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    It's been a while since the last entry where I rambled on about the minor details but now for the all important part how does this actually drive. I've done over 5000 Km's now and I guess spend enough time with the car to give my honest feedback on how it handles etc. I'm not going to dwell on the statistics and figures since that is readily available on the internet - but for formalities sake the Civic comes with the P10A2 engine - Honda's 3 cylinder turbo charged engine which has somewhere between 125-130 BHP. So the overall driving experience ? Well it's adequate and after the break-in period it seems the car is actually quite eager than it was initially. There is a bit of turbo lag and coupled with the torque at low revs you feel a bit like driving a diesel ....no complaints though. A question I usually get from some people is whether this model comes with the much maligned DCT - well surprise surprise it does not. Honda have mated the P10A2 with a CVT. Of course there is always the manual and that is actually supposed to be great as per reviews from the UK - but considering I use this car to drive daily to and from work in the colombo traffic I had to be a masochist to opt for a manual (which I'm not - and god bless future me when I try to sell a manual in Sri Lanka ) . Those who have driven the GP5's and Graces know that the Dual clutch set up is actually a blast to drive - which is not the case with the CVT. My previous car also had a CVT gear box and frankly I'm not a fan of them at all. But then given how DCT's fared locally I guess having a rubbery CVT over a DCT setup is not a huge deal. All grades of the FK6 comes with paddle-shifters - now I know it's a bit funny to see paddle shifters and CVT in the same sentence but what the setup actually does is have more of a simulated shifting mechanism going when you use them. When you're in normal 'Drive' mode you can use the shifters to change gears but the car is too eager to override you and kind of spoils the fun. However if you change your gear to 'S' then the HUD will display an 'M' indicating that the car is ready to receive manual input and a blinking indicator also indicates when the time is right to shift up. Of course if you don't shift at the right moment the car will give you some time and after a while will override you. S mode, and the 7-Speed CVT with the shifters is a little fun time to time but I think it's there more as a gimmick to be perfectly honest. I will upload a video on this later on and update the entry. There is an ECO mode which can be enabled/disabled by a switch on the gear shifter console. Turning off the Eco mode will give you a more fun driving experience as the car is much more peppier. For more fun on an open road shift to S and use the shifters. I use the E03 expressway daily and that's where this car really feels home at. I mentioned the low end torque - around 2250 RPM there is a sweet spot and you can feel that pull. Due to it's dynamics the car feels very well planted and very stable at high speeds. You just feel the car hugging the road and hurtling forward - which is a really nice feeling. The handling is quite good -the steering is a little lifeless but adequately sharp and the ride is very controlled. I drive an SR which does not have the adaptive damper system found on the EX. The ride is generally smooth even with some potholes - though I cannot give any feedback about the rear since I've never actually traveled in the back seat. Road noise is something I've always associated with Honda's and once again this is no exception though the road noise insulation is comparatively better than that of smaller cars like the Fit. But it does a good job of cutting out the racket from that noisy 3 pot engine - which believe me is quite loud and rough when you actually open the hood and take a look. But inside the car it's generally quiet. To sum it up ... Cars with downsized engines for the sake of reducing emissions and improving gas-mileage are not meant to be fast performance cars in the first place. But Honda have tried to give the driver a bit of feel-good factor with the fake air vents and the paddle shifters and the overall 'sporty' feel. I wish it didn't have the CVT gear box and the steering was a little less lighter. But the noisy little 3 pot engine pulls really well given it's size and the weight of the car. The 1L Turbo Civic is no Type R but for a bird with clipped wings it flies pretty well. And now for the FAQ Section ---------------------------------------------------- [1] "Nice car bro how does it do on fuel ? " : I drive in generally bad traffic I wouldn't claim it to be the worst since I don't travel to areas like Rajagiriya/Dehiwala etc. And the car returns around 7-8 KMPL. On general I get about 10 KMPL in a 50-50 City/Suburban drive. On the Expressway I get around 6L/100Km which means about 16.6 KMPL. On the average long distance drive on non expressways depending on the time of the day the car will do between 12-16 KMPL. [2] "The car is a bit low isn't it? " : One fear I had earlier about the car before purchase is it's low ground clearance - somehow I have found it to be ok so far. I recently traveled on one of the most horrible roads I have seen in the western province - it was a tiny impossibly narrow dirt road with immense pot holes and pieces of rock jutting out leading to an almost forgotten home for the senior citizens where we had to give dinner. It was a hellish drive in pitch darkness but somehow i got through without a single scrape. For a better understanding I will try to upload some daytime pics of the said road. [3] "Aren't the back seats a bit cramped?" Leg-space wise no. There's quite a lot of leg space . The thing is due to the curved shape of the roof some may feel that head-space is a bit lacking. The only person to complain so far was my 6'3" /125Kg cousin. So unless you're some behemoth you are OK. Having said that I must say the Civic is a little too driver oriented with a lot of care given to the driver and lesser focus to the passengers: for instance the seat height adjustment is not available for the front passenger. It's a little darker in the back too.
