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    Taking Australia as an example: First of all, the company or individual needs to be a "Registered Migration Agent" in order to be able to legally qualified to act on behalf of an applicant. The Australian government has a web page with all registered migration agents, so before you consult one, make sure they are a legit company. Most popular companies in Sri Lanka are registered. How they work: You make an appointment and go there with your spouse or family (with whom you plan on migrating) for a preliminary interview, after which they will assess your situation and let you know what your options are. This step is usually free. If you decide to go ahead with it, they will provide you with a quote of their charges and let you know when payments are to be made. It's not a once-off payment usually. You pay an upfront amount and then pay in different stages, based on what the agent does on behalf of you. It's all highly subjective and so is the cost. Then you work together with the agent and get the paperwork done. For Australia, everything happens online through their visa application Portal (immi account). The agent is registered there and lodges an application on behalf of you. If you are migrating on skilled migration, you need the agent will lodge the skills assessment on behalf of you and all you really need to do is sit for IELTS. Each of these steps the agent does for you comes with a fee. After the application is lodged, you wait until the visa is granted. The agent sometimes charges you a final payment if the application is successful and you've been granted visa. How much they charge: About 5 years ago, a reputed migration agent wanted to charge me 700,000 (for my wife and I) for Skilled Migration to Australia. I ran away and did it on my own. My cousin works for a migration consultant in Melbourne and I just enquired and she confirmed that for a couple it would cost 1,000,000 for the entire thing, assuming it's Skilled Migration. My opinion: Do it on your own. Don't waste one million (that's nearly twice as much as what you would spend as opposed top applying on your own) on a migration agent. The application process (at least for Australia), although comprehensive, is very well explained on their Immigration website. All you need to do is make sure you are eligible (the website has an eligibility calculator). If you are, you can lodge an EOI (expression of interest) and that does not require you to make a payment. Before the EOI, you need to have done IELTS and met other criteria for which you might have to pay for (for Skilled migration, you need to have been assessed by the relevant assessing authority and given an "Eligible" status).
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    I know it`s not E30 related, but cant help but post these other Bavarian beauties i`ve captured during the same meet.... 2002 Trubo, most probably a genuine car.. The best condition E34 i`ve seen in my life. This one is a 535is, presented like it just rolled out of the factory.. Timeless E34 interior... E24 635csi - 6 series coupe also known as the Shark Nose E28 M5 replica - done up just like a genuine M5
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    At last some interesting stuff on AL.
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