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    Toyota Gorilla Ashkio 141 japan modal (not thaiwan) ,Bajj intariyal ,winkel miraar, pul opshan, baket shit, lady doktar owning, ganuin milaj 69,000 km. Hand 10,00,000 /- pinans 53,000 *48, Susuki avery badi van sexchange conisadared.
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    It's been a while since the last entry where I rambled on about the minor details but now for the all important part how does this actually drive. I've done over 5000 Km's now and I guess spend enough time with the car to give my honest feedback on how it handles etc. I'm not going to dwell on the statistics and figures since that is readily available on the internet - but for formalities sake the Civic comes with the P10A2 engine - Honda's 3 cylinder turbo charged engine which has somewhere between 125-130 BHP. So the overall driving experience ? Well it's adequate and after the break-in period it seems the car is actually quite eager than it was initially. There is a bit of turbo lag and coupled with the torque at low revs you feel a bit like driving a diesel ....no complaints though. A question I usually get from some people is whether this model comes with the much maligned DCT - well surprise surprise it does not. Honda have mated the P10A2 with a CVT. Of course there is always the manual and that is actually supposed to be great as per reviews from the UK - but considering I use this car to drive daily to and from work in the colombo traffic I had to be a masochist to opt for a manual (which I'm not - and god bless future me when I try to sell a manual in Sri Lanka ) . Those who have driven the GP5's and Graces know that the Dual clutch set up is actually a blast to drive - which is not the case with the CVT. My previous car also had a CVT gear box and frankly I'm not a fan of them at all. But then given how DCT's fared locally I guess having a rubbery CVT over a DCT setup is not a huge deal. All grades of the FK6 comes with paddle-shifters - now I know it's a bit funny to see paddle shifters and CVT in the same sentence but what the setup actually does is have more of a simulated shifting mechanism going when you use them. When you're in normal 'Drive' mode you can use the shifters to change gears but the car is too eager to override you and kind of spoils the fun. However if you change your gear to 'S' then the HUD will display an 'M' indicating that the car is ready to receive manual input and a blinking indicator also indicates when the time is right to shift up. Of course if you don't shift at the right moment the car will give you some time and after a while will override you. S mode, and the 7-Speed CVT with the shifters is a little fun time to time but I think it's there more as a gimmick to be perfectly honest. I will upload a video on this later on and update the entry. There is an ECO mode which can be enabled/disabled by a switch on the gear shifter console. Turning off the Eco mode will give you a more fun driving experience as the car is much more peppier. For more fun on an open road shift to S and use the shifters. I use the E03 expressway daily and that's where this car really feels home at. I mentioned the low end torque - around 2250 RPM there is a sweet spot and you can feel that pull. Due to it's dynamics the car feels very well planted and very stable at high speeds. You just feel the car hugging the road and hurtling forward - which is a really nice feeling. The handling is quite good -the steering is a little lifeless but adequately sharp and the ride is very controlled. I drive an SR which does not have the adaptive damper system found on the EX. The ride is generally smooth even with some potholes - though I cannot give any feedback about the rear since I've never actually traveled in the back seat. Road noise is something I've always associated with Honda's and once again this is no exception though the road noise insulation is comparatively better than that of smaller cars like the Fit. But it does a good job of cutting out the racket from that noisy 3 pot engine - which believe me is quite loud and rough when you actually open the hood and take a look. But inside the car it's generally quiet. To sum it up ... Cars with downsized engines for the sake of reducing emissions and improving gas-mileage are not meant to be fast performance cars in the first place. But Honda have tried to give the driver a bit of feel-good factor with the fake air vents and the paddle shifters and the overall 'sporty' feel. I wish it didn't have the CVT gear box and the steering was a little less lighter. But the noisy little 3 pot engine pulls really well given it's size and the weight of the car. The 1L Turbo Civic is no Type R but for a bird with clipped wings it flies pretty well. And now for the FAQ Section ---------------------------------------------------- [1] "Nice car bro how does it do on fuel ? " : I drive in generally bad traffic I wouldn't claim it to be the worst since I don't travel to areas like Rajagiriya/Dehiwala etc. And the car returns around 7-8 KMPL. On general I get about 10 KMPL in a 50-50 City/Suburban drive. On the Expressway I get around 6L/100Km which means about 16.6 KMPL. On the average long distance drive on non expressways depending on the time of the day the car will do between 12-16 KMPL. [2] "The car is a bit low isn't it? " : One fear I had earlier about the car before purchase is it's low ground clearance - somehow I have found it to be ok so far. I recently traveled on one of the most horrible roads I have seen in the western province - it was a tiny impossibly narrow dirt road with immense pot holes and pieces of rock jutting out leading to an almost forgotten home for the senior citizens where we had to give dinner. It was a hellish drive in pitch darkness but somehow i got through without a single scrape. For a better understanding I will try to upload some daytime pics of the said road. [3] "Aren't the back seats a bit cramped?" Leg-space wise no. There's quite a lot of leg space . The thing is due to the curved shape of the roof some may feel that head-space is a bit lacking. The only person to complain so far was my 6'3" /125Kg cousin. So unless you're some behemoth you are OK. Having said that I must say the Civic is a little too driver oriented with a lot of care given to the driver and lesser focus to the passengers: for instance the seat height adjustment is not available for the front passenger. It's a little darker in the back too.
