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    @alpha17 @Davy I added a new sub forum under Autolanka Forums as BLOGS and redirected to blog section. It should redirect forum users to blog section. Further I will also try to create a new section for AL blog posts in the AL home page. Cheers!
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    Why do you have to switch them on in the first place? Seat warmers are meant to be used during winter or very cold weather when the seats are uncomfortably cold to sit on or if you feel really cold. Your Suzuki Stingray is a car made for the Japanese Domestic Market. A country where it gets extremely cold in winter. In Sri Lanka, seat warmers are useless.
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    I understand what you mean. The blogs section feels like it lacks engagement between the original poster and responses as it's a separate section from the forums. Thanks for the feedback. @MADZ what can we do about this? Maybe the Forums home page can have a blogs section alongside "General Automotive", "DIY" etc?
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    @[email protected], Please stop spamming the forum by creating duplicate threads. You have three threads with "what is the best option???" as the title and members have been kind enough to respond to you each time you created a new thread. Ask your questions about your car purchase on this thread. Three threads merged.
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    That's low monthly mileage.No point in going for a hybrid. Get yourself a Vitz not as loaded as an aqua but gets you from A-B without a lot of hassle.
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    FWIW out of all the options listed above the best option for me would be the CS series If you can explain what you expect from the car you're going to buy we'll be able to help you find it. But I'd advise against the Fit Aria CVT. That car is a world of trouble.
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    Honda City/Fit aria Lancer CS series Honda Civic Es1/Es5 Toyota Corolla 121 Toyota Carina SI myroad Those are some models. Can you list out your requirements?
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    You should PM a mod ( @Davy ) and send all the links of the posts you have opened so far on this matter - and ask him if he could merge them all to one thread - "Best vehicle for a 4 - 4.5 million budget". And get your username changed to "Posthard" or "Spamhard" while you're at it
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    Seat heaters danda epa ban thel pichenawa. (This was from a real convo. Befriended him)
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    Technically, all cars with seat warmers have seat cooling. It just starts working as soon as you turn the seat warmers off.
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    After some research and finally I also did permanent fix and up to now I ran 4000km. I checked oil level like every 500km and oil level remaining same.. :) At first I thought to sell this but felt guilty like @hondaclub said and I like this car. so I fixed it and I hope that fix will last at least 100000 km.. :) please share current status of car @hondaclub and anyone did permanent fix. In my experience I also suggest to do permanent fix
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    It has been 20000km so far since I have done the full repair which is suggested as the permanent fix. Rings clean up temporary only and it will get clotted again dude to the size is the hole been made different. I suggest to be generous and do the full repair and then sell it. Otherwise the buyer will have to go through the same nightmare
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    Now I've heard it all... a Honda with an insect fetish. This proves your car is a female though. No male car would ever be able to have a second full-blown orgasm within 5 minutes of the first one.
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    Well guess what yesterday I parked my car and about 30 minutes later the alarm went off for no apparent reason i was clueless so unlocked and locked the car again only for the alarm to go off 5 minutes later again. Finally found two flies copulating inside the car. 😐
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    I am sure this is a real pain in a**.. when threewheelers and bikes crossing your way in heavy traffic.
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