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    Here's a write up on my Daily Driver - the new Civic 1 Litre Turbo - I've so far done just a bit over 1500 Km's and since the engine was new didn't really push it to the max and I have not yet been able to do a really long trip or a drive uphill to BUT I will continue to update the blog based on the experiences as well as services etc. For a start I will touch the basics as well as all the cosmetic stuff and then get into the overall driving experience and later on the services etc. There is also a dedicated thread in the forum that is quite informative. But I hope this blog will also prove useful to someone. First of all the basics.... In a nutshell the 2017 Civic is the 10th generation in the line up. The particular model I have, and is getting popular in SL goes under the model code FK6 and has a P10A2 engine which has a measly 988cc but is turbocharged. The car is made in the UK (at Honda's Swindon Plant). I have heard that the agents now bring it down as well. (6.2M for the SR) There are 3 grades for the 1L turbocharged civic. SE, SR and the EX. The SE is the most basic model with the EX being the highest (the Tech pack is a further extension of the EX) There is roughly a 5,000 GBP (~ 1 Mil LKR) price difference between the SE and the EX. The SR on the other hand sits comfortably in the middle - it does not have stuff like adaptive damper system that comes on the EX. The Honda UK website lists down the differences of each grade under a section called 'Build your Honda' or something. If you're interested do have a look. There are 7 colors available and the Rallye Red is the standard . Every other color will cost around 500 GBP more . There is also the "Orange Line Pack" - which is basically an accessory kit that adds a touch of orange into everything - I've seen a few such cars in car sales in SL. Though I initially contemplated Sonic Grey, ended up with a Polished Metal Metallic specimen. With the 2017 Budget a new tax structure was introduced and under the engine capacity based taxation you'd be paying 17.5 m in taxes (1,754,976 LKR to be precise) for a brand new car with reasonable creature comforts and a bunch of bells and whistles which costs something between 4-5 mill based on the grade ( see above ) First Impressions For me the new Civic hatch looks like someone started designing and spent too much time doing a good job with the front and then ran out of time to design the posterior and hastily put an end to it. This explains the rather weird looking behind. The Sedan version I have to admit looks better. There's also waay too much plastic in the rear so much so that it looks like a joint venture between Honda and Arpico. There's a bit of aggressive styling at the front. The car is quite wide and it has a solid ground hugging look to it. As for the supposed vents you see at the front and the back - well those are fake. They're simply pieces of plastic made to look like vents. And yes it does have fog lights. I like the factory fitted black 17" alloys. Note the SE comes with 16" Alloys as opposed to the 17" found in the SR. Being a brand new car it came with a humongous bible-like user manual (thankfully in English) - along with the wheel lock nut as well as the tool kit and the tire repair kit (glue and the inflator which by now we are used to) If any of you intend to buy one from a regular car sale make sure they give you your wheel lock nut.
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    It's been little more than 4 years with my Hiace and it has done around 76,000kms so I thought its time I give you guys an update on it. Let me start the blog with the basics, Mine is a Toyota Hiace KDH206, this variant of Hiace is fitted with a 1KD-FTV turbo engine with an all wheel drive system. The AWD system in the KDH series is pretty much full time, it runs on all four wheels normally and if any of the wheels experience a slippage, the vehicle stops sending power to that specific wheel. There is a noticeable difference between the AWD variant(KDH206) and RWD variant(KDH201). The KDH206 is around 100kg heavier and you could feel that through the steering when you drive one. In addition, the KDH206 feels far more planted at higher speeds and around corners than the RWD variant. However the downside is that the full time AWD system drinks bit more fuel than RWD version. Cost of Maintenance In short the Hiace is not cheap run, I get fuel economy of around 6km/l in kandy and around 9-10km/l outstation, the RWD KDH201 would return around another extra 2km more per litre. Hiace is originally fitted with 195/80R15 8ply tyres and they cost around 22-23.5K per tyre from brands like Continental or Pirelli, while Maxxis tyre could be found for around 16k. The Hiace requires 0W-30 oil and a regular service which needs to be carried out every 5000km costs around 10K using Toyota oil, I was using Toyota oil filter as well, but now I have switched to VIC. ATF oil must be changed around every 40k kms, I change air filter and cabin filter every year. It requires super diesel and this is an absolute must, if you regularly pump auto diesel you will pay more in repairs than what you saved by pumping auto diesel. The most likely issues you would get from pumping auto diesel are DPF, which costs around 70-80k to replace and injectors, which would set you back around 500k for all four. So far I had to change only a bush which costed around 50rs, apart