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    Friends, one of my colleagues is searching a Toyota sedan. He was new to vehicles and he was respecting one mechanic known to him. That mech fellow told our guy that "Toyota Gorilla" is a good car and find one.....:). He is now chasing after me to find that.....:). Is there anything such Toyota Gorilla released around 2006 ~ 2009? Don't know whether these guys referring to Corolla or something.....:)
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    Let’s raise white flags on our rides to mourn the loss of lives
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    Chiming in here the AC in my 2018 Civic Hatch stopped cooling as well. Turned out the condenser had massive leaks in multiple places. Car had only done 5000 Kms. Got a new condenser and had to refill R1234yf gas. Total cost 130K!! Seems to be an inherent problem with inferior materials used on the condenser. A quick search says that this is a common issue. Also as the car is low to the ground and has a front grille that has large openings the condenser can be prone to debris damage. May be worthwhile for anyone buying a new civic to get this checked out before taking delivery from your importer.
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    I own an Axio 141 (2007) with a 135,000km. So here are some of my knowledge on engine tune up which I've learnt on YouTube & forums along with the experience on my car. Tune up is a maintenance to make the car run RIGHT. Which is to increase performance, fuel efficiency & to reduce future repairs. 1. Changing engine oil. Change ur engine oil every 5,000 to 6,000 km. Always remeber engine oil is cheap but engine repairs are very expensive. I use 'Mobil 2000, semi synthetic 5W30' apprx 3.3 litres. I buy oils & filters at Panchikawatta (Mobil 2000 oil 1L 1200/=, VIC oil filter 1,000, toyota air filter 3,500 & cabin air filter 1,000) and i change it at a service centre for just 500/=. This way i save around 3,000 to 5,000 if i had it done at a service centre. 2. Oil additives. I've added Liqui Moly 'Ceratec' to my engine on my last oil change after lots of research on YouTube & reviews so i used abt 3.1 litres of 5W30 + 190ml of ceratec. I was pretty happy & satisfied with the results. Engine started to run alot smoother & quiter (less vibration even when starting a cold engine, quite idle plus my fuel economy has improved). This costs 3,600 yet its a long term investment which its effects might last upto another 3 or 4 oil changes. I highly recommend. 3. Filters. Its very important to change ur filters at the right intravels for optimal performance. Use OEM filters. Dont buy cheap oil & air filters to save money. Change ur oil filter on every oil change intravel and ur air filters if their dirty. Cz clean air filters helps to breathe clean uninterrupted air to the engine in return it gives performance & good fuel economy. Next is ur cabin air filter. Its very cheap so that u can change it at every oil change intravels for a cleaner A/C. 4. Throttle body & MAF sensor. This is a very simple DIY maintenance to improve cars fuel efficiency, performance & engine tune though many forgets. Just buy a Throttle body cleaner spray and a MAFS cleaner/Contact cleaner would cost 2,500 for both or less. There are plenty of videos on YouTube so plz refer before starting. Do the cleaning on every oil change intravels for keep ur car at its optimal performance. Trust me it will make a great improvement. 5. Fuel system. I've had very good experience of using Liqui Moly Injection cleaner (900/=) poured directly in to the fuel tank. Had noticeable changes in throttle response & a smoother idle with increase in fuel economy along with internally it helps to clean fuel injectors & more (I've used it before i add the ceratec so i know it made a difference, hence now with ceratec i see the same differances without it so i knw ceratec works good too! But to clean ur fuel system this cleaner would definitely helps). I suggest it to use it on ur every oil change or as the company suggests to use every 2,000km. But all i can say is that it works! 6. Spark plugs. Just check ur spark plugs at a service centre. Usually they lasts from 50k to 100k km depending on the driving conditions. So change them if needed. It only cost around 2,000 per spark plug. Hense bad spark plug means poor performance & bad fuel consumption. I changed & the results were just amazing. 7. Others. Good tyres. Tyre pressure. Coolant. Wheel alignment. Hope these would help. Good luck
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    Bodywork started after disassembling almost all parts. Remain only the outer shell of the car with wiring harness which can not pullout easily. Gauge 14 & 18 zinc coated metal sheets used for most places. Firstly cut the right side of the chassis and welded new bar. Then the left side and floor board plates one by one. All door bottoms, front and back wings repaired. Mean time door hinge pins refilled at a lathe workshop. Finally attached all doors and wings again to check the aligning. Carbide 9kg and a oxygen cylinder consumed for this works.
