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    Name calling will not be tolerated. You might want to watch what you say. Most of your posts of YouTube videos are spam because no one here speaks Spanish or Indonesian or Russian. If you have something to say about the car, just leave your original comments here and that's it. No need to spam the forum with useless YouTube videos that no one understands. In fact, it members wanted to see YouTube videos, they would gladly search in YouTube themselves. Also, if you believe that the vehicle is good, go ahead and buy it. If you've already bought it and like it, then good for you. You don't have to prove anything to anyone. The vehicle will prove itself over time. Also members, shall we please just give these guys a chance. You've all shared your opinion about the vehicle, and if they still want to buy it then let them. If they have bought it already, then let's just see what they have to say. We've seen worse cars haven't we? 🙂
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    Eagle one superior nanowax spray. Promises 6 months of protection on the container, I do a quick wax once or twice every month, no complaints whatsoever, the price is very reasonable at 1k a pop. The car hasn't been polished even once yet.
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    Update guys, ( after 8 months of ownership, Odo @ 113k) So as I stated previously My car's Ac system was not working properly. It was blowing hot air. I recharged the system once and 2 months later 'Voila' hot air all over. Realized it was time to revisit and revamp the system. So I got the entire system checked from a reputed place and the main culprit turned out to be the cooling evaporator ( Thanks to our valuable member @trinity for giving me an early tip in this regard). However my condenser was also in a pretty rough shape. So I got both the evaporator and the condenser replaced. At first I was pretty much second guessing this repair cause in order to gain access to the system the entire dashboard had to be taken out. granted if I had done this repair at the agent that would have cost me more than 100k. ( the genuine cooler at the agents roughly around 50k). luckily the Ac shop guys did a pretty decent job in dismantling and refitting the system. knew they did a good job as they took almost 1.5 days to complete the job. If the condition of the dashboard was 100% before the repair I would say now it's sitting at about 99%. There are some inevitable minor signs of a repair. However I can definitely live with 1% less. following outlines the cost breakdown. Cooling evaporator (Thai)-22k Condenser (Thai)-28k Cabin AC filter-2.4k labor cost ( Removing and servicing the system, Recharging etc.)- 12k Further as of late I had constantly hesitant cold starts+ slightly dimmer headlights. So it was time for a new battery change. So I gave up my good old 'Yuasa' Battery (which by the way has lasted for almost 6 years) and replaced with New Amaron 55D23L battery ( Thanks to our lancer enthusiast @Hyaenidae for the positive recommendation). Coming up, I am planning to plasti dip my wheels (in matte black of course😍). The paint of the wheels kind of flaking off here and there. Are these spray cans available in Sri lanka? if so how much? ( I badly want to DIY this ) Anyway I found a good place in dehiwala. They quoted 10k for all 4 wheels. Which is quite okay I presume.The idea is currently hovering in my head. Not going to leave you guys without any pics. ( Sorry I could not capture many pics. It's raining 24/7. so some are new and some are old), Enjoy and happy motoring!!
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    Mate if the vehicle is actually good as it's claimed to be, that itself would quell the rumors. Facts would always trump opinion in the end. Besides, I don't understand how criticism of a vehicle in an online forum can destroy peoples dreams of buying it. Bulk of the negativity towards the 580 in this thread is based on the history of the manufacturer. You really cannot blame people for being skeptic in this case. It's DFSK who has to prove their new vehicles are actually good, not the other way around.
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    OMG ! Is this the type of reviews they do in SL ? 90% of the review comprised of listing the basic features even an Alto has ! I got so sick of it that I just stopped...was there any part where they critically evaluated the performance of the vehicle and the build quality ? Fine...no car on this world is perfect...they all have issues. The positives anyone and everyone can read of off of a web page or sales brochure. If anyone wants car enthusiast to be serious about a car and give a good review there has to be a balanced expression of the good and the bad. @Roshan321....if you believe this vehicle is the best for you; then so be it. But be open when people give you critical feed back about the vehicle. This can only help you in the long run so that you can plan to manage the issues that would come up in the future. What you are doing and saying right now is similar to what the Fox said when it could not reach the grapes. Since you have obviously done more research on the vehicle than any one of us...can you please tell us the negatives about this vehicle ? Sorry I did not go through the million+1, but how is the safety rating, etc...for this car ? Also, is the model that goes to Korea, Europe, etc..the same as what comes to SL ? Sometimes manufacturers cut down on safety features for some markets..so the same car that scored well in Europe or the US will get a very poor score for variants sold in markets like SL (eg. the beetle swift...what was sold in JPN and EUR had good safety scores but the stripped down variant of the Maruti was scored low) Also, when you own a car...you need to look at the total cost of ownership. That includes, depreciation and cost of preemptive and running maintenance work etc....just because a Prado is 13mil and a DFSK is 6mil..it does not mean that your car is cheaper to own than the Prado.