from that I have not had any repairs. Performance The Hiace pulls pretty well for a vehicle which weighs 2 tonnes, the 1KD-FTV with a variable nozzle turbo produces 100kw at 3400RPM and 300nm of torque at 1200-3200rpm and it is connected to a 4 speed conventional automatic gearbox. Overtaking other vehicles with Hiace is pretty easy, you just have to put your foot down, the turbo will come to life and you would be gone. It is always on the right gear, there's no unnecessary downshifts or up shifts, the gearing ratios are perfectly synced with the power band of the engine although it is only a 4 speed gearbox in a world of 6 and 7 speed gearboxes. The Hiace properly comes to life on hill climbs with the help of low end power and variable nozzle turbo. Handling is fairly good for a van, it handles better than large SUVs. The KDH series has much less body roll compared to the previous LH series, but it isn't great as handling of a car. I notice the difference in handling when I drive the Hiace after driving our Bluebird which has front and rear independent suspension. Comfort It doesn't handle large potholes and bumps as good as a car, but it does manage to soften small potholes pretty well. The diesel engine noise is evident compared to a hybrid or petrol vehicle but the noise reduces when the vehicle gets to the third gear or at around 70+ km/h speed. The A/C is epic on the Hiace, it is one of the best cooling A/C I have come across, I rarely have to set the A/C temperature below 26 degree Celsius on auto mode and that is without the dual A/C. There is plenty of space inside, 7 or 8 people could travel on long journeys with their legs stretched out and not crammed. The second row seat is the best place to be in, you get the dual A/C right in front of you, it is acoustic sweet spot and minimal sunlight enters the cabin. Practicality It is quite a practical vehicle if you are using it occasionally or for long journeys as it can seat 8 comfortably yet carry plenty of luggage(you could fit around 4-5 large travelling bag placed horizontally), it has got atleast double the amount of luggage space compared to a Noah/Esquire. However it is bit of waste of money if you are using it on daily basis as fuel bills are gone be crazy and parking these are not that easy within city limits. In addition, maneuvering these around narrow roads requires some skills especially roads with tight bends. Second hand value and parts Selling a KDH isn't difficult at all, if you maintain them right there will always be people willing it to buy it from you. There are plenty of body parts available but 1KD engine parts are bit difficult to find and even if you do find, it will be expensive Some used parts prices are: Pair of tail lights: 15k for older design and 30k for new design Pair of headlight: more than 100k without the HID unit Rear door: around 40k Fog lights: around 20k What I have done with my Hiace The Modellista body kit came with the van from Japan itself and I added the Modellista grill later on Original Toyota spoiler which came painted pearl white I tinted the fog lamps yellow with Nightbreaker bulbs in them I have also replaced the rear seats which are rotatable and come with a table as well I have done some electronic mods as well, Installed a transcend DrivePro 200 Carrozzeria tweeters with crossover and JBL component speakers with crossover(thanks to @TheFlyingFox) https://streamable.com/ujkce I was planning on installing FIAMM horns, but the JDM side of my brain took over and I went with Mitsuba Alpha https://streamable.com/nbipn Note: click on the links to access the videos My dad had the body kit removed for a short period of time and during that time I drove it through some muddy terrain. It did well.
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    Finally I received my Ford Focus. It is a generation 3 model and generation 4 will be released in Q3 in Europe but the agent in Sri Lanka import 3rd Generation model in Titanium trim. However it seems this Titanium trim is customized for Sri Lanka or similar markets since some of the options available in UK titanium model cannot be seen. (Examples, leather seats, Auto breaking, B pillar key pad etc.). It has 8'' touch screen Sync 3 infortainment system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The Carplay works well but have to wait until iOS 12 to use Google maps in it. The model comes with 1.0l ecoboost engine and 6F15, 6 speed automatic transmission (not the dual clutch transmission). The engine has 123 bhp and 170 nm torque. Will update the fuel economy after 1500-2000 km and minimum 95 octane should be used. Yesterday I picked the car and drove to Kandy from Colombo and I did not feel it as a car with 1l engine. The engine is refined and you cannot feel the vibration common to 3 pot engines. The acceleration is also good and you can glide in 70 km/h less than 2k rpm. Did not do any hard accelerations since the engine break-in period is around 1000-1500 km but I had to overtake one 40ft container once and when the turbo kicks in, the the car performs really well. The build quality is great and it is a really nice car to drive. Very comfortable and handles well. My old car was a Honda Fit GP1 and missed the magic seat arrangement in it but Focus too have good rear leg space. Some of the pictures are given below. The color is Blazer Blue. I purchased this for a special discounted price and the current selling price is 5.85 millions.
