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    Both these vehicles would not provide you over the top comfort. Overall I'd say the Elite is a better car than the celerio - it's actually a nice nippy car and is comparatively better put-together compared to the celerio.
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    Except Name and address all other details they are getting from Export certificates. If its a Japan imported vehicle as mentioned on the JAAI, JEVIC or BV.
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    Don't stress yourself financially. Till you can afford it buy something cheaper! My first car was a '99 Pug 405 that I bought for 400,000 without any financing. only when I could AFFORD it did I sell it to buy another car. Don't go into debt to keep appearances buddy! best lesson I learned!
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    If resale is your worry, go for a Toyota. Its like a cheap maradana whore. You can do whatever you like with it and shove it off to the next guy. If you like to enjoy your ride, go for the kia. You cant find a maradana whore who looks and feels like priyanka chopra. You need to decide where to compromise.
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    I am so happy for giving ya honest opinion guys.It's wonderful to see that many of you guys putting efforts to type all of those huge feedback for someone that you really dont know.... after reading all the comments, I just realised that this game is all about ego as I work in a managerial position of a multinational company and downgrading is like losing to your ex's new boyfriend on highway.lol
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    Simple answer- No problem
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    Please search the forum.
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    @matroska Yes but the look and feel can be different lol . Speaks a little bit of English
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    Being able to afford for a less used and newest vehicle don't go for a used and old model. Even the latest viva elite model you can find in the market is 2014, asking price of around 2.4 for very good condition car. Celerio is much better over the altos and marutis. Its more refined in terms of engine, performance and durability. You get a better ground clearance, pulling power and spacious cabin over elite. Second hand market also not that bad as people are claiming.
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    I know those 2 vehicles. Suzuki celerio is new and does better milage than viva. However suzuki is an Indian model where viva is a Malaysian model where they use daihatsu parts. Daihatsu parts are equal to Toyota Suzuki celerio is less comfortable and viva is OK according to that price range.But viva is smaller than celerio Its upto you to decide... If I were you I will go with viva Sent from my INE-LX2 using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
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    Hello All, It’s a slow day at work, thought I’ll post a few pics of my own car to keep the E30 spirit going.. The day we bought her home a bit over 2 years ago….. Bone stock, no upgrades no modifications.. About 95% of things working as it should, few leaks here and there, lumpy idle, paint job looks better in pics. Actually, it had a couple of upgrades: A tuned chip to run on 98 octane with the rev limiter increased to 7500 – which was great. Then a cone filter instead of the brilliantly designed factory air-box – a useless addition. These are more recent. Only the Racing Dynamic wheels are visibly different, but many.. many.. bits are either replaced or improved by now…
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    Well this is all because of taxation purposes. Usually tax brackets are defined in round figures. Example 660cc, 1000cc, 1500cc, 1800cc, 2000cc or over , etc. In order to prevent your car falling into next highest bracket, manufacturers intentionally fudge these numbers. You will notice those engine capacities are marked as 658cc, 998cc, 1498cc, etc in the registration documents. There is no harm for doing it because 2cc is a very nominal value which is a barely measurable performance change, even if it is tested. Also this has become a norm in the automobile industry and local authorities, customs, regulatory bodies well aware of.
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    then better to ask from the DMT itself buddy.
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    @ange88 Buddy not to be rude or anything, but this IS the definition of ego. This is something most Sri Lankans don't understand, given how we are a society that is obsessed on keeping up with the Pereras, but please remember that you are not your car/job/school etc. Your opinion of yourself should not be defined by things like this, and don't let your self esteem suffer like that. And also, why look at this as a downgrade? If you look at the big picture, you started with a motor bike true, but today you are well on your way to home ownership. Back then, you didn't have a house of your own right? But now you do. To me, that is growth and an improvement in your situation. If you have to stick with a smaller/older car to achieve that dream, is there really anything wrong with that? I don't think so. So don't be so harsh on yourself. Cheer up! About your car choices, remember that your financial situation is your biggest constraint. Second, keep in mind that in general the second hand car market in Sri Lanka is like opening a can of worms. Avoid if possible, and buyer beware! (Basically, you have to be really really careful and patient to get a good deal). In that context, I would also agree with what the others have said here about going for the Vitz. Second hand hybrids in SL, especially the Aquas currently on the market, have all been used very harshly/or could be due for somemajor repair like battery upgrades and things like that, which is not something you want on your hands right now. Coming from a economic and finance background myself, let me tell you one more thing. You might be better off focusing on aggressively settling your debts. Not only will it help you sleep better, that is also the fastest and best way for you to pave the way to upgrade to a bigger, better car later on. The interest costs can kill you, especially in this environment, where interest rates on loan will start moving upwards. Your bank won't tell you this, but a 1% adjustment can make a HUGE difference (I can prove this to you mathematically). Therefore, do consider the option of selling the 121 and going for something like an Elite, or kei car like the Wagon R, which should lower your running costs, and also won't add to your already high debt load, thus reducing the financial breathing space you have. The amount you save, you can divert towards paying down your debts or saving for a rainy day. I have a friend who did exactly this, and he is glad he did it. And finally, there's something else. It's very easy for all of us sitting on the other side to give advice, but when it comes to something like this, remember that this is Sri Lanka (i.e. Keeping Up With Perera syndrome). Therefore, even if you take the prudent way of downgrading to a more economical car, you decision will be vetoed by your wife/mother in law/neighbour/ Albert Uncle in London etc. Especially your wife, if you are married. First have these tough conversations and then decide for yourself
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    The name Vitz is the phonetic Anglicized spelling of the German word Witz which means "wit" (however, its principal meaning in contemporary German is "joke")
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    Priyanka chopra would have been a nice analogy if he compared the Vitz to a Benz. But to a Kia , maybe Maradana whore and Hasini Samuel
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    Sri lankans compare apples with gata polos.
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    How can these cars be compared? they were built8 years apart in differtent countries,..😐
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    If you are a real enthusiast of crossover/ suv/ 4x4 , try to find a one within your budget. Even a used one with good running condition will full fill your dreams rather getting into additional problems. ke72 is a very good wagon. But only a very few models without a dozen of body and engine repairs can be found. if you can make it, this is a very reliable car. This has all the regulations ; http://www.dmt.gov.lk/web/images/stories/document/act_no 08of2009_en.pdf
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    Very Welcome to the AL Forum 👏 Suppose you are not joking..😄 Nice imagination, but there are lot of barriers to your plan. Technically you can't change the engine, color and body unless you are planning to go through the entire fitness, safety and re registration process of the vehicle. People do these kind of things within certain limits but again questioned by the law (police) In terms of safety it is highly discourage to change of vehicle height (ground clearance) . People use to put higher wheel sizes but that is even not recommended. Increasing the height means, increasing the center of gravity. If the vehicle is not originally designed for induced side forces (transverse direction) during the cornering, you will be ended up in the mortuary. Changing the engine sizes are also not recommended. It has lot of demerits..increasing vibration, unbalanced pulling power, etc. So..
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    Around 10- 13 in the 3pot 1 litre provided you are very careful. people boast 17s and 19s but will not happen
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    Option 2 all the way, The aquas here have aged and been hacked, most need a new battery and redone to fool buyers. An aqua with a faulty hybrid system is not at all economical to run let alone repair. A vitz unreg as a direct import or from a credible source is a far better option I bought 2 keis to cut down fuel costs after using thirsty diesels, quite happy with the decision , garage visits have gone so low that the mechanic calls to find out if I went abroad or died.
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    How to pronounce "Nkamapoiortieotretrektnr " ?
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