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    Hey guys! Bought a mint condition 2008 indian swift beetle from a friend! Very BIG Thanks to all the AL members for helping me avoid crapboxes along the way!!!
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    If your life only worth the price of 4 tires.Then yes
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    There are good Korean brands that are even fitted to Euro performance cars Do not expect to save on the price, they are more expensive than Thailand/ Indonesian Euro/ Jap brands Brand like GT is generally ok for day to day use
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    Depends on how keen a driver you are.... Things like road noise or comfort are hard even for the uninitiated to miss but the limits of grip lets say most ordinary drivers will miss I've noticed drastic differences even in tries made in certain countries/for certain markets made by the same (well reputed) manufacturers so it's not just the brand but also the product line and the characteristics attached that make a difference in how the tire really performs
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    Thanks a lot. Any hints to find body parts in Colombo?
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    Prado ---> Aparadey conversion
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