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    That is no reason to replace the ECU. Don't waste your money. Run away from that mechanic as fast as you can. The first thing you need to do is get a diagnostic scan done to make sure there are no error codes. The ignition signal in OBD2 systems works by sensing the Crank Position Sensor signal. So get your Crank Position Sensor checked out. It maybe as simple as a bad Crank Position Sensor. Don't blindly replace the ECU without checking simple things first.
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    Running behind Japanese is a just a mania in our country. with that, ppl miss so much of good stuff. If I had thought that much about resale value I d miss that nice Picanto I own now. Besides, just compare the latest Japanise crap with a 1.0 l picanto. I dont think anybody have to explain you the difference.
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    Hi, no offence but dont think selling your car and re financing to get another car of higher price will help your situation. If your sole purpose of selling the 121 is to get out of the crisis, what I believe is the best to buy something of lower price at least temporarily. In that way you get out of the crisis. And being used both ICE and Hybrids I can tell you, you will not get the financial benefits of fuel unless you keep it a very long time. I mean 'very' long. Because you will face higher insurance cost with the newer car and 'any' car can breakdown and issues can be there.
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    Option 2 all the way, The aquas here have aged and been hacked, most need a new battery and redone to fool buyers. An aqua with a faulty hybrid system is not at all economical to run let alone repair. A vitz unreg as a direct import or from a credible source is a far better option I bought 2 keis to cut down fuel costs after using thirsty diesels, quite happy with the decision , garage visits have gone so low that the mechanic calls to find out if I went abroad or died.
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    Maybe the mechanic tried to do this and couldn't get the ECU to respond? That would explain him declaring the ECU is FUBAR. @OP, is your mechanic reliable? Did he try an OBD reader on your vehicle?
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    If I were you, I would try the car with another ECU ( I am not sure whether security system to be unlocked for switching the ignition) and verify where the exact issue is. Take it to a professional who does alto or to agents.
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    If resale is your worry, go for a Toyota. Its like a cheap maradana whore. You can do whatever you like with it and shove it off to the next guy. If you like to enjoy your ride, go for the kia. You cant find a maradana whore who looks and feels like priyanka chopra. You need to decide where to compromise.
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    I once drove a Honda FIT GP4 and had to sell if off due to my wedding matters. After the GP4 I drove a old 2 door Alto for sometime 😊. Things happen in life , being able to adopt to any situation is maturity. To your question selling the 121 and buying the Vitz will only give you worry free ownership. Not so much fuel economy to even think about. I also don’t think you will appreciate the smaller cabin with less bells and whistles. You will lose out some comfort on long journeys. IMHO you are going to do a downgrade.
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    Might be tough....Delkanda now is more full of parts for newer cars and cars from the 90s like E100 Corollas...but still no harm in trying...but ask if they know of any yards with old cars and part stripping. May I ask what is wrong with the bonnet ? How badly is it damaged ?
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    As these are fairly older parts Try delkanda Also the places in kurunegala which is not that far for u
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    I have a Ford Focus 1l ecoboost similar to your Civic engine. Ford recommends Castrol 0W 20 complies with the A5/B5. Local agent did the oil change using Castrol Edge Professional full synthetic 5W 20 which complies with A5/B5. I guess you may be able to find Castrol Edge Pro 5W 20 as well from the local Castrol agent or any other oil store who has high end oils. My engine use 4.6l liters so had to purchase 5 1l cans. The total cost was 14850/- and have to change in 6 months intervals according to our extreme driving conditions.
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