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    You are choosing ONE car -it could be a 27-year old japanese car, 8-year old indian car, 15-year old European car or whatnot. What you should be worried about, is that specific car. Not whether it is Japanese or Indian or Andromedian. Keep your options open. Assess a few cars and buy the one that would be in the best condition. Don't worry whether it is Japanese or Indian or Andromedian. However, in my experience, Ford Lasers hold on to their build quality far better than most other cars, even after they age. One reason could be because your average penny-pinching gamey goday person goes for Toyotas most of the time.
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    Restoration work began. The idea is to work at home. Found a person to do the tinker work. I do the mechanical work and hoping to do the paint job as well in the future. Firstly removed the interior parts such as car seats. After that, the four doors were removed. Then front and back wings, bonnet & boot. Finally the differential and the engine were removed.
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    The car was exposed to the sunlight & rain for a long time. So there was corrosion on almost all body panels and floorboard too. Cleaned the plug wires, filled the tank, connected a charged battery and attempt to start it. After several attempt it started. The destination (my home) was 120 km and we started the journey around 11.00 am. As I was aware cars condition, selected rural roads. Brakes were very weak. So could not exceed 30kmh. During the trip had to replace a tire and the fan belt. Finally reached to the destination around 9.00 pm. Here are some initial condition pictures. Special thanks should go to @Davy for encouraging me to write this in a discussion.
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    great timing with power cuts to use the budget concessions 😉
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    Wanted a jimny, tried for a Copen, ended up behind a vitz sigh’ married life
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    YES. Aside from obvious safety issues, reselling a lower grade Picanto will be difficult, potential customers would definitively be put off by the lack of ABS in a car made in 2019.
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    Whether the extra money is worth to have ABS...My opinion is yes.......I will gladly trade all the other stuff like the stereo and the carpets and funky head and tail lights for ABS. It is sad that in this day and age ABS and Airbags are still not a standard feature across all the grades for markets such as Sri Lanka. Do the calculation as to how much your monthly payments, depreciation,etc... would differ if you go for the highest spec one as opposed to the low grade. My guess is it won't be too much of a difference and that difference would be worth the peace of mind.