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    This reminds me of a mechanic who said about Isuzu ගාමිණී (where he was referring to Isuzu Gemini) regards, JC
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    Seems you are reading more adds on that quick site everyday.
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    yes it's a good car. As you are looking at a 3 year old car there will not be any major mechanical issues in the near future - unless it's horribly hacked which is unlikely for a mazda since majority of mazda users apparently take good care of their rides. Regular maintenance cost is on par with any new car.
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    1. You do realize that the related companies became related because they wanted the Toyota HSD know how right ? Thus, after they become related it really does not make sense to say it does not count. As for your article....the website is not the most well balanced or unbiased websites around. They have a strong following of skeptics and doomsday followers and they have openly indicated that they have strong interest in Teslas economic success (so when they say don't fall in to Toyotas trap...can't one just as easily say that Tesla has interest in maintaining EV only vehicle's success rather Hybrids let it be gasoline or FCVs ?) A few notes: 1. The tech is not stated to be able to be used in EV vehicles because Toyota has not used it successfully in EV vehicles. No one has. Thus, it would not be in their best interest to say it can be used in EVs. 2. What fee-based services ? The patent is free....and for further development the technical assistance is FREE. 3. Toyota has not gained traction in the EV market thus they have been cozying up with the Chinese for ages. The CH-R has an EV variant, the Chinese Corolla is supposed to be next, etc...the other EV vehicles around the world have been small-scale. Also, it is interesting to know that the website does not site the fact that one reason Toyota lost out on the EV race was because of what the American gas industry did in the late 90s (where Toyota first developed the EV RAV4...). 4. Japanese manufacturers believe that Hybrid and EV vehicles are transient technologies and that the next long term step would be fuel cell vehicles along with a shift to personal mobility devices and large volume transport solutions. So they have no interest in prolonging Hybrids indefinitely. In fact Toyota and Honda are investing heavily in Japan with the government in setting up Hydrogen stations....Any country's or company''s positioning on the technology scale is cyclic....so it is natural for a certain company or country to be at the low end of technology spectrum whilst another is ahead until the next step comes in. 4a. Toyota's explanation as to not do complete EV vehicles by themselves has always been a matter of production volumes. They have always claimed that they have the capacity to build only a few tens of thousands of EV vehicles but a few 100 of thousands of Hybrids (i suppose this is in terms of batteries); and that their assessment is that the number of Hybrid vehicles will provide more ecological benefits than a few thousand EV vehicles (i.e. they will be selling more gasoline vehicles as lesser eco friendly vehicles). Of course the legitimacy of this claim can be questioned (how eco benefit was calculated etc...) 5. Yes cars have shorter life spans. But that does not mean neither Euro nor Japanese nor Korean manufacturers have reduced their R&D processes and compromised quality. The Europeans did that in the past....the Japanese did that in the 2000s and it did not work for either one of them. When R&D processes were short (or manufacturers were in a rush to put out technologies) all of them had issues of quality. They have changed that now for the most part not by compromising R&D but by developing long lasting, evolving platforms (Mazda started it with the SkyActiv) and partnering with other manufacturers. No one spends long R&D time on things that do not matter like cup holders or plastic components. They (all of them) spend time on long R&D on things that matter...like engines, etc...but for the record..you should also know that designing the structure of something that seems as trivial like a cup holder is not as simple as it seems. So it is not a valid statement to say R&D cycles have compromised quality. At the end of the day..you need to except that all these companies are there to make money. None of them are charities (they do charitable work but not charities). Thus, their financial sustainability always comes in to play (and Tesla pretty much play the game by projecting themselves as the disruptors and trying to be the Robin Hood amongst them). In the long term..the biggest issue all these companies face is that the younger generations are moving out of cars...