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    The first thing that struck me when i sat down to drive this for the first time was the really low seating position - it did not take a lot of getting used to though. The height is of course adjustable and provides a much comfier driving position. The passengers seat on the other hand though cannot be height adjusted. The rear seats too don't have the fabled "magic seats" functionality where you can fold up the seats to increase space in the rear - but you can fold the seats down to create a humongous amount of boot space - I do not quite remember the exact capacity but it's quite a lot. Due to the shape of the roof , while the rear seats are quite comfortable and have a decent amount of space for your legs you might feel a bit of head room is missing. But it won't really translate into a problem - unless you are from Marhsall Eriksen's family . The SR grade (and the SE) for that matter comes with fabric seats - and the interior is black by default (for all grades) . So no "Baij Interiyal" advertisements on the classifieds for this model then. The materials for the seats are quite "scruffy" and the interior is a dust magnet. The material used on the seats particularly are prone to attract a lot of dust and small particles of whatnot. There are speakers on all four doors - something I noticed in other contemporary Hondas as well - the doors also have the same dust-attractive upholstery. I told you there's only a repair kit - but the good news is there is a bit of space in the rear that can double up as storage space or a spare wheel well - so if you're paranoid about having only a repair kit, you can easily carry around a spare The cockpit is contemporary Honda fare. The steering wheel itself is quite plush and has a nice feel to it - though the steering itself is light which I will talk about when i have an entry regarding handling. The usual controls are all there including the cruise control buttons and beneath the wheel you can find the paddle shifters (again paddle shifters + CVT is something i would talk about later) The control for the lane keep assistant is also in the steering wheel. Mind you the Wiper control stalk is on the right and the headlight control stalk is on the left - takes a bit of getting used to if you've previously driven JDM's only. The "Auto" mode in the Wiper means that it will enable the rain sensing wipers and depending on the amount of rain you get the speed will adjust as well. Nice touch but i personally feel it's a bit too dramatic. If i remember correctly the SE grade does not have rain sensing wipers. This being the SR grade you do not get a push start you need a key - the Push start button is there only on the EX trim. With the honda sensing package you get some features like proximity alerts, automatic breaking and lane departure warning. These can be turned on and off and the switches are located near the ignition on the right hand side along with the headlamp leveling switch. The shifter console includes the parking brake (yes there's no separate lever for that), the brake hold button (so your foot can be taken off the brake in for example color lights) there is also a button to toggle the eco-mode as well as to turn on and off auto-braking. Between these two buttons you would find the adaptive damper button on an EX-trim car. There cubby hole is quite small and disappointing given the fact that this is not an alto- and there are no individual cup holders etc - there is a circular holder that can easily accommodate a bottle in the storage area below the slide-able arm rest. This storage area also has a usb port that can be used with the infotainment system. However it has to be said both the usb outlets in front are not in the most accessible places. The other usb slot is practically invisible and hidden by the armrest console along with the HDMI port and Next to that is the 12V circular power outlet. Mind you there is another 12 V power outlet in the boot as well - handy when it comes to plug in your car vacuum. There is also dual zone climate control - other than the dedicated climate control panel fan speed etc can be set via the touch screen.
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    Finally she’s here😁Thanking all the members who helped me in various ways💪
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    The car as it may seem right now.... Broken and Shiz.. About to get a new life... Tinkering Done!
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    pissuda Ewa thel suwandatath yanawa. Wine red(Marun ) with Beige interior (baaj intariyal) is the most fuel efficient. Doctor owned nam thawath hondai . Doctor Owned Marun Pramio with baaj intariyal does 23.956 KMPL in heavy traffic.
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    If you're ready to use it for 10 years resale should be the least of your concerns. Are you really concerned about re-sale value ? 10 years is a looong time actually. Roll the clock back 10 years 1. There was a civil war in this country. 2. A certain terrorist leader was alive. 3. The Gen2 Priuses just started reaching and people ran away when they saw one. 4. Nissan Sunnies - FB14,FB15,s N16's were considered great cars. 5. Nokia phones were the best selling mobile devices. 6. I was still a student and weighed 8 kg less. 7. 512 KBPS SLT ADSL was "da bomb" the point is in 10 years time maybe sri lanka will have stopped importing cars altogether. maybe due to inflation your Yaris will fetch 625 Million instead of 62.5 million (that IS the price right?) there will be many crazy tax rules , maybe Mahendran will be back as the CBSL governor. and god forbid but we all might even be dead so dont think about reasale but think about daily running as the others mentioned.
