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    Finally I received my Ford Focus. It is a generation 3 model and generation 4 will be released in Q3 in Europe but the agent in Sri Lanka import 3rd Generation model in Titanium trim. However it seems this Titanium trim is customized for Sri Lanka or similar markets since some of the options available in UK titanium model cannot be seen. (Examples, leather seats, Auto breaking, B pillar key pad etc.). It has 8'' touch screen Sync 3 infortainment system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The Carplay works well but have to wait until iOS 12 to use Google maps in it. The model comes with 1.0l ecoboost engine and 6F15, 6 speed automatic transmission (not the dual clutch transmission). The engine has 123 bhp and 170 nm torque. Will update the fuel economy after 1500-2000 km and minimum 95 octane should be used. Yesterday I picked the car and drove to Kandy from Colombo and I did not feel it as a car with 1l engine. The engine is refined and you cannot feel the vibration common to 3 pot engines. The acceleration is also good and you can glide in 70 km/h less than 2k rpm. Did not do any hard accelerations since the engine break-in period is around 1000-1500 km but I had to overtake one 40ft container once and when the turbo kicks in, the the car performs really well. The build quality is great and it is a really nice car to drive. Very comfortable and handles well. My old car was a Honda Fit GP1 and missed the magic seat arrangement in it but Focus too have good rear leg space. Some of the pictures are given below. The color is Blazer Blue. I purchased this for a special discounted price and the current selling price is 5.85 millions.
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    Congrats on a great buy. Go to www.etis.ford.com and create yourself an account. You should see some details about the car and service schedules etc
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    ...and a Civic...much much nicer looking than a Civic
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    Congratulations! Love the interior of this generation of Focus. Enjoy and drive safe.
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    I'm also in the Market searching for a Axela/Mazda 3 and found that Most of them have water leaking problems in the trunk and it cases rusting in the trunk and floor under rear passengers . But as per some Mazda 3 Forums it's an easy fix.. Mazda 3 looks way better than Tida... ?
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    Looks much more elegant than a Priass or Weasel,congrats!
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    Looks great....congrats.....
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    Ha ha! Sorry about that ? Here are some random clicks
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    Engine capacity : 2007-2012 1500CC (4A91), 2012-2015 1600CC (4A92) Average FE: Traffic - 9-10kmpl Mixed - 12-13kmpl Outstation - 15+kmpl Lancer EX comes in 2 variants - GLX and GLS. Differences between GLX and GLS vary depending on the year - but GLS is the most "loaded" version.
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    Hmm..seems like nothing much has changed...it can be. Some time a go a Japanese group did a similar survey. They checked the air quality of a cabin to see how safe it would be for people during allergy season. The resulting survey showed that Toyota had pretty poor air filtration (Nissan was next, then Suzuki or something...). Toyota's explanation at the time was that the base air filtration system has low filtration because it is complemented with Micro-dust and pollen filtration system and iON filters. Not a very good excuse especially when not all the cars nor the grades actually came with it. There after they did start sliding in the micro-dust and pollen filtration system as standard. But seems like it actually is not doing the job fully.
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