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    I asked this guy. He said the depreciation in 3.5 years and 300,000km is 23.762719% from the purchase price. He also said you should sell it 2 years before the 3.5 years.
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    Okayyy a Pug Executive for a lady? For real man? 😕 Maybe if she's married to a garage owner yeah? lol @Eranga Jaysena If you can stretch your budget to 2.2 mil following might be good options 1. Perodua Viva Elite - 2011 and up (Rock solid car even if it is malaysian made. Ideal choice for a lady. It's new and reliable. You might even be able to find a 2013 one if you are lucky) 2. Suzuki Swift - 2003 and up (Please don't buy the Cruze just because it's rare and has nice colors than the Swift. It's essentially a Swift with some cosmetic mods. You'll regret buying a cruze if you get into an accident and needs to find body panels and trims - very rare) 3. Toyota Passo - 2005 and up (Ultimate ladies car though I don't like how it looks lol Has the Toyota reliability and fuel economy. Nothing to complain. If you like the design and how it looks I would say never miss a Toyota.) 4. Kia Picanto - 2012 and up (This is the ideal car. It's korean but almost has the japanese reliability and a cool design. I'm listing it last coz you have to be really lucky to find one below 2.2 mil. But still worth the shot) Good luck!
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    these days doc permit price is over 2.5Mn. used to be around 2.3Mn
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    LOL. it all depends on the price you're willing to sell and the price the buyer is prepared to buy Are you a doc? As far as I know the doc's have their own permit selling network
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    Someone has f**ked up your cooling system electronics bro! Probably a bakapandithaya who doesn't know the cars' design! Civics have a dual fan system designed specifically for the AC system and Radiator which needs no such alteration. this system is 100% capable of keeping the AC condenser and the engine at the required temp. Don't run with these makabass setups which will ruin the car in the long run. This is how the OEM system works. If engine needs cooling both fans work at their max speed supplying radiator with a cool air flow and both fans shuts off when thermostat engages. (This operation is not related to AC, both fans should run at max speed to quickly cool down the engine) If the AC kicks-in the passenger side fan works in variable speeds to cool the AC condenser. But if engine needs cooling at the same time both fans kicks in at max speed irrespective of the AC. This is critical for cooling system. Never alter fan setup, coolant temp sensors or thermostat design. Anyway follow these steps to diagnose the problem. 1. First scan the car and check for any errors. A bad temp sensor(there are 2, one in the lower radiator area and one up on the engine) or relay/fuse will definitely throw a code. 2. Then check all the wires. 3. Then check if the fan is actually bad by testing it with a ohm meter. Always keep an eye on the temp gauge as a habit when driving any car. Even if you replace the whole cooling system it would still be cheaper than a warped head and a blown head gasket!
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