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    The AWD has about 150mm of ground clearance and the 2WD about 140mm. The AWD system is an updated version of Toyota's Dynamic Torque Control AWD. Basically the torque gets sent up to 10% to the rear under normal conditions. On more challenging terrain the torque can go up to 20 or 25 % or something (not sure about this), and typically happens when the vehicle detects excessive wheel spin in the front (as if it is on extremely icy roads or slippery mountain terrain). There are three onditions under which Toyota's system diverts torque to the back a. Acceleration from standstill b. Cornering c. Front wheel slippage The system originated with the Active Torque Control system in the mid 2000s with models like the A30 series RAV4, Highlander, etc.... Overall, it was pretty decent albeit the system performed a lot better with VSC under cornering conditions. The ATC system has a rear diff which has an electro magnetic coupling mechanism which engaged and disengaged when wheel spin reached certain threshholds. The torque that was sent was step wise (at each threshold it would send X% of torque to the rear, which is also the reason why it didn''t work well with cornering and barely did work in cornering) .Then they upgraded it to Dynamic Torque Control system around 2012ish...where they stuck an ECU in front of the EM coupler. The system would dynamically change the level of torque being sent (they did this to improve performance as opposed to keep the car moving on a slippery surface). This sucked !!! Like really sucked. Now they have finally fixed the software and is a lot better.
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    Just a long shot...are there any street vendors where the car is parked ? or a security guard in a near y building who has line of sight to the car ? You might want to befriend one of them...worked for me when I had to park the car on Marine drive and walk down Melbourne Ave to the office. Just bought the security guard drinks and chocolates and was nice to the guy and he considered my car ├Ąpe mahaththaya ge kar eka"" Might work...
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    Guys this post is over 2 years old... so unless the original poster is using internet explorer or is a mammal that goes into hibernation for long periods : he has already bought and maybe even sold off his suv.
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    Police being lazy is not an issue with the dashcam. The type of dashcam I suggested is one that has parking more where you get a notification to your phone. So there's a chance you can get to your car before the thief snatches something off the car or even breaks in.
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    You can just get a strut brace which is the one installed in the engine bay between the shock absorber towers. The bottom flexes a lot less than thr top of the car because the existing suspension already provides more rigidity. And no, you don't have to drill anything. You can fbolt on to your suspension mount (same top bolts on the shock absorber) .
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    0W-20 is not a winter specific oil. Its multi-grade. So, nothing special with 0W-20 and No special attention needed.
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    Big time Audi fan / Owner. But the A1 is a POS on wheels! Just a fancy Alto with the badges on! (Iv had one as a rental in UK) The civic is much better than the A1.
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    Well the guys who steal these probably posh too. This is something I've heard at least four times in the past and in a cases its premio or allion and it was in Colombo 3 or 7 areas.
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    Umm so Honda just announced its planned closure of the Swindon, UK plant that manufactures all Civic hatchbacks.
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