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    Nope. You will definitely be pulled over by the traffic police. Rear- yellow with black letters Front- white with black letters
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    For smart stop package you would get RPM gauge with multi colored MID so that part seems genuine.
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    Check the auction sheet, jevic jaai, also does it have 6 speakers? If it doesnt have 6 speakers multifunction wheel is not oem
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    Yes I think details match with a genuine one. I got down mine (2016 Vitz F LED Edition) with 12500km mileage, Safety package with lane assist and other standard safety features but no multi function keys. What do you mean by "Start-Stop"? Like in a traffic?
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    It doesn't seem normal. Since you recently bought the car do you know the CVT maintenance history? If not check and replace it soon.
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    You obviously have not checked out the new Mazda 3 in person or online. The Mazda 3 is far far from being an econobox in terms of refinement and build quality. In fact it is far better than both the Corolla and the Civic and has a luxurious touch that even the accord and Camry does not have. The 3, Civic and Corolla started off as econoboxes but that was 20 years ago. he new Corolla is a replacement to the Allion/Premio. The Civic has grown to be as large as the old Accord and the Camry is as large as the old Crown. So...they have all grown. Granted...the variant offered by Colonial seems to be rather old..but the nice interior and stuff will probably be there.
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    Have one in the family - been running and running and running without any major issues apart from a bust AC compressor - very durable car and the best thing is it can handle really bad roads. You won't get hybrid like fuel figures - depending on how you drive 8-10 KMPL in a mix of city/suburban driving. Just pay attention to the suspension mounts - known issue and also the steering rack - that has given trouble over the years. All in all decent car - not very comfy but a good all-round car well suited for sri Lankan roads, small parking spaces and the generally abusive harsh conditions we have here.
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    අම්මට හුඩු .!! I just found my long lost twin! 😀😀 Haven’t met many people who had the same feeling towards cars (not only BMW`s but in general as well). I drive car made in 2018 daily, the thing can brake by itself, tries to keep within the lane, supremely quiet and comfortable, accelerates like anything, etc…... I have also driven a few BMW models: E36`s, E46`s, E90`s, few modern ones (440i, 120i, 320i etc…). Also other stuff from Golf Gti`s to WRX`s to Audi A4`s.. But my GOD the E30 is so much more engaging and fun at legal speed limits! I`ve driven a 320HP BMW 440i to its limits, honestly felt a bit ‘meh’ in comparison (power, safety and comfort is a completely different story here but..). The airiness of the cabin, knowing exactly what the 4 wheels are doing, feeling the steering linkage doing its thing, hearing the brake booster hissing when the pedal is pressed, the engine being lethargic as soon as its started then coming to life slowly. Any of this can hardly be experienced in a newer car. !
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