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    Mine 1. Coop insurance 2. Full 3. 68k for lancer ex I will leave 4 & 5 for someone with such experience to answer.
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    I paid 74k for a 3.5mil cover by c******o V*P this year! Damned extortionists
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    3.85 mil.Do you think that 68k is too much? For my previous car which was valued at 2.8 mil I paid 50k for the premium.
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    68k? What's the valuation?
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    negotiating because it needs a tune up and a set of spark plugs.😓 You should get a brand new vitz not used ones.
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    This will be helpful those who seeking mapsd for 2018 CRV sd card code M3DKYY000527
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    I'd recommend the Viva Elite.
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    Your one must be a company model. My UK model LC4 150 irons out the bumps even at 34-35psi
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    1. Rarely, but yes, newer and controversial models are sometimes called for inspection Usually the importer handles this for you Not required unless called, sometimes they request a video, all handled by the importer 2. Not legal, can be badly copped Can save a bit if you have a proper insurance Only permitted to drive the vehicle from the dealer to your house with a fresh receipt 3. Registration can 4.2 days, 3rd day for a courier
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    No. You need to submit two photographs of your vehicle. Yes. 1-2 days. Following documents need to be submitted in order to proceed with the registrations at the RMV. * MTA 2 - Application for Registration of Motor Vehicle. * CUSDEC form exchange copy * Assessment Notice * Export Certificate and its English translation. * Certificate of Inspection (JEVIC, JAAI, BV, etc) * Original Permit ( If vehicle imported under a permit) * NIC or Driving licence copy * If the Address in the NIC and the Address to be registered is different, Address confirmation letter from "Grama Sewaka" certified by the AGA's office.
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    Thanks Deveinda Will try it out.
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    Hi guys....Its being some times since logged and posted on forum. But followed al the topics almost everyday Couldn't stay without commenting on this topic... I am not a owner neither going to be a owner for DFSK 580 , But lets say a Victim of a similar vehicle. So this might not be 100% relevant to this said vehicle. I have owned (not any more) a JONWAY A380 for a period of 4 years. (A copy of a RAV4- 2003-2006) model, Manual Gear(F5M41) , 4G18S Engine. Vehicle was purchased B/N from Agents (Softlogi*Auto**** ) At first when just brought the vehicle , it was a one of the superb vehicle for use (at least under the impression). Interior was leather, Acceleration was really good, Paint was shining was very happy with the vehicle, Fuel figures were also not so bad (10-11 kmpl city and 13kmpl outstation). All started with a passenger side seat belt warning light. It illuminates and warns despite no one is sitting , when checked closely it didn't have a sensor to detect if a passenger is sitting or not! Airbag warning light came about a week after...(Agents tried to correct this unlimited times) but even at the time of selling also error was not corrected Plastic started cracking and breaking after about 6 months of use. (Stereo cover, interior Handels, dashboard trim prices...etc). once you remove a plastic cover you can not fit it again as clips got broken. Plastic parts so much breakable no more different than tictac box plastic. Plastic wheel cover lost almost all the clips in a period of about 2 year use. Windscreen rubber beading was brittle and cracked! Black plastic trims on mirrors were scaling Under the impression that mechanical parts are freely available as Mitsubishi 5M41 , 4G18S gearbox and engine, but they were mismatching (Eg- Finding a clutch plate was a nightmare ! only agents help was remaining) Corrosion... nothing could stop it, Door edges, front collision bar and any sharp edge or where a paint chip In Summary had to rely on Agents for sourcing parts.Part prices were very expensive as agent had monopoly over spare parts. Some how managed to live with the help of agents for 4 years. But Thanks to technicians advice made up my mind to sell despite a loss of 2mil, as he claimed that no more spare parts will be imported as mother company is closed in china and yes not the company is totally closed ! even website ..... I cant say same will happen to DFSK, But Chinese are changing their models like people are changing cloths and spare part bank is not maintained. I don't know if a agreement between agent for sourcing spare parts after model is discontinued is available or not ! In summary- Until Chinese will prove there after sales are reliable I would stay away from a Chinese
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    Am I the only one who thinks this @Saranga_S [email protected] IS a teenager whose father owns this DFCC 580?
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    As Davy mentioned....we see a lot more information about members and their posts than the standard members. We are not basing this purely on email addresses attached to usernames/handles. You are not providing an unbiased view on anything except make unfounded claims and totally disregard any constructive critisism by citing more unfounded facts. A member can create several accounts for legitimate reasons (if there are any that does not involve seeking professional psychiatric help) and as long as it makes a positive contribution. Not for deceit. Right now our issue is not with the vehicle but with your deceitfulness.