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    I'm not going to judge people by their vehicle choices nor requirements. Many people in this country are in struggle for their daily living and people have specific requirements to suite them. Car could be the last thing someone can worry about so that's about it. After all for whatever reason we are still in a developing country not Japan.
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    Oh dear, I can’t believe an owner of a FD1 behaves like this🤣. Yes, like you said 3 years warranty is very important for a DFSK. Aren’t they giving you accomodation closer to the service center? Because you’ll be visiting that place very often. You are saying that everyone is complaining about the build quality of the vehicle. Yes, build quality is a top reason to avoid or buy a particular vehicle. A relation of mine owns a BAIC x25 (a car from chinese company similar to DFSK) but it has an engine from something like a SAAB and the gearbox is from Aisin. But the build quality is horrible. Shows the signs of a jap car used for more than 200,000+ kms even after doing 15,000kms. You need the whole strength to close the driver’s side door. You can hear many creeks and noises throughout the cabin when travelling on a bad road. That’s what you get for the low price. I won’t trust DFSK. I have driven the Glory. You get a huge list of options and 7 seating (most important thing for you) for a pretty low price. Everything is cheaply built. People like you are trying to convince yourselves from saying others that you are going to buy a chinese crap, and it’s good. So you’ll expect others to say “wow, congratz” and then you can make up your mind a go for it. You came here to ask for the opinions of the members. They said about what they know about the brand, but you are continuously saying it’s better. So there is no point of asking for the opinions. But no one is stopping you. Just go for the DFSK whatever model. Enjoy the repairs! Good luck.
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    Mostly Premio owners LOL (The guys who paid more for the same car )
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    Ahh Peru - one of the other countries than SL where Bajaj decided to unveil their magical creation the Qute (which is banned in India) yes that does seem very impressive. Look let's just cool off shall we - if the DFCC5080 is really good as you say let it prove its worth - there's no need for you to have ejaculatio praecox over this. Time will tell. If i was in the market wanting a crossover for 6Mil will probably opt for something like a Vitara (from a brand that was voted as the most reliable in UK - source) ... but thats because I own a car sale and part of the car mafia noh. BTW - when do U##MO plan on bringing down the Landwind X7?I'm sure it will be a hit here.
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    I owned a 2011 cerato and currently own a 2011 focus. You might not be able to find a properly maintained car below 3 million. You can always find them for cheap, but especially with focus, if it's not maintained properly from day 1, it will eventually be expensive. This is true for any euro. Cerato is more nippy than the focus. Both do around 8.5 to 9 in the city. It's my 8th year with the focus and I didn't face any significant repairs. Just a broken bonnet lock, broken gear shifter Bush and simple problems like that. It all depends on how the cars were maintained.
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    Here comes the pearl white knight to the rescue riding the golden stallion driving the metallic gold chariot of righteousness made in the fiery forges of DongFeng, slashing the unprofessional lazy retards who dare make a mockery of the renowned 580 apart with his sword of vehicular justice!
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    This thread is still going on??? Wake me up, when DFSK ends!
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    Can some one give the contact numbers of these buggers to each other so that they can have their DFSK love talk privately.
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    The thing is you are trying to market your company’s SUV here, where no one would be able to believe you. To cover up that you are not a marketing guy, always brings up the point that you are going to buy this, but no fair reasons are given to avoid it. Please do your DFCC marketing somewhere else. Maybe your village’s “handiye the kade” or “linda laga” people might believe you. Then bringing up the NCAP rating. Micro panda was labelled the safest compact car. But now no one buys it now. Whatever so please stop this nonsense marketing. Most of the members around here have plenty of experiences about vehicle in SL and overseas. So no one is going to believe what you are saying. Go open yourself a blog and then brag about this DFCC. @iRage shall we stop this tread? Otherwise this marketing guy would not stop posting till death.