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    We are currently running both cars brought brand new from agents. As iRage mentioned they are two different cars Kia has a more bigger feel than the size suggest, rides, handles much better. Comfortable and very predictable handling you can throw the car around corners without any drama. Very stable at high speed. Only down side is since the car has very good dynamics you tend to drive fast and as a result fuel economy suffers expect 10kmpl city 15kmpl urban. If you go for the highest grade you will get 2 air bags and ABS, no climate control so a/c will be a pain to control Wagon R has more space inside due to its shape and boot and rear seat space and be adjusted which is a plus. Engine is a pain if you want to drive little spiritedly and very loud (little wheezy brat). Not stable after 80kmph, can get caught in cross winds. Will do 14kmpl city 18-20 kmpl urban 2 air bags, ABS, stability control (must in this due to awful handling) To sum it up I love the Kia, my wife and kids the WagonR
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    You need to get down a brand new or a within one year old to get the maximum tax advantage. Ensure all documents state that the motor power is 100KW, recommend you get a clarification from customs that what rate it will be taxed 50KW to =< 100KW is @ Rs. 10,000 per KW if this is the case your duty will be Rs. 1.0 Mn. Price in UK around GBP 26,000/- if you can get the VAT refund organized it will be GBP 21,667 plus shipping and other costs whic will be around GBP 1,500- 2,000 total CIF approximately Rs. 5.6 Mn. Make sure CIF is less than Rs. 6.0 Mn. otherwise you will have to pay additional 60% luxury tax on CIF This brings the total up to Rs. 6.6 Mn. No agent support, no warranty personally I do not recommend this as you could and also will end up loosing your money. Hope you're planning to keep this for a long time as you will not be able to sell this car.
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    Welcome to the forum and I wish you the best with your business endeavor. Not to sound discouraging in anyway, but it has to be stated that the whole buying and selling business is a mafia-like operation. Profit margins are small unless you too go down the level of being unscrupulous and engage in things like meter rolling and covering up body defects...and it is a tough business...there aren't many honest cars for you to buy to sell off honestly. If you buy a not so honest car then to sell it of honestly you will have to fix it up (which can cost a lot) or sell it off as it is with barely any economic profit. Perhaps you should look in to focusing on a specific/niche market ? <for example serve the enthusiasts ?> When you say you hope to start with 3mil...are you saying you want to source your car for 3m ? or you want to find something you can sell at 3mil ?
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    When you say Wagon R brand new I hope you are planning on buying it from the agent A*W (what they call WagonR Premium Hybrid). The zero mileage Japanese imports with warranty sold by the car sales people cannot be trusted. Although both cars look like small hatchbacks they fall in to two different categories. The Picanto is a compact hatchback whilst the Wagon R is a kei-car which is pretty much the smallest city car that has restricted power and engine capacity (by law). Personally for family usage I believe the Picanto will be a better choice. The shape of the body might make it seem like the Wagon R has no space but the Picanto is a tad bit bigger in terms of dimensions (the Wagon R really does not have much space for luggage with the rear passengers. The Picanto on the other hand does have sufficient space for luggage larger than a few grocey and duffle bags even with the rear seat up). The Picanto is heavier than the Wagon R...so on long trips you will feel less road fatigue on the bodies (human bodies). Yes the Wagon R is a comfy car but for city usage...long drives you do feel the road vibe. On the other hand, the Wagon R will be quite economical on petrol, especially in the city (being Hybrid). The electric motor will give you a lot of oomph from start...BUT it will be high revving at high speeds which also adds to the strain the body feels on long trips. Unlike the old model the new Wagon R does a lot better on pulling up hills and stuff with a load. The WagonR (atleast the Japanese version) comes a bit more well equipped in safety features. If you are going to be driving in the city 90% of the time..then go or the Wagon R but look in to renting a car for long family trips (I know some people who do that and this method is not that expensive). If you want to have a single overall car....then go for the Picanto
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    This must be a euro spec one. Made in India but imported to Sri lanka from UK. It has a driver airbag but no ABS. That might be a false claim. Engine is from indian wagon r, which is not a very popular model, so you might face some issues with engine spares.
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    Is that a K10 ? Can you upload a photo of it ? Interesting to see Alto (Indian) with ABS & Air bags.
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    I doubt it's an Indian given the safety options. Could be the Japanese one came with same body styling. Did you check the CR?
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    Hello and welcome to the forum! Both of these cars are good in fuel economy and reliability. Viva elite is the malaysian counterpart of Daihatsu Mira so the car is almost the same. I know few owners and no one complained any fault about the Viva. For the price you pay you’ll be getting a 2004-2005 Passo and 2011-2012 Viva Elite. Passo will be a bit comfortable than the Viva. Passo will give you more running repairs due to the age and you’ll find most of them hacked to death. So IMO Viva Elite is the best bet when it comes to fuel economy and reliability. It’s just an average car with nothing to complain about.Good luck!
