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    Lets be practical as possible without the slide, glide and hyper milling. afaik GP1 does 12kmpl in cmb around 20kmpl on highway gp5 does 14-15 in colombo aqua is the best with 16-18 in colombo wagon r/ hustler- 13kmpl in colombo
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    This is from kurunegala to Colombo in very rainy day. Because of rain I didn't go fast. Also I used pulse and glide method. Yes this not very practical because to achieve this efficiency you need go slower avoid sudden acceleration. Try glide as puch as possible. And it consume lot of time. Anyway car is capable of giving this efficiency. In Japan this is markted as giving 36kmpl. Also another detail. I have once notice around 35kmpl instant consumption on engine running ( not ev mode ) in expressway. This was when doing around 98kmph . ( Car don't have digital meter so can't tell exact speed) I was doing constant light acceleration ( with eco mode on) . This consumption last like 5min. Change in acceleration drop it around 30. Some one can try it
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    Thanks for noticing that. Can you please share a photo of the battery fitted correctly? I will look at it and fix.
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    Add Nissan Patrol specifically somewhere on the same level as Leyland 😂 ...and I think vezel should fall into "normal cars". arent keis marginally safer than Alto? Theproblem with SL is : Alto drivers think they drive an Audi, Kei drivers think they drive an SUV, Vezelites think they are driving a Land Cruiser...oh and bus drivers think they drive the Millennium Falcon.
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    32 KMPL? මචන් උඹ මේ කියන්නේ Honda Fit GP5 එකක් ගැනද? Scooty Pep එකක් ගැනද? 😮
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