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    DIY Glove boxes When I bought the car there were no original glove boxes. So decided to make by myself as a DIY task in the post corona period. Here are some images of it. Used a thin Aluminum sheet as the base metal. The size for one glove box is 36"x8".
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    Update : Repairing the gearbox The second gear popped out several times while carrying the car to home. Also 1st gear had a bad noise. So decided to open the box and check. This is my first experience of repairing a gearbox. So went through the workshop manual few times before try it. But it was not that much complex as I thought . Above images are the initial status of gearbox. Firstly noticed that there was very low oil amount inside it while manual says its 1.3 liters. The speedometer cable & drive pinion was missing and that could be the reason to fill oil partially. These pictures shows casing, rare cover, second motion shaft, three shifter shafts & gear selectors. Replaced the first motion shaft razor RLS 8. All other parts was in good shape. But there was enough dirt inside the box. So cleaned everything and washed with kerosene oil. Finally could not find packing set even from S**ana motors, Panchikawatta. So had to prepare all packing myself.
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    Here are some images after applying the top coat. Used Toyota white 058 as the color.
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    After sanding the primer, applied the filler coat. Gray color filler applied on the body shell. Later thought to use white color filler as the top coat will be white.
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    Am an outdoor kinda person who likes to travel, this curfew was killing me so bad that I have been using the Samurai to go down to the the adjoining land. This helps the vehicle have a bit of running and for me to enjoy. So I thought of doing a video of it going through some obstacles. Sadly couldnt get more videos as I was relying on a cinnamon bush to hold the phone.
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    So coming down from Bambarakanda I lost one of the headlamp lenses which put back driving for a coupe of weeks until the LED's came. The end product is as follows, From this, to this -
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    You have posted your question in the wrong section sir. For second hand prices, search adsites and ask your nearest broker.
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    Update Here are the rim painting tasks. After applying filler Final status
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    Update : Brake system rebuilt with a master pump repair kit, wheel cylinder rubbers (washers) and new brake liners. All pipes cleaned, flushed and filled with new oil. Here are some images.
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    Wow! Came on AL after a long while and I'm not disappointed. This is absolutely brilliant. Keep it up @kusumsiri. What a legend!
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    hi machan. as much as it looks lovely there, the paint wasn't right. had to get the black accents done later on the front and rear bumpers. she's pending a full paintjob anyways. apart from that the honda is more or less done. i'm toying about with an idea for a digital dash, but that's it for now. it just runs, and i'm happy with it doing just that. the datsun is finished too. just some final touches on it. i mean they never really finish do they? its getting a new clutch etc but the shipment is stuck with kapruka global shop and isn't looking pretty at the moment. meanwhile i have the don's cars to take care of as well, so hands are full of 510's these days. loving every moment of it. cheers man!
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    Thank you for this! In a world with hideous so called hatchbacks posing as 4x4s And mpg crap, value for money, euros This Is like therapy, made my day!
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    @Sir Lancerlot @Hyaenidae @AVANTE the yanks call burgers, Sandwiches. Its sometimes confused cos of that. Its actually a cheeseburger!
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    Body filling was the next step. Unfortunately I have only few pictures of this step. Anyhow followed the above video instructions throughout the filling process. Additionally applied putty on top of filled areas and small scratches. After all preparation applied the primer coat. Below images are after sanding the primer coat.
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    True - mine's SR too and really the interior is a dirt magnet plus the fabric on the seats are pretty abrasive. Yeah - I actually did that thanks to a post in the Civic FB group. I love the directions on the meter cluster too
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    Nice write up πŸ™‚ Mine crossed the 6K mark as well. All in all I'm happy with the buy considering the feature set for the price paid. in addition, some of the things I noticed Rapid de-acceleration from 70 to 0 triggers some type of collision preparation mode, the hazards came on automatically (allegedly the brake lights blink as well, this is according to a friend, could not verify as I was driving) A friend had the AC evaporator getting punctured after a cruise down the express way at 100. Apparently this is a design defect. Had the TPMS playing havoc a couple of times, but no issues after recalibration. My guess is, the TPMS works by measuring the rotations ( ABS sensor data) as the valves in the Civic look like the normal ones. The plain cloth interior (mine is an SR) needs a fair amount of TLC especially if you have kids who didn't financially contribute when you bought the car. Consumption ranges between 7-8.5 kmpl with Eco and Auto Off. The car is mainly used for the school run Had the first puncture, fixed it with the trusty Stop & Go Tire Repair kit. (Luckily I invested in a jack and a spare wheel) Updated the garmin maps a couple of time just for kicks, worked each time like a charm. Love the directions appearing in the center of the dashboard. Had a motor cyclist knock the right side mirror. The upper part of the cover came off but no clips were broken so it went back in with a little persuasion. Again, luckily, the paint protecting wrapping did it's job.