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    It's been about 3 weeks since I received my 2018 Civic EX (Tech package) from the UK. Paid a bit of a premium for it at 7mn total, however I was keen on the Tech Pack upgrade as I detested the standard Halogen headlights that came with the normal EX. My typical route is from Dehiwala to Dematagoda through Elvitigala Mw into Baseline Road and sometimes via Thimbirigasyaya. I go to work at 8am (horrible traffic) and get back after 7pm (moderate traffic). Fuel consumption: Started at 12L/100km on average and is now hovering around 11L/100km with daily city driving. I've got one of the trip gauges to reset with each power off and can see my daytime commute averages around 14L/100km while the night travel comes in around 8L/100km. Mind you I'm still at 900km and the engine is being broken in so I'm keeping rpm's below 4000 and I have Econ mode on along with Stop/Start. As I started using it though, I set the AC to Auto with temps around 23C and 25C (dual zone). That got me an average economy of 19L/100km, which was horrible on average. So I decided to experiment and set the blower to Low with the same temperatures and kept the AC on - I immediately found the economy figures improving to around 12L/100km and stabilized at 11L/100km on average now. Comfort: Switched off the dynamic suspension system as that gave me a headache with all the bumps along my route. It's useless unless you're trying to race the car around IMO and since I'm not doing that, I've kept it turned off. There's ample leg-room in front and the rear, however the seats are quite low. Coming from an Axio 2007, it took me some getting used to, however I do enjoy the lumbar support as I have a chronic lower spine ache. The bumps are for the most part absorbed quite well and it is far quieter than the Axio. It is quite wide though so be prepared for that. I have one minor gripe about the driver's leg arrangement though: when I rest my left leg (it is a CVT transmission so I do not have to use a clutch), it rests on the center divider, which is hard plastic. As the seat is low, it causes the side of my knee to rest on this and over time, it tends to become a nuisance, requiring me to reset my left leg position. I haven't taken the car for a long drive though, so I'm not sure how much of a bother it'll be. Apart from this, it is a pleasure to drive and the seats feel amazing with lots of room to rest your arms in traffic! Oh and it does have the Auto-Braking feature so when you're in traffic, you don't need to keep your foot on the brake pedal while idle. Steering is not so light as the Axio and gives you good feedback while driving. Performance: I certainly can feel the weight of the car when driving. It is quite heavy and if you watch some of the CarWow videos, it pulls much slower than some of its rivals in the same capacity and class. Even though the turbo-lag is a little annoying, it does engage relatively well and then it just flies. I thought I'd miss my 1.5L naturally aspirated engine from the Axio, but this little 1L turbo pleasantly surprised me. I've had a few bouts of aggressive overtaking (thank you tuk-tuk and hybrid drivers!) and I'm able to do this with ease. It gets significantly better with Econ switched off, however I've turned it back on. Note that the Econ mode actually starts kicking in when you're around the mid-RPM levels and it doesn't slow down your initial pick-up from 0. The engine noise isn't as unpleasant as the Axio's and gives you a good feel, however may be a little excessive when starting off from a full stop - then again, I've learnt to ignore it. Miscellaneous: I've got a Sonic Grey car and I must say it looks dirty pretty quick even after a wash every weekend. Then again, I've got to apply the wax myself as I don't think K***nP**k did a decent enough job last time - thinking of Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax after a good claying - has anyone used this and if so, how has it been for you? If you try to clean your rear wheel wells, you'll be surprised that there is a carpet-like layer there? It seemed weird to me and was a pain to get rid of mud. The rear-view is reduced from the driver's position thanks to the spoiler on the hatch and it will take a little getting used to. There is no hard cover for the moon-roof and this causes some sunlight to sneak in while driving (not so much of a problem though). The dashboard padding is foam so I have no idea whether I'll have the same cracking problem as I did with my Axio when left in the sun over time. I'm going to keep using dashboard protectant in any case. There is no spare tire and I've been advised to buy a space-saver kit along with the jack instead of the repair kit. I have no idea if that will fit into the slot at the rear though, however this isn't a problem since the boot is cavernous! Also, when refuelling, always ensure they do not top-up when the pump cuts off if you're going for a full tank as that will mess up your gauge. Secondly, do not pull the fuel hose out until 10 seconds after the pump cuts off otherwise you'll see some fuel spilling out. The car is wider so uses 17" wheels, so you'll have a wider turning radius - I'm still getting used to this as I cannot maneuver as freely as I could with my previous car. The sensors go crazy in Colombo traffic by the way, so be warned when tuks creep in front of you - still, this has saved me from a few near misses with walls and I'm happy to leave them on (low volume though!). Conclusion: I am happy with my purchase and feel it has grown on me within this short duration. I have heard only good things about this car from my other friends apart from the initial fuel economy and am on par with that. The LED headlights are certainly worth the upgrade as they offer much better visibility and make the car look meaner. In short, even though I've posted most of the negatives (I don't like sugar-coating reviews), I just love my car and know it will serve me well in the years ahead.
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    I joined this forum in 2012 when I only had a rusty mountain bike with no brakes! Learned lots and finally obtained my dream. Didn't think of resale,fuel or what not. Just followed my heart! But sad to see the newer generation of car buyers, makes me weep hard. Does anybody even care about driving the damn thing anymore? instead of resale and fuel! This is not showing off. Just an Appreciation to AL and the community! PS. Its a 2 Liter Turbo with 200 horses and still does over 13kmpl city, so go f*** off with ur premios and vezis!
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    I've always wondered why the 260 has great ground-clearance compared to other JDM . It's kind of like a car made with SL buyers in mind except it wasnt 😄 . Just to add to this 'trend' - this is a bit of a new development i've noticed there are bucket-loads of 260s (allion/premio) for sale stagnating for weeks so maybe people are slowly breaking away from the trend. TBH there are dozens of people who advised me to buy a a 260 series ( I know they meant well ) and I actually tested out a few out of curiosity- yes it was sort of comfortable in a very furniture-like way I don't know how to put this but I can't help but think of the "Burutha Almariya" folks get for the dowry or a well cushioned couch. Let me put it this way - If the premio were a woman she'd be a bit overweight, wear no make up, do all the household chores . She'd be a moderate cook and be able to cook rice and curry and nothing else. Your parent's will be happy and your great-aunt will call her a siriyawantha kella. A Kapuwa probably sourced her for you. In bed she'd just lie down and let you have your own way. Your conversations will be just gossip and what happened next door. Convenient marriage but no spark to it. i doubt it ...chances are he probably forgot his username and password ...maybe in a few months time he'll create a new account to ask ' My primeyo do 10 KMPL friend say he premio do 27. What is wrong with car?'