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    Hi All, Hope all you members, families & friend of yours are safe after Sunday's massacre. Please stay safe.
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    I don't know if you are being sarcastic or being completely oblivious. 1. Price conscious motoring....does not mean using a tuk tuk or uber....by this statement you are also implying that people in SL buy cars for wanting to be exorbitant. Also...cars like the Axio, Prius are not pricey cars...they are pricey in Sri Lanka because of stupid policies. You seem to be missing that when comparing Mercs and Toyotas.... 2. The ICE Civic is a ICE ! Pure Gasoline engine....why on earth would a sane person compare that with a Hybrid ? It is also obvious that you are oblivious to developments that are happening with model changes. The Civic (which is a pure gasoline only model) went turbo charged with the change of model. The Corolla with the change of model is also going turbocharged with its pure gasoline engines and Hybrid line up will be separate. This seems to be the general strategy for Toyota (and even Nissan and Honda) when and where feasible, some markets will still have the large capacity pure gasoline engine purely for maintainability sake. Most of Toyota's turbo know-how had been improved through the BMW and Subaru partnerships....and the other's Hybrid tech has been improved via Toyota's Hybrid know-how. So it goes both ways (if you had read any of my previous posts you would know that Toyota's HSD patents are free for use) 3. It is not a matter of holding out. Holding out serves no purpose to anyone..including themselves...them holding out and then putting out old technology is not going to make them any more richer. The Japanese have always been conservative when it comes to rolling out automotive tech. They have always been so and always will be. They play a long R&D game along with waiting and watching what happens to others and their tech...The classic statement "The US/West will invent it, Japanese will improve it and Chinese will mass produce it cheaply" still holds.
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    The most unrefined petrol car I’ve driven - Vitz KSP130 3cyl 1.0l
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    Again government has amended the gazette for Luxury Tax on Motor vehicles. Latest one as follows; PETROL CAR/STATION WAGON . DESCRIPTION TAX FREE THRESHOLD (CIF) LUXURY TAX(Amount exceeding the TFT) 8703.21.69 1000CC BELOW (-Rs. 3,500,000) N/A 8703.22.50 1000-1300CC N/A 1300-1500CC N/A 8703.23.52 1500-1600CC N/A 8703.23.55 1600-1800CC N/A 8703.23.59 1800-2000CC 100% 8703.23.70 2000-3000CC 100% 8703.24.50 3000-4000CC 100% 4000 ABOVE 100% PETROL CAR/STATION WAGON HYBRID HS CODE DESCRIPTION TAX FREE THRESHOLD(CIF) LUXURY TAX(Amount exceeding the TFT) 8703.40.28 1000CC BELOW (-Rs. 4,000,000) N/A 8703.40.35 1000-1300CC N/A 1300-1500CC N/A 8703.40.51 1500-1600CC N/A 8703.40.53 1600-1800CC N/A 8703.40.58 1800-2000CC 80% 8703.40.71 2000-3000CC 80% 8703.40.91 3000-4000CC 80% 4000 ABOVE 