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    @Magnum today I got a chance to drive a KDH205(correct me if the code is wrong) which is 3000cc and fully loaded with climate control ac. I'm really impressed how this babe perform as a van!! I never thought that I would love to drive a van. But my mind totally changed after driving it. I totally agree with every detail you provided in the review. Really comfortable in long journeys. It's not comfortable as a car, but there is a totally different way how a Hiace handles the potholes or bumps: It just gives a boat like feeling when hitting a pothole, softening the sudden impact. This is totally different from a Hilux. And man the engine is a devil on mountains. I did a few risky overtakes on a hilly road and this babe pulled like a demon. Really impressed how she performed as a van. Would really love to drive something like an Alphard.
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    No worries, that way too as I guess you can always repaint it as needed (No big deal, I think this is how the army do it on the ceramonial / operational gun carriages and associated jeeps/ troop carrier vehicles they roll out for prades and those always look great...)
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    Even if a certain colour develops a tinge, a good cut/polish will restore original hue. No paintjob job drastically changes colour unless due to sub-par prep work, incorrect mixing or the clear coat gone bad. Mr/Doctor Siripala, If only there was someone who tried to warn you about the sh*tty paintjob you were getting...Oh wait!
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    You want updates on his ladies you need to follow him on FB.
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    @varotone Confused? lol. No worries I'll explain- Was reading through some of my favorite resto-threads here on Autolanka to cut through the boredom. And decided to see if there were any updates on any of Komisiripala's builds as I could see that @matroska and @Komisiripala had logged into comment on some girl hitting them up on AL...Take a look (at the other car threads, not the girls hitting him up...) He's got another thread on a car he built up: A Datsun 510. It'll be right up your alley, based on your current project. Lots of good reading either way...
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    After doing all this the vehicle failed the Eco test, which I believed was due to the rich mixture going into the carb, so i got a friend from office to tune it and now it runs like a dream. I was thinking of taking off all the red from the interior and decided against it as it would consume more time to get it back to the original. The previous owner has spent too much doing it up and he had done up the interior well enough and I didnt want to spoil it. maybe down the line if I come across a good interior I might be tempted but for now I'm keeping my disco interior.
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    Long time no see Konos! How's life? I hope to do so as always :)!
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    Good one bro!! Glad to see she’s with right hands. Do share about your next one when that time comes.cheerz..
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    Got an audi a4 b5 bro. Only got pictures as of now. But its in my home now. My Bestfriend got it for me.
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    For me it's always sad to see a family car go. Hope your next ride will be as good, whenever it will come.
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    Good post! How is the back seat space compared to other Japanese hatchbacks ? Whats the comparison between this & K12 equipped swift in terms of driving experience?
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    See? Destiny... Bro I was gonna have an Alfa in kandy, BMW should be a breeze compared. Get the FD1. The FD4 has 2kmpl less and literary no options what so ever. The whole point in buying an FD1 is the value for money and looks. You get these only on fd1 sunroof pedal shifters Cruise control(fd4 can be done aftermarket) Leather(most) Double din panel included(99%)(aftermarket ok) Climate control ac with the small screen was standard. Im getting old, I cant remember the rest. So yes. Get the FD1, get a mugen bodykit, coilovers, straight pipe, cold air intake and a hard on! Imagine going to kcc in ur raybans and honking at ol class chicks πŸ˜‰. Possible convo - wowww patta wandiya ayyee. Ayya beat ekkuth tyla nee!Race karandako. Shaaaa patta saddai nee. Mawath daan yannako watayak. Oyata kenek innawada ayye? See? Buy it bro Vtec kicked in yo!! Actually iVtec kicked in yo!!!
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    This is straight out of Mr. Krabs' mouth Episode - Mr. Krabs takes a vacation SpongeBob: Uh, Mr. Krabs? Everyone is starting at us. [Shakes Mr. Krabs] Sir, get a hold of yourself! It's just paper! Mr. Krabs: Just paper? That's like saying the ocean is just water! Or, or the Krabby Patty's just a... a... a sandwich!
