detection and avoidance system specifically for 3W and 2W called W.I.F.E As soon as it detects a 3W or 2W close by an alarm is sounded "Onna 3W ekak/Onna motorcycle ekak " So far it has worked wonders
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    Knowing Sri Lankans who [1] Pay extra for gold badges on Vezles [2] Pay extra for "Baig intariyal " on any car. [3] Pay XX Extra for Premio over Allion despite being the same car underneath [4] Pump Nitrogen on tires over regular air which is 80% nitrogen anyway hoping the wear and tear of the tyre will be less [5] Pump 95 on regular engines that require 92 hoping it will increase fuel economy I'm pretty sure they'll pay extra for the Raize.
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    Wish you all the very best for 2020
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    Happy 2020 to All the Autolanka Members. Many things learned here in 2019 and hoping to learn more in 2020. Good cars, Good vibes, Happy motoring.
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    You are asking for opinions on a car that NO ONE in SL has actually seen or touched. Fine..I saw the car in person but I have not driven or ridden in one so again...makes no sense to comment on anything. If you are concerned so much about fuel economy...then go buy a Hybrid or a kei car. Not a SUV of any size ! I keep telling this in every Raize thread....the car is the same size as a Vitz...a little bit larger..but that is it....because of the boxy shape it looks larger, but its not, and has a better utilization of space. That is it. Ride wise..it is probably going to be the same as a little hatchback...so if you hated travelling in an an aqua or Vitz because of its small-ness and the bounciness due to its small-ness..this is not going to be much different. If you are going to go for a 2WD version..then go for a Vitz...because that is what it is (well...a Vitz with a 1.3L engine so it will drive a bit better than the 1L variant)....just taller. If you are going to go for a SUV looking vehicle...just go for a 4WD variant. The thel higannas who want the looks of a SUV will always defend saying an AWD Vezel, CHR, RAV4, etc....is pointless..but those who have an AWD variant will know versatile how useful AWD is. The AWD variants of the CHR, Vezel, RAV4 are not that far off in fuel efficiency. The AWD system in this is not necessarily designed for off-roading..but to just get you up and down a snowy or muddy or wet road, just like an AWD Corolla or Vitz or Corona or Allion. That is it...so the engine will be sufficient. As for resale value...how the heck would anyone know since the car has not even been mass sold in Japan yet ? Right now there is a huge demand for it in SL..but after sometime..who knows ? Some people are going to get turned off by it (and will be grumbling and looking toget rid of it) and some will keep on lusting for it and make having one the sole purpose of their existence. Also, if your budget is 4 to 6 million, which is quite a lot for a young new car owner, there are so many other options in the hatchback, sedan and crossover market that are actually sporty and youthful. You just have to look beyond the average Vitz, Aqua, Allion/Axio. Even the Vitz/Aqua for your budget; you should be able to find sporty variants...
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    Your point is very interesting. In your opinion, DFSK 580 is the turning point in Chinese vehicle quality. And you still want us to believe that you are not guerilla marketing this vehicle. The problem with Chinese vehicles is that their automotive industry itself is a huge mess. They have over a hundred big and small vehicle manufacturers. The designs are almost always knock-offs of a vehicle from a European, Japanese or American vehicle. There is no continuity between models - for example one version of a certain model will come with an engine copied from Mitsubishi and another will come with an engine copied from Mazda! And you can even order a car from alibaba.com from a lesser-known manufacturer! All this affects the buyer. For example, everyone knows that if we say its a 1500 CC Premio, then it will have a 1NZ-FE engine in it and the same will be there in contemporary Axio, Vios (1.5), Allion, Ist etc. This makes it easier to get third party spares, repair the vehicle in third party garages etc. On the other hand nobody knows what the f*ck will be inside the next version of DFSK 580. The only thing the damn website says is (that too in Chinese), that DFSK 1.5ltr version has 1.5 turbo engine with 150hp. Take the Panda for example, one version had an engine licensed from Fiat and another version had an engine licensed from Toyota! So for those who claim that Chinese vehicles have achieved good quality standards, I'm afraid its a shallow statement based on a false analogy of Japanese and Korean auto industry, without any understanding of the following facts: China has hundreds of vehicle manufacturers who are churning out products, mostly aiming at low-end consumer (as they do with everything else). Having more than four or five players with two leaders is always disastrous to any industry, because it may eventually be a race to the bottom of the barrel China does NOT have any indigenous designs at all. Almost all Chinese vehicles are knock-offs of each other. Front of a Toyota, rear of a Nissan, interior of a Peugeot etc. China does everything right everytime the design, development and quality control is done elsewhere. They perform badly when they have to do those stuff themselves. For example, there will be a world of difference between Chinese made Nissans and Chinese made DFSKs. Product continuity is virtually non-existent. Today's DFSK 580 may have an engine copied from one manufacturer. Tomorrow it may be from some other manufacturer
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    Hey guys I finally found a car! And a red one at that!