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    I'm fairly certain he has bought the car, the story of the fox who had lost his tail comes to mind :D
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    @Saranga_S....we have strong (technical) evidence to prove that you and Roshan321 are the same person (there is a reason why some of us said certain things in certain ways as we were testing out your legitimacy). @Davy is one of the members of the admin/moderator team who has access to this evidence, so there is a reason why he is stating what he is stating. If any of our members want to create multiple accounts and give in to their multiple personality disorders..so be it..as long as the contributions these different accounts make are positive and meaningful. If you had given honest and balanced feed back of a vehicle; then this would not be an issue. There is no vehicle on this planet that is perfect but it is a bit hard to fathom that a completely new and unproven vehicle is superior than a host of vehicles that have proven itself for almost 20 years. What you and Roshan321 are resorting to is just simply guerrilla marketing tactics where you just use one account to re-enforce whatever the other account has stated (with no factual evidence other than video clips in languages none of us understand that are single sided). You are more than welcome to post pics of your vehicle and even do an honest review of your vehicle. Please do not post warranty certificates and purchase invoices as they contain private information. Posting private information on a public forum is not a good idea and we do not want to be responsible for having some poor DFSK 580 owner's personal data published over here (without the person's knowledge). I do believe it is time we clean up this thread and maybe even lock it up.
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    When I read the X-trail’s control arm thing, my mind told me @Saranga_S and @Roshan321 are having some kind of a connection. It’s really awful to see how this guy tries hard to give other members a good impression about a crappy vehicle😅. Pathetic!
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    Whoa 😮, never in my 10 year membership in this forum I’ve seen such a desperate person. What a looser!!! Thank you @Davy for patiently waiting and exposing the bugger at the right time. Kudos on fine moderating mate !!!
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    I would personally stay away from the 3008. The car is still new, so we cannot guess how it would held up against SL weather. Also the Peugeots are famous for not-being-reliable. But design wise Peugeot wins. Montero would be the safest bet, because the 2013-2014 models have been here since 2006 with being subjected to minor changes. Another fact is that it is built to last. I personally don’t like the interior designs and materials used(too plasticy and the interior is not plush when compared with something like a prado). But I would held up well against a lot of abuse for a long time. The engines and gearboxes have been here for decades so maintaining one in any place around SL would not be a problem.
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    Yeah, all the facts are very attractive. I remember how the Baic X25 was introduced by micro saying that it has a Saab engine, Aisin gearbox etc etc... But “avuruddak dekak giyama thamai baba hambenne machan” Also about the CVT, I’m really curious about getting to know how to use it. Please enlighten me Doctor. They have a horrible build quality and when you do around 50,000km, shows the signs of a 200,000+kms done japanese car. A relation of mine owns a Baic X25 from the first batch and you have to use all your strength to close the driver’s door, and the car is still around 15,000km. That’s the skill of chinese people. Their quality is depended on the price you pay. There are some high end domestic brands like HongQi, which carry price tags closer to Bentlys and Rolls. Hope you remember the chinese phone craze in SL back in 2007-2009? Those brick sized phones with TV antennas, and huge displays with cameras saying 8megapixels? Best example. Most of them died or started giving problems after few months of usage. On the other hand mobiles like Huawei P30 pro, One Plus and Xiaomi gives a real competition to Apples and Samsungs.
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    Do not buy these, expect major repairs after 50,000km , the importer thereafter charges premiums to source and import the parts, only a minor quantity will make it to the country anyhow and will be worth like 2 mil 4 to 5 years and you ll have to sell your soul to find a buyer The above statements are based on a first hand experience on a Glory 7 seater van which my in laws purchased brand new from the same importer, home used for about 60000km So far ep steering faults, replaced ac compressor, wheel bearings, ball joints, gearbox shuddering badly, diesel engine at about 50% compression, 3 of 5 doors central locks shot, power mirrors not working, fiberglass bits in the bumper cracking and peeling off, seats peeled off and recovered, the entertainment system packed up in days, and was replaced. It was purchased for 4.5mil brand new in 2016 june, current value is 2.3 mil and moving at 2 mil whereas people advertise higher prices. Also the CR mentions as "Made in Sri lanka" making it a nightmare to sell it off if a potential buyer wants a lease, and valuations will be quite entertaining as well, If its cvt as well, god bless u There are first gen hiaces that have done about 500,000 km and with fewer repairs than above.
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    This vehicle is one of the best vehicles China has designed ever.Looks Volkswagen Tiguan from the front ,Honda CRV from the side and Kia Sorento from the back. It is a seven seater SUV which is quite specious inside with a feeling of full blown SUV when driving.It is rarely seen in the roads yet , however its road presence is elegant .Its 200mm road clearance is very safe for Sri Lankan roads . It has a 1500 cc turbocharged engine with a Punch Powertrain Continuously Variable Transmission which is made in Belgium . This engine / transmission combination is very economical comparing what same range vehicles has .However you should know how to use this CVT to get the maximum benefit of it since it is not just a regular Automatic Transmission.
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    Just my personal experience as I was in Malaysia for almost 3 years...Perodua is not at all a bad car..If the agent providing spare parts at a reasonable price, I would say it's a better choice than going to a brand new Indian crap..
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