80% PETROL CAR/STATION WAGON PLUG IN HYBRID HS CODE DESCRIPTION TAX FREE THRESHOLD(CIF) LUXURY TAX(Amount exceeding the TFT) 8703.60.28 1000CC BELOW (-Rs. 4,000,000) N/A 8703.60.35 1000-1300CC N/A 1300-1500CC N/A 8703.60.51 1500-1600CC N/A 8703.60.53 1600-1800CC N/A 8703.60.58 1800-2000CC 80% 8703.60.71 2000-3000CC 80% 8703.60.91 3000-4000CC 80% 4000 ABOVE 80% DIESEL CAR/STATION WAGON HS CODE DESCRIPTION TAX FREE THRESHOLD(CIF) LUXURY TAX(Amount exceeding the TFT) 8703.31.70 1500CC BELOW (-Rs. 3,500,000) N/A 8703.32.52 1500-1600 N/A 8703.32.55 1600-1800 N/A 8703.32.59 1800-2000CC N/A 8703.33.80 2000-2500CC BELOW 120% 8703.33.50 2500-4000CC ABOVE 120% DIESEL HYBRID CAR/STATION WAGON HS CODE DESCRIPTION TAX FREE THRESHOLD(CIF) LUXURY TAX(Amount exceeding the TFT) 8703.50.28 1000CC BELOW (-Rs. 4,000,000) N/A 8703.50.35 1000-1500CC N/A 8703.50.51 1500-1600CC N/A 8703.50.53 1600-1800CC N/A 8703.50.58 1800-2000CC N/A 8703.50.78 2000-2300CC N/A 2300-2750CC 90% 2750-3000CC 90% 8703.50.98 3000-4000CC 90% 4000 ABOVE 90% DIESEL HYBRID CAR/STATION WAGON PLUG IN HYBRID HS CODE DESCRIPTION TAX FREE THRESHOLD(CIF) LUXURY TAX(Amount exceeding the TFT) 8703.70.28 1000CC BELOW (-Rs. 4,000,000) N/A 8703.70.35 1000-1500CC N/A 8703.70.51 1500-1600CC N/A 8703.70.53 1600-1800CC N/A 8703.70.58 1800-2000CC N/A 8703.70.78 2000-2300CC N/A 2300-3000CC 90% 8703.70.98 3000-4000 ABOVE 90% ELECTRIC CAR HS CODE DESCRIPTION TAX FREE THRESHOLD(CIF) LUXURY TAX(Amount exceeding the TFT) 8703.80.31 50 KW BELOW (-Rs. 6,000,000) N/A 8703.80.32 50-100 KW N/A 8703.80.33 100-200 KW N/A 8703.80.34 200 KW ABOVE 60% PETROL VAN HS CODE DESCRIPTION TAX FREE THRESHOLD(CIF) LUXURY TAX(Amount exceeding the TFT) 8704.31.93 VAN(BELOW 1500KG) (-Rs. 3,500,000) N/A 8704.31.99 N/A 8702.90.39 PASSENGER VAN 13-20 SEATER N/A 8702.90.41 1800CC ABOVE 100% DIESEL VAN HS CODE DESCRIPTION TAX FREE THRESHOLD(CIF) LUXURY TAX(Amount exceeding the TFT) 8704.21.93 UP TO 2300CC (-Rs. 3,500,000) N/A 8704.21.99 2300CC ABOVE 120% 8702.10.39 PASSENGER VAN 13-20 SEATER N/A 8702.10.49 N/A 8702.10.41 2300CC ABOVE 120% ELECTRIC VAN HS CODE DESCRIPTION TAX FREE THRESHOLD(CIF) LUXURY TAX(Amount exceeding the TFT) 8703.80.51 50 KW BELOW (-Rs. 6,000,000) N/A 8703.80.52 50-100 KW N/A 8703.80.53 100-200 KW N/A 8703.80.54 200 KW ABOVE 60% DIESEL DOUBLE CAB HS CODE DESCRIPTION TAX FREE THRESHOLD(CIF) LUXURY TAX(Amount exceeding the TFT) 8704.21.91 BELOW 2300CC (-Rs. 3,500,000) N/A 8704.21.92 ABOVE 2300CC 120% PETROL DOUBLE CAB HS CODE DESCRIPTION TAX FREE THRESHOLD(CIF) LUXURY TAX(Amount exceeding the TFT) 8704.31.91 BELOW 2200CC (-Rs. 3,500,000) N/A 8704.31.92 ABOVE 2200CC 120%
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    Considering the present economic status of the country and concerns of the general public there is a less chance. I would not recommend you to buy a permit. Since selling and buying of permits are illegal, you will have no legal right to claim your money from the seller if a negative decision is taken from the government. Please don't waste your, money and time by buying a permit at the current situation.