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    Sorry for going OT (already OT anyway, but still), but this has to be mentioned: Most forums have a restriction where members are not allowed to post new topics until their post count reaches a certain amount (50 seems to be the most common). Professional networks (like Stackoverflow) have it even more difficult where you have to earn badges before you can freely post in any thread or make comments. Compared to these, AutoLanka forums is lenient on new members. Unfortunately, members abuse this privilege (as seen above) and open many threads about the same car or to ask a trivial question which has been discussed before. So before complaining about AutoLanka forums and the senior/regular members, I suggest you new members read through previous posts without opening a new topic for every single question that comes to your mind. The forum has been active for over a decade now, so we have volumes of information about cars, technology, and even non-automotive related topics. I know the big "START NEW TOPIC" button is tempting, but if you spend a few minutes searching through the existing threads, you can save others' times trying to dig up old threads or typing information that's already shared. No one is paid to respond and help people here. We do it voluntarily. So before accusing members who are contributing more than others, learn to respect them first. Then they will respect you. You will notice that most of these members who say that seniors/regulars are "arrogant" are members who visit the forum to ask a question and leave. If you've found the forum to be a resource of information when you buy a car, the least you can do is come back to the forum and do a personal review of the car to help others. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen.
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    so here comes the picssssssssss
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    Utter nonsense. 92 RON fuel is also imported by Ceypetco for distribution. You can verify this yourself by referring tender documents (which are publicly available on the internet (http://ceypetco.gov.lk/wp-content/uploads/BK-TERM-GAS-OIL-GASOLINE-DTB-MUTHU-2018-2019-3P.pdf). It is well known that the contaminated/out of spec shipment which caused lot of fuel pump issues in 2011 was directly imported.
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    I've never appeared in courts as a defendant myself but I did appear as a witness in a hit-and-run case. And I understood the hard way why Sri Lankan public don't wish to appear as witnesses for anything. There are only 2 words you need to know. "Varadakaru Swaameeni". That's all. You don't need a lawyer to say that. You will go there at 9 in the morning, wait till the bailiff calls your case number and your name and step up to the defendant's box. The bailiff will read out the charges at 100 words per second speed. You will just say "varadakaru swaameeni" and it will be over in 3.5 seconds. Your fine will be read out by the bailiff. Most likely the judge wont even raise his head and look at you. After the session is over, you will wait, pay the fine, wait again and then collect your license. Estimated total time: 6 hours. Estimated meditation time: 5 hours 58 minutes. You actually don't need to wear formal clothes. It's not an FCID case. Just wear a shirt and a trouser. Don't take your mobile phone or any other personal belongings inside. Practice meditation before you go. You will need it. Here's an old post on the same topic:
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    It's been a while since the last entry where I rambled on about the minor details but now for the all important part how does this actually drive. I've done over 5000 Km's now and I guess spend enough time with the car to give my honest feedback on how it handles etc. I'm not going to dwell on the statistics and figures since that is readily available on the internet - but for formalities sake the Civic comes with the P10A2 engine - Honda's 3 cylinder turbo charged engine which has somewhere between 125-130 BHP. So the overall driving experience ? Well it's adequate and after the break-in period it seems the car is actually quite eager than it was initially. There is a bit of turbo lag and coupled with the torque at low revs you feel a bit like driving a diesel ....no complaints though. A question I usually get from some people is whether this model comes with the much maligned DCT - well surprise surprise it does not. Honda have mated the P10A2 with a CVT. Of course there is always the manual and that is actually supposed to be great as per reviews from the UK - but considering I use this car to drive daily to and from work in the colombo traffic I had to be a masochist to opt for a manual (which I'm not - and god bless future me when I try to sell a manual in Sri Lanka ) . Those who have driven the GP5's and Graces know that the Dual clutch set up is actually a blast to drive - which is not the case with the CVT. My previous car also had a CVT gear box and frankly I'm not a fan of them at all. But then given how DCT's fared locally I guess having a rubbery CVT over a DCT setup is not a huge deal. All grades of the FK6 comes with paddle-shifters - now I know it's a bit funny to see paddle shifters and CVT in the same sentence but what the setup actually does is have more of a simulated shifting mechanism going when you use them. When you're in normal 'Drive' mode you can use the shifters to change gears but the car is too eager to override you and kind of spoils the fun. However if you change your gear to 'S' then the HUD will display an 'M' indicating that the car is ready to receive manual input and a blinking indicator also indicates when the time is right to shift up. Of course if you don't shift at the right moment the car will give you some time and after a while will override you. S mode, and the 7-Speed CVT with the shifters is a little fun time to time but I think it's there more as a gimmick to be perfectly honest. I will upload a video on this later on and update the entry. There is an ECO mode which can be enabled/disabled by