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    Why not ask your wife to wear a seat belt and get your kid a child seat? Then they won’t slide around, you can keep the car you like and you will be a responsible motorist.
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    Hello Guys, It's been a while from my last update. 😁 So I decided to share some photos of my ride with you. So far, I didn't do any modifications to her. But I'm hoping to install a new body kit for her. Will update the thread after the modifications. 😜 Until then enjoy the pictures. 😷
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    Yes the brand name is called "Chanda" and the first model to be launched is called "gundu" And the factory will be built slightly past Kuliyapitiya this time. On a serious note, there's no business case for this country to create an automotive industry. Our domestic market is too small. Our labour is expensive and lazy. Electricity is prohibitively pricey, There's nothing we can source locally for making cars. Everything needs to be imported. And penetrating the international market is impossible without a multi-billion dollar marketing budget, which no one can afford. There was no business case during Upali Wijewardene's time and there's no business case now. We can blame politicians and people, but the real reason for the automotive industry not taking off, is the lack of business justification. We need to specialize in a few industries that we are good at. For a small country like Sri Lanka, that's more than enough. We are not India or China. Only Premadasa understood that and built a garment manufacturing specialism in this country. Sri Lankan clothing industry professionals are highly sought after, all over the world, even today. We can certainly build components to vehicles like what Rohan Pallewatta is doing. But that's it. End of rant!
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    Why not? When I sell my own previous two cars (purchased brand new) , both buyers set their minds to buy my cars, when I just show my maintenance records before they crank the engines. When I bought my Lancer CS1 in 2017, I had same feeling when previous owner handed over the maintenance records file to me. She clearly described every maintenance done and even an accident it faced (replaced front door panel at agents and invoice was in the file) . I cross checked her details with agents and she was 100% genuine. Still this previous owner family maintain very good relationship with me and even read my Autolanka thread on it. When I bought my lancer very first thing I did was, bought a box file to match my car colour (Matath pissu😀) All records are filed in order. Since my car is 13 years old, I maintain a summery for quick reference. Car is maintained at the agents from day one. I filled all invoices in order and attach all labels found in spare part packing. I also maintain a photo gallery in my laptop. I had two previous owners belong to same family. They had filed even below sheet they received from the agent after importation. 'Reliability' made me to buy this vehicle and I will transfer same to next owner when I sell this car one day.
