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    Something that I am very keen on doing. 😍
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    Bought a Mitsubishi Jeep 4dr5 (J20D-J24). Being restored as we speak. Will open a thread soon.
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    I'd like to see a Premio/Axio owner who feels the need to take a picture when he sees there's an another Premio/Axio parked alongside his ride 🤔
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    @Kavvz..I just explained a probable reason...I have never used nitrogen and I probably never will (that might change if I get myself a track car and decide on attending track events...). The whole air leaking out thing...I have a serious case of OCD when it comes to my car...so if there was an air leak I would get it sorted out ASAP or go completely insane....so as you can see..no matter what the outcome is I still probably would not use nitrogen
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    Ha ha.. the tech and 35" tires very tempting. Not having solid axles is bit of concern. I also wish they used a natural aspired ford engine than the eco boost ones. Or if they had thier diesel it would be awesome. Have to check. Let's see if it can beat the Wranglers in terms of off-road capability.
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    @kmeeg This has your name all over it buddy!
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    I see this and I immediately think : Subaru Forester ! But that's probably because I have Subaru Foresters on my mind right now....
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    I have an Axio 2014 (petrol version, non hybrid 1.5L) Well for me its pretty much a decent car for the price point. Comfort wise: I like how the seats are pretty spacious (not as soft as a premio but its way better than in hatchbacks like vitz or fit), There is no leg hump in the back so the person sitting in the middle doesn't need to keep their knees up. The headroom is ample and i like how it has adjustable seats. Trim and features: The smart push start key is pretty useful as you don't need to go through your pocket to start the car, All 4 doors come with auto power windows so its easier to wind up all 4 windows, The TRC etc. is useful to get through muddy puddles or rain situations without slipping the car much. the power mirrors come with winkers and the projector beam in the headlight is elegant and distributes the HID lights well. Multifunction steering is useful to control the audio while driving but unfortunately there is no cruise control. The faux carbon fiber finish on the door trims and dash gives it a good elegant finish, there are plenty of storage compartments and bottle holders for all 4 doors. the boot is pretty good enough for daily use. Audio system comes with a good 4 speaker system with tweeters in the front. AC system is a automatic climate control and includes a NANO-E air purifying system. Car has ample lighting for the interior and the handbrake and CVT gearbox adds some better feel for me to the car compared to other toyotas that come with the E brake or foot break. There are plenty of aftermarket accessories for the car. Driving wise, the car is very soft even on averagely bad roads, the cornering is pretty sharp and the turning radius is good enough to do U turns in Colombo traffic without the need to reverse and recut. Engine pulling power is decent and not as boaty as a carina (But this might be different in the hybrid car as it has a different powertrain), Car comes with 15 or 16 inch wheels and run flat tires (expensive to replace) . Gear changes are smooth and the ground clearance is not bad for a subcompact. overall its a decent family car for its price point, you get a lot of car for its value along with the Toyota reliability. I would recommend the car well specially since it has got past its depreciation, so you can find one for a good price nowadays.
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    Benz Navara (X-Class)
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    I thought I had posted a follow-up to this before I posted about the coolant change but apparently I haven't; so here goes: The before: And after: Here's how it's done, this is the best video I could find which describes the process. It took about 2.5-3 hours for two technicians to replace both boots at the agent: Cost breakdown: Parts: 2 x Shock boots (OEM part number: 4060A532, FEBEST part number: MSHBCU20F, sourced from amayama.com) Rs. 5040.00 Labour w/tax @ the authorized agent: Rs. 5960.00 Wheel alignment check: Rs. 1200.00 Total Cost: Rs. 12,200 Remarks: This wouldn't be a necessary repair if your shock absorbers are nearing the end of their life expectancy (about 100k I reckon) decided to get it done because I'm yet to hit half of that mileage and to avoid the risk of premature failure caused by dust/debris getting inside.
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    Absolutely NOT !!!! Companies like Enkei, Works are fancy names like Watanabe, etc...they are in the same league. They do not make average wheels they make really really good wheels. Even when the manufacturers use these brands it is used as an upgrade to the standard alloys. These companies make a wide range of wheels for different markets at different price points. Now about Chinese wheels being marketed as Japanese wheels...well..there is a bit of a confusion there. Whilst the big name brands and a few smaller brands manufacture wheels in Japan...there are a lot of wheels that are manufactured in China, Taiwan and even Korea for the Japanese market. These wheels are cheaper and better than the Chinese wheels that come to Sri Lanka directly because Japan has very strict regulations on parts, etc...So they are obviously of higher quality.
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