a switch on the gear shifter console. Turning off the Eco mode will give you a more fun driving experience as the car is much more peppier. For more fun on an open road shift to S and use the shifters. I use the E03 expressway daily and that's where this car really feels home at. I mentioned the low end torque - around 2250 RPM there is a sweet spot and you can feel that pull. Due to it's dynamics the car feels very well planted and very stable at high speeds. You just feel the car hugging the road and hurtling forward - which is a really nice feeling. The handling is quite good -the steering is a little lifeless but adequately sharp and the ride is very controlled. I drive an SR which does not have the adaptive damper system found on the EX. The ride is generally smooth even with some potholes - though I cannot give any feedback about the rear since I've never actually traveled in the back seat. Road noise is something I've always associated with Honda's and once again this is no exception though the road noise insulation is comparatively better than that of smaller cars like the Fit. But it does a good job of cutting out the racket from that noisy 3 pot engine - which believe me is quite loud and rough when you actually open the hood and take a look. But inside the car it's generally quiet. To sum it up ... Cars with downsized engines for the sake of reducing emissions and improving gas-mileage are not meant to be fast performance cars in the first place. But Honda have tried to give the driver a bit of feel-good factor with the fake air vents and the paddle shifters and the overall 'sporty' feel. I wish it didn't have the CVT gear box and the steering was a little less lighter. But the noisy little 3 pot engine pulls really well given it's size and the weight of the car. The 1L Turbo Civic is no Type R but for a bird with clipped wings it flies pretty well. And now for the FAQ Section ---------------------------------------------------- [1] "Nice car bro how does it do on fuel ? " : I drive in generally bad traffic I wouldn't claim it to be the worst since I don't travel to areas like Rajagiriya/Dehiwala etc. And the car returns around 7-8 KMPL. On general I get about 10 KMPL in a 50-50 City/Suburban drive. On the Expressway I get around 6L/100Km which means about 16.6 KMPL. On the average long distance drive on non expressways depending on the time of the day the car will do between 12-16 KMPL. [2] "The car is a bit low isn't it? " : One fear I had earlier about the car before purchase is it's low ground clearance - somehow I have found it to be ok so far. I recently traveled on one of the most horrible roads I have seen in the western province - it was a tiny impossibly narrow dirt road with immense pot holes and pieces of rock jutting out leading to an almost forgotten home for the senior citizens where we had to give dinner. It was a hellish drive in pitch darkness but somehow i got through without a single scrape. For a better understanding I will try to upload some daytime pics of the said road. [3] "Aren't the back seats a bit cramped?" Leg-space wise no. There's quite a lot of leg space . The thing is due to the curved shape of the roof some may feel that head-space is a bit lacking. The only person to complain so far was my 6'3" /125Kg cousin. So unless you're some behemoth you are OK. Having said that I must say the Civic is a little too driver oriented with a lot of care given to the driver and lesser focus to the passengers: for instance the seat height adjustment is not available for the front passenger. It's a little darker in the back too.
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    Corolla 121 can be introduced as one of the most popular cars in TYPICAL SRI LANKAN vehicle market. Even being aged closed to 20 years they still sell around 3 million. So still most buyers are interested about this car, and I planned to share my 7 years of experience in this blog. I used a 2000 manufactured G Grade one which has a 1500cc engine. What it really is? Just a compact car designed for A to B transportation with good fuel economy and realiability. Driving So I’m going to start from how it is like to drive. When compared to the other cars in the same category the acceleration is really good for a 1.5L motor. The car is comparatively lighter than the 110 and Axio, so for me I’m yet to experience a better acceleration from a newer car with the same engine. It has good kick down acceleration due to 4 speed automatic transmission. For me the engine performance is better than the Civic ES5(1.5l), Mazda Axela 2004-2009, Lancer CS series and Nissan Tiida. Handling is a bit sharper than the newer Axios,Allions and Premios, but not sharp as a Honda or a Mazda. Steering is really light with a very little amount of feedback from the road. Due to the rear torsion beam setup the car is not steady in corners when compared to the older 110 and Carinas(which has independent rear suspension). But it is comparatively better in corners than the Axio.Braking is ok. Neither great nor bad. When it comes to handling Hondas and Mazdas are better. On the highways the car is steady for speeds around 100-120. After 120 there was a slight vibration(due to the resonance of the engine) but when you accelerate further around 140 the vibration goes away. There is a noticable change in stability after 140 as you can feel the car is well planted than before. You can go all the way upto 180 without any issue ONLY IF YOUR CAR IS IN PERFECT CONDITION(TIRES, ALIGNMENT,BRAKES AND SUSPENSION). I’ve tested twice and really impressed. For day to day driving around the town the car is good due to reduced length and good ground clearance. Ground clearance is really good when compared to other cars from the same class and even with never Fit,Grace and Prius. The light steering really helps for easy manouvering. Visibility is okay, but sometimes the thick front A pillars are a bit disturbing. Also there is a problem about visibility when the dashboards is reflected from the windscreen during direct sunlight. Driving position is pretty higher like most other Toyotas and not sporty at all. Feels like you are sitting on a chair. Comfort When I bought