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    So we all know there are websites which we can enter the VIN number of the vehicle and get part numbers (Eg: https://partsouq.com/) but did you know that Mitsubishi has their own proprietary E-catalog software which includes all the part numbers, descriptions and illustrations applicable to their export market vehicles? It's far easier to find part numbers using this software compared to any website out there, and there is a wealth of other information about any part which could be immensely helpful. Here are some screenshots: Enter the VIN: Search for the part you want! You don't even have to know the exact name it's called, eg: if you're looking for the power steering belt just search for "belt". And you'll be presented with a list of "belts" applicable to your vehicle. Double click on the P/S belt option, and you'll get the part number: And an illustration of the part Pretty cool, right? You can click on any illustrated part (click the reference number) and get all the information you need about that part. Installation info: The application must be installed in the C:/ drive Run the installer Click on the “ Extract ” button Run the "install.bat" file in the installation directory (C:/MMC/ASA). This will copy the ASAMAIN.ini file to the C:/WINDOWS directory. Make sure that the installer copied the ASAMAIN.ini file to the C:/WINDOWS directory. If the ASAMAIN.ini file is not in the C:/WINDOWS directory , you must manually copy it there from the C:/MMC/ASA folder. Run the application from the desktop Click OK Download link: https://mega.nz/file/DkEyVaRY#TAb_D4ijRRGxNfHkxxtyMdV_kd1kgUVEuUOeSIXd9sc
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    Hi Everyone, Thought to start this topic to keep a record on maintenance and repairs if any. The car referred here is my Lancer EX (for those who don't know) and the details of it could be found here. I bought the car just about an year ago with a mileage of 108000kms on it clock. Car had all following things done at 94000kms when I bought it. 1.Replaced all four shocks and dampers. 2.Engine Tuneup plus new plug set. 3.Alternator Belt replaced. 4.New tires installed. 5.New Battery installed. 6.Fron RHD bearing replaced. 7.Auto Gear Oil Changed. All the above except for the battery had been done at the agent (Unit#d Mot#rs). When I bought the car, I didn't have anything to do actually. Feel lucky about this and thankful to the previous owner. (Maybe a merit of selling my previous car in the same condition) Anyways, I'll list down the repairs/maintenance the car underwent during my ownership along with the details of pricing and all. All you guys of the Lancer EX Auto Lanka fraternity, please feel free to use this thread to share details of repairs & running maintenance of your cars as well.
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    I've sort of been off the grid for a few weeks because of so many personal matters including moving house and what not. Finally found the time to post this. Meet the newest addition to our family. A 2003 Mazda 323 Astina SP20 BJ-II J48. Wait what?? Let me break down each part of that... It's a 2003 Mazda 323 (JDM version is known as "Familia"). I guess that's pretty clear. "Astina" is the name used for the hatch. The sedan is called the "Protege" (Remember the Mazdaspeed Protege anyone? 😍) SP20 is the top of the range model with a 2.0L FS engine (131 horses), sports suspension, different body styling, white gauge cluster, automatic AC etc. BJ is the series. BJ-II (BJ2) is the facelift version. J48 is the very last revision of the BJ series. I was on the lookout for a car to be used as a point A to B car and to be driven on a daily basis to the train station etc. I didn't want it to be boring, hence the SP20. I wanted it to be a small hatch so that my wife can easily drive it (she finds the RalliArt a bit too intimidating due to the power). It was between The 323 and Lancer CS VR-X. Gave up on the Lancer after seeing the options on the Mazda and how popular and rare the SP20 is (sounds like blasphemy I know). After about a month of hunting down one, finally found this beautiful example in Titanium Grey, just 139,000km (remember, we are talking about Australia here and that is a really low mileage). The icing on the cake is that I even got it with 1 year dealer warranty (car had been a trade-in). Of course there's signs of age - a few scratches here and there, wheel paint flaking off, front rotors need to be replaced etc. But it certainly is a zippy little car that's fun to drive. Nardi Torino steering! White gauge cluster The different front end with large fog lights. The FS engine. Note the factory fitted strut bar. I've not seen bonnet and headlight protectors in Sri Lanka, but the car has them installed from the dealership. So the headlights are like brand new -no yellowing. A couple of the SP20 stickers are faded. I've ordered a new set already.