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    Took the car for the colour change process to werahera at 2.30pm and the head mofo said cant take in now as he has to go at 4.15 and told to come another day at 8am. i begged him for 10 minutes and he scolded me, so i scolded him back and told him to kiss the fattest part of my big ass. So instead of going to werahera again i can do the process at Gampaha kachcheri too right? anyone know an inside connection who works at gampaha kachcheri?
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    150 with 5L 😂😂😂 With the 1KD i have remapped the ECU get power to pull the trailer. unsure which Japanese engineer decided to plant 5L into the 150.
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    and ads on facebook riyapola 😁
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    well..now you are just being blindly pessimistic and saying negative things for the sake of saying things....the partnerships were never about directly copying everything from each other....there were about tech knowledge transfer. So NO....it is rather blind to say that the partnerships never worked. When you transfer technology know how...the intent is to learn from each other for our own thing rather than taking the other person's work.Toyota was working on the downsized Turbo engines and BMW was working on Hybrids well before the BMW-Toyota partnership....but what Toyota learnt from BMW did transfer in to improving their engines and what BMW learnt from Toyota would reflect in their Hybrid systems (this does not mean a direct copy). Same goes with Subaru. Mazda and Toyota worked on integrated platform strategies together...that does not mean that the TNGA-C platform is the mid size SkyActive platform with a different name. Also, you cannot say that BMW gave much more than Toyota did...in fact there is speculation that the new Supra has an exact copy of the BMW engine dropped in to it because the production process was not to be replicated and also there is the fact that BMW did not let Toyota change the engine to suit the slightly different layout of the Supra Toyota wanted. The only time the system looks exactly the same is in the case of the Axela were Mazda was never interested in developing a Hybrid system and they have claimed that over and over again....their only interest in Hybrids were just as a stop-gap until they could develop engines like the SA-X. Would be interesting to see what the next step is as the world moves away from gasoline. With PSA they never went with Hybrids because it was not feasible for them considering the market.
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    Your alto....is it a van variant ? If you and your friend's Alto has the chassis code HA36V, then you have the van variant which is the variant made for business use (i.e. carrying cargo). The passenger variant would be HA36S. Both the variants have variants of the a Torsion Beam suspension system (Suzuki says the 4WD has a ITL ?). The difference is the HA36S has softer suspension and the van has harder suspension. So that could be the main cause for the hard feeling. But it being bumpy...well..like the others have suggested maybe too much air pressure or some alignment/balancing problem ? or worst yet...it has had an accident and poorly fixed (that is the extreme case). But yes...don't be surprised if more than one car has been subjected to the above....a lot of people get their cars maintained through ********* or use it harshly (slammimng over curbs, pot holes, etcc messing up the telemetry of the wheels...and quite a lot of people over inflate their tires (on the advice of service station boys) so that they save fuel...
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    By taxes i meant import duty (which is a composition of different taxes), Makes no difference if you register it or not...you still have to pay them at the time of import when clearing the vehicle. In fact if you do not register it..you will get fined someday when you do register it and get the revenue license for it. Also, not registering it is too much of a risk due o theft, etc.. without registering the car you won't be able to insure it or anything of the sort.
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    Discussed in great detail over the last year or so so many times I just can't type the same thing anymore for example there are just so many .... please do a thorough search there's enough content there for you.
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    Axia should be the best option for normal usage.
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    Thalawathugoda Sri Jayavardhanapura, Sri Lanka Get Directions The Doorway Send Message Call 071 234 5753
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