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    I swear I was checking out some FD4s on the adsites when I heard the notification bell. I'd love a Euro Sedan any day (406, Jetta MK5, E46, W124, you name it). It's just that maintaining one from our area is a bit of an exercise. For now, we have to stick to japs, not like that's a bad thing. Also, I'd say any econobox is in vain for us Kanda uda guys. 1.15 hours and that too without a fine? I'm seriously impressed. FD1s seem like a bargain now, maybe because of the 1.8 that disappoints the Thel worshippers. For now I'll stick to jangis. Easier to get away trouble-free & complaint free. Not like I can attract lankets in a honda anyway.
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    A very comprehensive and descriptive review. Really explained ups and downs of the vehicle. Also I found the fuel economy comparison really informative. Plus this review changed my view on this vehicle completely. Thanks for this. Hope that ppl may find this informative.
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    Hope so, it will be a while before that happens though as we have other plans for the money. Thanks though
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    Nice write up about the Swift! Hope another fun car will replace it in your garage
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    Suzuki's and heat love each other it seems. We had an every at one point and can confirm. Maybe that's why the drug dealers prefer them, cause they get hot and keep you warm when you are chilling high on some ice. Wonder how the new Suzuki K-series engines deal with heat. The buyer bought it as an upgrade from a 2016 Alto and he praised the car to the point I realize it's in good hands. Atleast they don't fall apart like an Alfa πŸ˜‰
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    An apt good-bye note. Thanks for sharing!
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    The jeep model swift overheats the hell out. Ruined my vacation last time. Is it me or do most Suzuki's overheat? Even the evry is known to over heat. Good writeup bro. Im guessing you already sold the car? Cos the buyer gonna be looking at a jap manual now πŸ˜„
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    This Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Black Edition looks badass
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    One previous owner converted the wiring to negative earth and an alternator also fixed. It is a 3 wire alternator having inbuilt regulator. But the control box fixed as a dummy.
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    Update : Because we already discussed about electrical works in this thread added the relevant images here. To suit it changed the thread name from "Project Moggie - Bodywork" to "Project Moggie - Body & Electrical work". First two images shows the control box and fuse box in the way they were. This is how the viper motor and flasher were there. Below images are the present status of wiring. The hole on the control box cover was repaired and added some dummy wires to it for better look. Thank you @varotone for suggestion about flexi tubing. Original status and present status
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    Impressive work there @kusumsiri!
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    Simply wow... i'm sure moggie will look better than a CBG- number Axio or something
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    This might work on the CRV too... this is where to download Garmin Express: https://www.garmin.com/en-US/software/express And these are the links provided by Gayan Wijayarathne Instructions : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qP1dAP4oXD2Ofkm_JqSzJH0TLgQ9eA0l/edit Map Image : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/194OgVx30-sRuywYyf4oNzRNgY8cjPuDI
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    This is definitely pro level DIY my friend, hats off to you for the homemade air compressor. I've used the same setup for a vacuum pump. Can't wait to see the end result. Good luck with the paintwork. πŸ™‚
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    Nice Review! 6-7 KMPL (and that too on 92 ain't bad actually) - we have forgotten the days of Primeras, Cefiros and Gallants and compare fuel economy with the Priuses/Aquas and Fit's. Honestly I'm surprised to see less people embracing the Eclipse as opposed to the vezel craze of 2014-15....but maybe the higher price put people off,and I guess people are a little hesitant to commit for a newer model - an uncle I know did a lot of research about this talked a lot about it and finally bought a premio with his permit πŸ™‚
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    Thanks for the nice review. Being a user of EC G AWD (for a year now) I endorse your write up....
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    8-9 in city is pretty much ok I guess for an ICE car....I had a GP1 which managed about 12 under the same conditions despite being a hybrid.... I guess they have given a lot of thought about locking in someone inside the car - if you hold down the unlock button on the remote for a bit all 4 windows will open slightly allowing air to circulate
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    Oh yea I really did fall and nothing broken, lot of friction burns and sore shoulder and thigh, post dengue low platelet counts gave me some lovely bruises, bleeding
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    Well done @kusumsiri. Having a workshop manual sure opens lots of interesting avenues doesn't it. Even if you have it, you need to be brave enough to take a transmission apart and put it back together. So again, kudos!
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