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    Well to summarise the reason to my answer My maternal uncle, is and was an avid Peugeot collector, has had from the first 104, 305, 504, 404, 407, 406 and now has stepped to the hallowed suv grounds with a 3008. His life mission was convincing other family members buying Peugeot. Peugeot fans may know him by name, he has friends in France through forums they used to ship him stuff for free. Also my profession involves the mid decade permit trend so I tend to see gullible colleagues fall prey every season, the micro season, the vezel season, the permit premio season and now the pug season, So far I've experienced 3 cars, my uncles 3008, another colleagues 3008 and a 5008. I've no experience on the 2008, but I've met reps and was about to do a bit more research before the pandemic So my uncles car had a parking brake issue, hes done like 5000 km, idk he rectified it with the agents. Hes hiding it from me in shame, but I heard it was unusable for a few days. The 5008 had an issue with the display, again 3 days at the agent it was resolved, said it was a software thing. The other 3008 met with an accident, nothing big, front driver side quarter panel. agents repair bill was beyond fathom by the insurance, he ended up fixing it in a 3rd party place, the thing has gone AWOL since then, throwing codes. In my small random sample I've seen that brand new cars shouldn't be that hard to run and repair, hence why I said these arent the most reliable, these are sophisticated European motors, whatever you may say they need a lot of attention which people are having a ball with the so called agent. So to the offended pug owners, I respect your pride and joy and have fun running your high end cars, makes the road prettier Meanwhile some of us enjoy being able to fix a car by a sane bush mechanic or even at home after smiling for atleast 100,000km, and pile some money to spare for another car or few dozen beers.
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    So....20 years of age and being parked outside over the last 3 years finally took a toll on her paint. The front bumper was faded...and there was a slight flaking of the paint on the bonnet. So had to get it painted as I could not stand looking at it like that.... Went to Toyota and got a few quotes and finally took it to this 70 something old dude with a garage up in the mountains with a team of old school mechanics. No paint booth other than a well curtained off ..a clean room....a lamp....and his old school spray gun. Amazing how thin, smooth and even the paint job is....so basically primer...4 thin coats and a clear coat. Took 5 days and cost as much as the Toyota dealer (the guy apparently does paint jobs for quite a few of the dealers around town). So...now she has 95% of original paint (paint from the factory).
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    So I finally got the time to do a proper write up about our new car which we bought happily & with confidence thanks to the valuable members in Autolanka as we avoided around 20 crapboxes along the way thanks to the advice you guys offered! (I promise that's not an advertisement lol) It is a 2008 Indian model, so no use in comparing with a jap model but this one gets better fuel economy (around 14 or 15kmpl outstation) & the manual version doesn't ruin the resale value like a japanese vehicle because it's the only transmission available, so YAY! It has a 1.3L 85hp engine with 5-speed stick along with a new battery & clutch! The ZXi is a bit uncommon compared to the base VXi thats seen around here. So the ZXi has ABS, multifunction steering wheel, standard alloy wheels, keyless trunk access, Seatbelt adjuster, climate control with LCD screen and the ZXi badge which adds 5hp & 2Nm. Overall a pretty basic car but very fun to drive! Gearbox is smooth & precise, steering feel is good & it's nice to take on corners with this thing! (comparing to the wagonR, Vezel, Yaris & other cars with vague-feeling electronic steering setups that I have driven before), body roll is minimal & engine is very smooth and quiet too! We hit 120kmh while going through Kumbukwewa and it was really stable. Only wish for this car is that it had a better sound like the ZC31S sport version! Only gripe for now is to change the old standard radio unit to something like a pioneer setup & the S badge on the steering wheel has lost its color and is as yellow as my grandpa's teeth. Should I cover it up with a silver vinyl or paint it?
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    It is pasted on the back side of the number plate. Remove and see 🙂
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    I was typing a very long response but @iRage's post above says it all. So I'm not going to re-iterate. The administrators and moderators of the site have access to more information about members and their activity. That's basically all you need to know. I requested permission from @MADZ to post the evidence here and he gave me the all clear. The moderator team has seen this already so that's sufficient for now. We don't have to prove anything to you. You talk about democracy... didn't you ramble on for 7+ pages on this thread with YouTube videos from Peru and Russia while the moderators gave you a fair chance? Didn't moderators advise other members to stop insulting you? There are many posts by other members that I personally removed because they were offensive. There's "democracy" for you. There is always a place in the forum for genuine members. But you crossed the line here by being deceitful and misleading members. Also, you say that you don't have time to waste here, but you had time to create a fake profile, cook up a story and post from both accounts alternatively to get attention of the members here. Who is wasting time? I'd like to see you try and share photos of the car. Please do.