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    Apologies for the confusion. I guess when the term "engine flush" is used, you assumed using one of those chemical cans and running the engine to clean it up. What I meant was to clean the engine manually (oil pan and the filter/screen inside it, crankshaft area under the engine, engine cover/valve cover and valve body) after draining the existing oil. Then fill with new oil and use new filter and drain that oil within 1000 - 2000km or so. Repeat if necessary depending on the condition of the oil. The purpose of this is to use engine oil to flush the engine instead of a chemical. You can do as many iterations as you want depending on the amount of sludge. This is a safer alternative to using a chemical. What you have read about engine flushing chemicals is true. Especially on cars with VVT as sludge can get into the solenoids and block them, resulting in issues in the VVT system (from your photo, your car has VVT as well). Sludge can also get lodged in oil lines and cause oil starvation and wear. I helped flush a friend's car once and it clogged up the oil pressure switch with sludge and it had to be replaced. The thing is, oil changes have to be done based on mileage or time - whichever comes first. If the car only does 5000km per year, the previous owner should have done at least two oil changes within those 5000km (6 month intervals). The reason is that engine oil breaks down over time. Doing short distance trips and rarely using the car still requires oil to be changed when the time is up although the mileage is not up yet.
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    You still didn't buy the Montero is it? Again you are comparing 2 very different vehicles, very different in character Matter of taste and budget, The Peugeot is a fancy town oriented SUV, agent support is not yet commendable Reliability in our country is questionable, yet to see But looks cool and fancy, it's the trend, Trends don't always go well, ie vezel, micro suvs No idea how much Montero is a old school, nut and bolt type suv Reliable, tested, parts ample, can run it even 400000km and expect very few issues, Will hold 80% value at minimum Anyone can fix em Dont go behind others recommendations, go see both cars, see what you can afford, not just to buy, to insure and run as well Fyi a colleague got a 3008 about 4 months ago, hes burnt a led headlight, importer refused to replace, so currently negotiating with some party to get one down on his account, but he ain't complaining, personally its appalling to see such a costly car losing a heavily engineered led in such a short time. Running around in one light and having a ball with cops as well,
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    I have gone through all the comments. I believe all have justified their comments. They all do not trust this vehicle and the Chinese company who manufacture this vehicle. DFSK 580 needs to earn their trust. So do not try to convince your trust on this vehicle to others in the forum. Please buy DFSK580 after selling your FD1 and then add a good hands-on review with your true experience. Then some day they will trust this vehicle if it works OK in the long run. P S., I also do not trust this vehicle and the Chinese manufacture yet. Last week I was able to inspect the vehicle at Kandy City Center, for me the build quality and materials used in the interior is not satisfactory for the price. Suzuki Vitara and SX4 offer far better interior quality than this. This is my personal view.
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    I hope roshan has done an advance payment for the DFSK and hope he gets delivery pretty soon.
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    Finally AGM/DGM marketing has taken over
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    The 6MT is positioned as a more engaging drive. The 1.8 gasoline replaced the 1.5L because the 1.8L apparently offered a smoother (and quieter) ride than the 1.5L whilst giving the same economy and emissions as the older 1.5L engines.
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    What if Sri Lankans start preferring MTs over Autos so they can own a BN Corolla
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    Might be under same management but the products are miles apart. Yes....Meguairs stuff (and other brands like AutoGLym) is expensive..but they last longer. For example...I got a Meguairs Ultimate Wax in about 2015...waxed the mark X..then brought it to Vietnam and waxed a Fortuner a few and about 1/8th of the can is still there. It is now sitting there because I switched to AutoGlym and Soft99 FUsso MirrorShine. The AutoGlym bottle after polishing the Fortuner once about 3/4 os the bottle is still left. I use the Meguairs Ultimate Wash and Wax to wash...and a large bottle lasts for me a year (and a bit more) and I wash the car every two weeks or so.... So yes...the initial purchase is expensive..but they last....because the cleaning and coating is a lot better..and you do not need to use a lot of the product if you use the proper wash, cleaner and wax/coating. Spray waxes are not durable....you need to do a proper wax/coating and the spray should only be used as a touch up every once in a while after a wash...
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