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    Up until resently i was a complete anti prius guy. But as the opening of the new highway and having things in Hambantota decided to cut down on traveling costs amd added a prius to the garage. From experiences of hunting one down, i noticed the main comcerns on the vehicle are the, Battery pack, ABS, And steering rack. As there is a large inflow of parts for the prius most of the parts are dirt cheap. I checked the prices of each repair and most were cheap. I gave priority to the looks and some options like cruise control which is important for highway driving. I bought one with some options with low milage but with a battery issue. The battery was almlst 10 years old. It only took me Rs.30 000 to repair with few new cells and now it runs like clockwork. And there was a steering rack issues that i sorted with a refirbished rack for Rs.10 000. Even to sort out 2 major issues it took me less than the price it takes to do a service on a new euro car. Its pretty economical. Thats the reason i got one in the 1st place. It does around 18 in colombo and around 25kmpl long distance. It only takes around Rs. 2000 to from colombo to hambantota and back to colombo. Some say a new battery will increase fuel economy, but heck this economy is more than enough for me. The car is a robust car there are some units that have run close to 500 000km and still running. Most elctronics and specialy the gear box is uber reliable compared to some other vehicles. Well if you compare it with the premio it has better acceleration due to the electric assist and also better handling not to mentioned the economy. And is relatively comfortable for its class. Only used for few months so not an expert on it but up to now totally satisfied with it specially compared to its rivals like the axio allion and premio. Thing is its common as hell so if you need some sort of an identity pick a rare colour. Maybe add a spoiler etc.. So go ahead and buy one. Parts are dirt cheap and readyly available. A lot of garages know haw to reapir them as its common. And its economical as hell. What more can you ask for. Even if there are no battery issues in other vehicles other repairs will come to the battery price. When buying dont trust too much on new battery warrenty things. Because batteries can easyly be swaped. Best thing is to buy with the old battery and repair or replace yourself. And as always avoid buying from sales.
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    Joaquin phoenix acts as the joker but is treated like a hero, our backman acts like a hero and is treated like a joker.
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    I'm going away for a few days for the awurudu weekend - you can stay at my house - there will be no humans and due to the power cuts there are no lights either.
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    That's because of the typical Sri Lankan mentalityIMO! We do not know how to let things go when the time comes but choose to cling on to whatever unnecessary things for trivial reasons. In the end, we do not enjoy, nor are content with whatever we have now but instead keep on worrying about what we might lose in future.
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