the car it was running on its original shock absorbers. But in 2015 I changed them using Japan made KYB Excel G and it reduced the the comfort level by a considerable amount. But the car is more comfortable than Mazda Axela, Honda Fit GP1 and GP5, Civic FD3, Honda Grace and Vezel, Toyota Aqua. I can really handle potholes well, but bumps can make the car wavy due to the rear torsion beam setup. The refinement levels are really good when compared to the above mentioned set of cars and it is another field that the 121 really excels. Under lightfooted driving the engine noise can’t be heard, and road noise levels are much lower. After long journeys I felt less tired than the Gp5 and Gp1. Seats are really comfortable and are a bit firmer than 110,FB15 N16s, but not firm as the Allion Premio 260 2007-2012 F grade and Hondas and Mazdas. One thing that I noticed was the rear seat thigh support is better than the Premios and Allions. Seat space is okay of you are under 6ft. Front seats feel a bit cramped due to the dashboard design beacause I’m 6ft. I always felt that Front seats are less spacious for me when compared to the other cars, even the GP1 is better. Fuel Economy Another area that this car excels. Based on my personal experienced around the town it does only about 9-10 kmpl with full time ac on 92 octane(because I live in a really hilly area). For trips like Colombo to Kandy it car return around 14-15kmpl with full time AC. It returned well over 18kmpl when travelled through highway to matara and longer trips with less traffic with 3-4 adults on borad. Also note that driving pattern hugely affects the economy level. Slow driving will never return good fuel figures. Maintaining a speed level around 70-80 will return really good fuel figures. After the first few months I never calculated fuel figures since it is much less expensive to run. Reliability This is the car which made me a Toyota fan. It never broke down. Never even had to touch the spare tire. I had done 60,000km (93,000km to 153,000km). I only had to do the running repairs and replacements. Did the tuneups and changed the ATF fluid once for every 40,000km. Used only Toyota oils.Did the services on time and never let the “makabasses” touch the car. Changed the AC cooler. Changed one hub razor. Only the running repairs. But remember that most of the cars up for sale have been through much abuse and therefore don’t expect the same level of reliability from every car. Make sure to set aside about Rs.100,000 for the repairs when you are buying a car. Also note that some cars have manufacturing defects, eventhough the car model is proven reliable. I know a guy who sold his 2010 personally imported Allion after doing 60,000kms due to excessive repairs. That depends on your luck. Options Has a good amount of options considering it’s age. Always go for a G, G limited or a Luxel grade if you buy one. I will do another entry explaining about all the grades and options. Build Quality Interior is really good with soft touch materials on the dashboard and upper doors. All trim pieces are solidly fixed so I never experienced any “creeks”. Interior material quality is better than the 141 Axio and 2nd and 3rd gen Prius. Good when compared with the cars of the same category. Notable Faults with the car -The steering rack is issue is famous with these Toyotas. It gives no problem except for the “duk duk” noise when travelling on bad roads. I repaired it but again after 3-4 months the noise came. Best thing is to replace it with a good reconditioned part. -As mentioned before the dashboard’s reflection on the windscreen reduces the visibility during direct sunlight(only when the sunlight falls directly on the dash) -The center console has a small compartment, just over the ash tray and the lid of it was broken from the begining and in most 121’s I’ve seen it broken. -Discoloration of the headlights is pretty fast due to the shape of the headlights Resale The car was sold over a month ago keeping me a 150,000 profit even after 7 years of usage. Remember that if the price is right you can easily sell it. I was quoting a really high price earlier and got a chance to sell it keeping 275,000 profit. But at that time I had no car to move on so gave up the idea(3 months ago). I advertised the car on a not-that-much-famous site on internet and next day morning two boys came for inspection and in the evening gave the advance. He still calls me due to satisfaction.😃 Really I loved the car throughout it’s stay with me for 7 years. Really a good car which is suited well for the Sri Lankan conditions and Typical Sri Lankan car buyer’s requirements. Make sure to look after the car well and it returns you with good reliability. Always use japanese parts and good mechanics for the repairs. Hope to do another entry to this blog about the Grades available in 121. This review is based purely on my experience and some details might differ from car to car. Please inform me if there is something inappropriate or wrong and welcome for all comments. I triend my best to provide and unbiased review.Thank you for reading👍 Cheers!!! -alpha17-
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    Actually these "dostharala" buy the premio than the C-HR. In my hospital there are about 15 New premios and I'm the only one who is having a C-HR. When I took the C-HR for the first time to the hospital, they all came to inspect it and make sure they made the better choice by buying a premio over C-HR. Their main concerns were that premio has electric seat adjusters and C-HR has electric lumbar adjuster only. They also made sure to check my average fuel economy on my display and it was 11.6 kmpl since I bought it. They were like " Ayyo meke thel karan naane. Premio eka 20K withara karanawa." I stayed silently when they were complaining about the body shape too. Recently I went to Ambewela and came. I really enjoyed the ride. It handled the curves very well ( comparing with my previous141 axio, it is a big improvement) The 1.2L turbocharged engine gives enough boost to climb the hills and also during overtaking. I'm quite happy about the ground clearance too. All the techs inside also gives a quite futuristic feel.
