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    You can use a dashboard cover, I have one though I didn't have a problem with reflection - got it to cover the dashboard from direct sunlight
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    Awesome!! Happy new year and best of luck with the project
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    She’s looking good already, congrats and keep it happening !
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    Nice to see your project. Wish you all the best!
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    Once again “A great review “ you are doing this community a service by posting unbiased reviews like this. Keep it coming. Here’s hoping a potential buyer will actually be able to locate this review in Autolanka before creating new threads such as “ is Honda gp5 is a good car to buy” 😊😊
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    I’ll probably consider about it. From where did you get it? BTW I agree with konos. Nice interior🤘And those leather covers really blend well.What about adding a polished aluminium trim? Will look nice with the contrast😇
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    Nice succinct review. When it came out in the early 2000s the 121 was a a bit of a novelty for the local car buyers in terms of design etc...remember it was introduced into a market of 110's FB14's etc so the interior, features as well as the fuel efficient engine was quite a hit and back then I remember being in one and appreciating the good space in the front compared to my dad's B14. The 121 was probably the most popular model of corolla here. Sadly due to the extreme popularity 90% off these cars were used as a trade-able commodity hence the derelict state they're in.
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    A comprehensive honest review which this car deserves !! Good work ! 121, premio/Allion haters might not like this though 😂
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    Not intending to ruin this thread on 121..but have to say Very nice interior!! Looks elegant.😍
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    @alpha17 good stuff mate! when writing blogs make sure to include at least one photo which relates to the blog. Then it will make your blog post more interesting to read. You can upload the main photo as Feature Photo which is located bottom of the edit view and if you have more photos you can just upload and drag and drop any place in your blog post. For this blog post I just added the same photo which you had in your AL blog home page. Feel free to replace it if you have a better pic. Also you may consider renaming this blog post as 'Toyota Corolla 121 Review' if you are planing to write several blog posts under your AL blog page and also rename the title of your main blog page. Cheers,
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    Unbiased, no-nonsense and to-the-point. My favorite pastime is reading vehicle ownership reviews on team-bhp, elakiri.com, and AL forums - to be honest, this must be the most phlegmatic review I have ever come across if you don't mind me saying so
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    I go through teamBHP as well, I found couple of Hiace threads on it as well
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    Probably. Btw tyres affect fuel economy, the earlier tyres I had use to give me bit better fuel economy, but it didn't have grip like the continental tyres
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    Biased or unbiased, I just love reading ownership reviews... I've spent hours binge reading 'em over at the Indian equivalent of Autolanka forum, team-bhp.
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    Haven't planned on selling it yet, even if I do sell, it will be in like 3-4 years or even more.People say if we maintain these right they will run past 300,000 Kms without any trouble I may sell it if Toyota comes with a new Hiace, that is the 300 series, but I wouldn't buy it immediately after the release. Toyota did release an update to the 200, that is GDH201 and GDH206 which comes with a 1GD-FTV engine mated to a 6 forward transmission. I don't have any idea of upgrading it to it.
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    yeah I kind of got that vibe
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    Nice car and nice write up. Post some pics after the ceramic coating.
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    This is what car buyers exactly want👍Awesome mate!!Waiting for the next part😃😃😃
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    Nice review. Have the same colour in EX Tech trim. One of the better colours for this car for sure. Waiting for more updates!
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    Just read this! Great writeup mate! And nice colour choice! 😍
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