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    Car checks (Pvt Ltd) in kohuwala.
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    Check if the belt is tight enough, and not slipping. Next, get an auto electrician to check the alternator,..
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    Please don't open a thread for each question... there's already a thread you created for the same car. @Davy can you please delete this thread since the question is also quite a useless one. @Praveen_Auto color preference is subjective. just buy a color you like...I don't get why Sri Lankans are obsessed with the next buyers tastes than his own 😐
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    Are you buying for cash, if so you may be able to get it for around Rs. 1.1 Mn.
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    Some nice cars in your list - We had an A33 in the family and used to be a very comfy car so I expect the same from the newer generation . I'd avoid the premio since they're quite old at this point and likely to have been abused BUT there are some prime specimens out there but it's really difficult to find a well maintained genuine model. I'm a bit biased so take my recommendation regarding the Fd1-FD4 with a pinch of salt - those are really nice cars to drive. All things considered since it's a first car I would recommend the 141 since it's an honest hard working car that would just run... you could spend a little time and find a b/new imported one that has been well maintained and get it. IT's a bland car, and it doens't have too many fancy bells and whistles but will get you from A-B without any hassles. So to sum up - 141 > Civic > The nissans>Premio To get it checked take it to the joint in Nugegoda - they're fairly ok if it's a Toyota even Toyota L#nka do a checkup it costs 7000 if i remember correctly.
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    Can’t exactly pointout a place. Best thing is to search in the Premio/Allion/Axio club of facebook. Many parts like those teak panels are advertised there. Also I saw a guy who brings down parts for your order from japan. Or else you can spend few hours in Panchikawaththa and find them.
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    Thanks @Davy and @MADZ for the new sub form✌️Hope to do more reviews in the future
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    Welcome to the forum! Did someone tell you that your car should do 13-14kmpl in traffic or is it your own experience? I used a 121 as my daily runner for 6 years(2008 - 2014) and it never did 13-14kmpl even in mixed driving. However if you are convinced of poor fuel efficiency then first go for a tune up ie. a clean up of the throttle body, MAF sensor, injectors, PCV, OCV filter, etc., and replacement of air filter, spark plugs, injector washers and fuel filter (after inspection) followed by a system scan. Also make sure you transmission is properly maintained and the gears change at the correct RPM. What is mileage of the car, I mean according to odometer? As for lube, the figure 40 gives you the viscosity and DS40 is a lube for diesel vehicles. For light cars a thinner grade like SAE 20 or 30 or even 40 (if the engine is worn) is recommended while for heavy vehicles it can be 40 or above. Viscosity depends on the mechanical clearance of moving parts.
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    I have driven the 2016 Wagon R Stingray J Style a lot; around colombo,colombo to kegalle,kandy to kegalle,around kegalle.So I think I had experienced every kind of road situations.So I'll sort out the pros and cons. Pros -Fuel Economy(extremely economical.does around 16kmpl in colombo in traffic.during heavy traffic may go down to 13-14.outstation 20+ can be achieved easily) -Interior space(impressive for a car of that size.lots of storage spaces.good legroom and headroom) -options(again impressive for the car of that price range.adjustable rear seats.pre collision safety etc...) -comfort is also not bad.but not good.but again for the price you pay it's good. Cons -This stands above all the pros.Acceleration???.extremely lazy engine.even the S mode doesn't make much of a difference.Below 4000rpm the car is like almost dead.There is a bit of torque below 2000rpm which helps during acceleration from a standstill,but suddenly it dissapears.To get some good acceleration you need to rev up the engine at least over 4000rpm,then it moves a bit.Also the engine is easy to rev.If you plan to use it in a hilly area forget about it.It does climb.But feels like it takes the whole day to do the climb. So be careful about your decision.
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