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    Exactly!! In most cases the victims tend to give up due to the inconveniences and bare the damage themselves which I believe should not happen. You should stand up for justice. Something similar happened to me few months back. It was my mother’s funeral and I was travelling to the cemetery in the funeral procession in my car. Suddenly a Tipper came from behind me cutting the double lines and veered in towards the funeral procession and hit my car from the rightside. The driver fled the scene and the car was damaged with a broken tire. I Ieft the car with some of my friends and attended the funeral and later in the evening made a complaint to the police. Luckily the whole thing was recorded in my DVR and I showed it to the police and they were convinced about the crime committed by the driver. They tracked down the driver with the help of DMT and informed me once they summoned him for inquiries. Police asked us to come to a settlement but the driver was not willing to pay me the due amount for the damage that was caused. He was only willing to pay a very small amount. I challenged him to go to courts and won the case in just one sitting. He had to pay me 50,000 for the damages and I was asked to file a civil case against him to get any remaining amount from his insurance company. My friends, family and even the police asked me to come to a settlement with him but I insisted on going to courts as I wanted to teach him a lesson for the insult he caused to my dear mother. I won because I stood up against them. @jdz10 I wish the justice will prevail in your incident as well. Be strong !!
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    Giving any kind of vehicle tax rebate on any particular profession is not fair on the others who toil hard in this country. This permit scheme is a gross violation of the fundamental rights of rest of the population. In a nation where law and order and justice prevails, the whole permit scheme can be challenged in courts. Unfortunately no judge in this country will rule in favour of this because ... guess why... they are entitled for the permits too...
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    Thought of maintaining a log of my experience with the new babe in this tread. I have had the car for just over a week as of now. Have had very bad weather for driving but did enjoy every second of over 600 km driving thus far. Going with the trend these days I did opt to go for a Ceramic Coating for the car before I got the delivery. The agent was very supportive in accommodating in getting my requirements done before delivery. The only advice given by the agent on 1st 1,000 km was not to rev the engine over 4,000rpm (the usual story in SL). But if I am not mistaken, apart from high revving the engine, constant rpm for a extended period of time is also not good during break in period and there is more to engine break in than just driving under a certain speed and RPM. The first proper drive was to Galle and reluctantly I had to take the highway due to horrid weather. Since engine was still breaking in, could not open the throttle as much as I wanted to and did not let the engine run at the same RPM for longer period. Even in lower RPMs the pick up of the car is absolutely stunning. The constant acceleration without gear shits needs a bit getting used to but I love it. Although many talks about the slight turbo lag, I havent noticed it thus far. The flaps let you override the gear ratio while driving (I know it is a CVT) in the Drive mode and gets back to its normal mode after few seconds, but in Sport mode, once you used the paddles to up or down shift, the car gets into manually up shifting mode. It stays the same until the gear is changed to Drive. (at least it is the only way I know to switch the manual mode off in "S". I am still going through the 600+ page Owner's Manual) The car's computer showed a average fuel efficiency of 5.5 liters per 100 km (just above 18kmpl) and averaged just over 15kmpl from full tank to full tank over 340km. Weekday Colombo running is still around 8kmpl and still I am not very convinced of the accuracy of the calculations of car's computer on fuel economy. I will update on the progress after the 1st couple of services. Cant wait to open the taps properly after the engine break in period. p.s: We generally have names for our cars. Keeping in with the tradition my daughter christened this one as 'Jackson Storm' (from Cars 3). 'Stormy' for short... So Stormy says "Hello World"!
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    LOL that's perfectly normal ...some hybrids also get that mileage ? [an FD3 driver would love to get 12 KMPL in the city] ...please don't give too much weight on what 'some' say. They may have driven during mid-night. See some kids when they're about 6 or 7 lie about the number of toys they have. When they are about 15 they lie about the length of their male reproductive organs. When these kids grow up they lie about fuel consumption of their cars
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    I dunno about the car, But that name itself is a big no no for me. Chick- what do u drive? guy- Nissan Dayz Highway star X! chick- ayyeh amma phone eka gatta, aye mata msg krnda epa.
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    Is there a speed bump or pothole just before the spot? If yes, it might be that a loose connector is getting disconnected momentarily and cutting power? Also, I think Crosswind's suggestion to drive in a different direction is a pretty valid test. You should do it to determine if the car stops at roughly 400m as you say. In any case, it's got to be related to distance, time or the location IMO. Driving in a different direction will tell you if it's related to distance. Starting up the car and leaving it idle for a few minutes before driving away (with AC on and maybe racing the engine a couple of times after it has heated up) will tell you if it's something that happens after a certain period of time - my guess is that it's related to time. If not, it's the location - maybe that ghost in your bedroom is taking a ride with you and cutting the engine off so that it can stop and grab a bite to eat and head back home. ?
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