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    Eagle one superior nanowax spray. Promises 6 months of protection on the container, I do a quick wax once or twice every month, no complaints whatsoever, the price is very reasonable at 1k a pop. The car hasn't been polished even once yet.
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    I just did a little research on the prices of midsized crossovers in China itself. Perhaps this should give an indication of where our 'turning point of quality' vehicle fits in. BTW these are also China-assembled vehicles for the Chinese market. DFSK 580 Base price CNY 78,900 Honda CRV Base price CNY 199,000 (made by Dong Feng) Kia Sportage Base price CNY 144,900 Volkswagen Tiguan Base price CNY 340,000 Nissan Terra Base price CNY 169,800 (Made by Dong Feng) GAC Trumpchi GS5 Base price CNY 123,800 Zotye SR9 Base price CNY 110,000 These are vehicles that are more or less the same size as the DFSK 580 (belonging to Midsized crossover category) From this quick comparison, it seems that the DFSK 580 is a cheap product even by Chinese standards. For example, the CRV and the Terra made by the same company costs double. Going by this, I tend to believe that DFSK 580 is nothing but a cheap vehicle with some shiny bells and whistles. Quite analogous to the well-painted women who stand by the roadside during evenings
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    Actually no. The first Korean vehicles to come to Sri Lanka were Hyundai Stellar and Hyundai Pony. Most Stellars that were imported in early 1980s are still in running condition. The bad reputation for Korean vehicles started in late 90s and early 2000s when hordes of Singapore-used taxis were imported to Sri Lanka. They were just 3 years old but had run well in excess of 200,000km and clocked before selling. Your statement about old Korean cars being poor in quality at the beginning is patently wrong. Chinese cars in Sri Lanka on the other hand, have been catastrophic so far. You have mixed up Dong Feng with DFSK. Dong Feng is an OEM manufacturer for Nissan and also has a stake in PSA Peugeot Citroen. DFSK was formed after Dong Feng acquired a small chinese vehicle manufacturer. DFSK is the low-cost vehicle production arm of Dong Feng. That's all. They are meant to make cheap vehicles and that's exactly what they do. And a point to note about exporting to Europe. Most Europeans and Australians buy cheap vehicles to use and dispose. So they do buy Chinese vehicles once in a while. They spend about $15,000 on a vehicle, run it to the ground and dispose for scrap. That's about 3-month's salary for someone who does a reasonable job in those countries. This is the market that Chinese automakers cater to, and they know this well. So you actually find brands like Great Wall, Foton, Chery, Geely in Australia and Europe. That's the reason why Pandas and JACs become virtually unusable after 5 years. This market does not exist in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans expect the lifetime of a car to be around 30 years. This is where the problem is and this is why there's a lot of skepticism about Chinese vehicles.
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    Vagina eke light wada lu...
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    Already 2 years completed under my ownership and odo is now 123,500km. Sorry for not updating the thread for a while. No special maintenance work carried out within the period, other than replacing the battery and few bulbs. Saturday I had some troublesome experience at Kandy. I could not shift gear from “P” to other positions. Immediately contacted Mr.Sisira Kumara (Service Advisor at Unit#d Mot#rs) and gentleman was very kind to help me over the phone giving instructions as follows, even it was a holiday for him. (1) Press the button on gear knob and check for some free play when it press. (2) If so, use shorter screw driver and remove two screws on gear knob. (Long screw driver cannot use here due to placement of CD changer) (3) Pull the knob up and then you can see white colour small plastic parts falling down. (Brittle) (4) Remove gear knob and now you can press the middle rod by your finger and can shift gears . So I could manage to bring the vehicle to Colombo without a trouble. The issue was due to damaged and ruptured Gear Shift Sleeve. It is a white colour plastic sleeve looks like a roll plug. Mitsubishi part number is MR581866 (Sleeve, Gear) and cost was Rs.1,109/=. Hence this sleeve replace and problem solved.
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