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    markat aka ftt mcn ...primiyo gatt kiyanne idamk gatta wge bro bedg intariya ekak gnn mcn
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    One previous owner converted the wiring to negative earth and an alternator also fixed. It is a 3 wire alternator having inbuilt regulator. But the control box fixed as a dummy.
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    Members, When we write about the fastest speed records in the world for cars, don't think we have any of those in Sri Lanka. Sylvester Wijesinghe. Sylvi
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    Been reading a post about Axio and reminded me of many many things. Anyway, the most significant thing is that Toyota watered down it’s quality and refinement after the 140 series. I’m not talking about the all new Corolla series, but the 160 series Axio. Yes, the 140 X grade had less options than a doctor sunny and the interior was plasticy. Still the colour combination of the enterior, design shouted that you are in a class above of all the Vitz and Belta owners. But the 160 series interior is lacking this plush feeling. Interior is dull and you get the same feeling like you are in a Vitz. Also noticed that the engine is more noisier and unrefined, where the 140 series sound deadening was closer to that of the Premio and Allion. Then finally, Toyota rolls out the “just” Corolla crushing the Axio and even the Allion, Premio in terms of options and looks. The ride might be better too due to the independent rear sus.
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    Its been a while....its been 6 years since we have had her in the family and we have put 23,000km during that time. She has been extremely trouble free and have never missed a beat. Toyota sure does not make cars like this anymore Just yesterday took a pic of my little beauty next to the new Corolla Touring Wagon. The old girl looks cuter and more slender... Car during last year's cherry blossom season After a coating of Soft99 Fusso Mirror Shine Random pics through-out the years...
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    Getting back on track..I do believe that before anything else the government needs to introduce proper (and stringent) vehicle inspection process to make all vehicles actually road worthy. Then introduce a proper road tax system which would encourage people to actually use eco friendly and energy efficient cars. Following that....just change the import duty structure to something more reasonable and less complicated and less asinine. If the road worthiness inspection is stringent on one hand it will discourage car sales people from bringing in junk (which is what the 3 year age limit was suppose to stop anyway..anti-dumping), make the roads safer on the other hand, and on the extra hand they can be bit more lenient on the age restriction of the car. This is pretty much what UK, Aus and Japan does. You can bring any aged car in to the country, but if what you bring in is junk you have to spend a lot to get it road worthy (thus even if it is old people are only going to bring in decent condition units) and then because of the old tech and the eco harm who ever buys one has to spend a lot in road taxes. So those who do bring in old cars are usually enthusiasts bringing in decent cars...not bargain hunters. Needless to say the public transport system needs to be improved for this to be effective....but perhaps if the taxes are introduced the government can be made to be a little bit more proactive about fixing the public transport service. Besides..the government can make a lot more money from people using the cars than those importing new ones....but then there is going to be a whole lot of the population who are going to be yelling and screaming about their personal freedoms being violated. This actually would not mean that they cannot afford a car...in fact they would be able to afford a decent a car....it is just that they are discouraged from using it on daily basis (and they shouldn't have to...we all pay taxes..the government should give us cheap transportation rather than buying themselves luxury barges)
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    So you guys are telling me the owner of the rickety rackety 50-year old W123 is attracting more gold diggers than the owner of a vitara cuz he has a benz keytag?
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    F grade - Fail G grade - Godak fail
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    Update : Because we already discussed about electrical works in this thread added the relevant images here. To suit it changed the thread name from "Project Moggie - Bodywork" to "Project Moggie - Body & Electrical work". First two images shows the control box and fuse box in the way they were. This is how the viper motor and flasher were there. Below images are the present status of wiring. The hole on the control box cover was repaired and added some dummy wires to it for better look. Thank you @varotone for suggestion about flexi tubing. Original status and present status
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    The thing is finding a really good car is becoming an a bit messy in SL market, even if the budget is around 6-7 million.Always remember, the car you are getting is a used car, so don’t expect it to be as good as a new car.My advice is to always search for a car with Good Body Condition, because body is the hardest part to repair and even after a repair, it shows minor signs. Avoid dark colours, since all the repair signs of the car are much pronounced after a repair compared to light colours.You only have a rare chance of getting a car with original paint, but if you keep on searching, you can get a good example. Search for a few months atleast. I also gave up the idea of going for a 2007-2009 Allion, few months ago after inspecting. My budget was around 4.3 million. So you need to find a bit mate. I know a guy who bought a DX wagon with spotless condition for 1 million. Don’t worry you’ll find a good car, but make sure not to loose the patience. Also search for the posts of our forum member PreseaLover, who has mastered that particular quality😁.He’ve been hunting for a Presea for a really long time and finally found a really good example.
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