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    Its not that popular here, people have issues with the looks, which I kinda like, but seems like a good car, is it the same size as the CHR? do look into the interior room and cargo area in comparison to the others as it looks small. If it shares parts with the on going swift gen you won't have an issue though. I suggest more research and like you said its new here and not exactly an acclimatized model, may have lurking issues and with no agent support it maybe like the Xtrail issue of the past, so take your time.
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    It seems settings are okay. Therefore it's best to get it checked out the gas level. But it can't be checked by local makabas because new R-1234yf A/C refrigerant is damn expensive. Even agents doesn't have that A/C refrigerant (I checked last month). So before you put it to any workshop please check with them whether they are capable of handling that type of gas used vehicles or not.
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    Is it just me or are there more and more classifieds with genuine mileage - even for mainstream cars? I see people not being afraid to advertise mileages of 200,000 + this is a good trend.
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    the best thig i like on charade is the fuel economy. . I don't know actually it is a BG or BJ .but it is 1993 as seller stated.
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    The non hybrid Fit is a very versatile car - doesn't have the greatest ground clearance - my cousin has been using a 2009 one for 8 years now and running smoothly. Spacious car and great head-space specially since you mentioned you're tall. Ideal car for family use, quite nippy as well. OP - please check Hyaenidaes link - there is a series of VIN #'s and manufacture dates - probably 2011-2012 bunch would be affected. look for one outside the range and you're good to go - I think anyway 2008, 2009 ones are unaffected majority of gE6' in sri lanka were 2010 models imported in around 2011-2012.
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