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    I am an automobile engineer.Plz don't try to teach me putha.I know what's good and what's wrong okay buddy.
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    U wont get 500k lease from a finance company if a car has a duplicate book. Simple as that. Its a pitu because a BG3P is a car that can be highly recommended for newbie buyer. I have some more suggestions. Try looking for a 19- Proton Wira or 17- Maruti Gypsy or Ford Laser BG3/5P. You will find those for that range. Dont worry about spares
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    Couldn't agree more. I still wonder how come the pajero 4D56 is bad compared to a bighorn. May be a personal experience. In my opinion, it has to be other-way around. It's true there are lot's of pajero's that I have seen not maintained properly and treated very bad way which is a big sin i think. Despite of such vehicle, a pajero is a vehicle that can't be compared to any other in that range i guess. hopefully many will agree.
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    Explains why hes called bighorn kolla Not pajero (not in other languages ) kolla. And the intercooler is in a completely different league Ive seen palthsaba pajeros (turbo wagons) run over 250000km without engine repairs so its not a bad vehicle and comes with the 4d56 engine. There are ample parts including whole engines etc. So maintenance is pretty easy.
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    This is a simple fix. All you need is a MAKA-BAA5 resistor. Let us know if you require more info.
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    PHOTO CAPTION: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is expected to list for just under $60,000NZD. Outlander Electric Hybrid: Mitsubishi's 'Staggering' Leap Into the FutureNew Zealand's National Business Review takes a closer look at Mitsubishi's Outland PHEV electric hybrid sport utility, which will launch in there without government incentives. Published: 26-Jan-2014 What exactly is it? Mitsubishi’s great leap forward in making the electric vehicle (EV) mainstream. The PHEV looks like an ordinary Outlander but can operate as a pure plug-in electric car, range-extended EV or more conventional hybrid. Powertrain: 2.0-litre petrol four producing 70kW, with two 60kW electric motors front and rear. Front Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and rear Motor Control Unit (MCU), four-wheel drive. Combined fuel consumption 1.9 litres per 100km. Anything interesting in the equipment list? The Outlander PHEV is all about the powertrain. Final specification won’t be announced until the public launch in March but Mitsubishi New Zealand’s intention is to offer the car in two specification levels, XLS and VRX, which will mirror the conventional petrol and turbo-diesel models in the range. Minnesota-Based Duo Builds Three-Wheeled Hybrid Electric Vehicle That Gets 75 Miles Per Chargeby Lidija Grozdanic, 01/20/14 The Human Electric Vehicle is a three-wheeled, energy-efficient vehicle that is part car, part motorcycle and part kayak bike. It combines the pedal power of a bicycle with an electric engine and features a tablet computer that gives information on mileage and speed. Minnesota-based designer Lyon Smith and CEO Rich Kronfeld hope to perfect the vehicle and enable it to travel at the speed of up to 100 mph, with a range of between 50 and 75 miles per charge. Weighing about 700 pounds, the vehicle is street legal and is considered a motorcycle. Its carbon fiber chassis looks like a kayak, and is reinforced with structural foam, similar to an airplane. The exterior was constructed in collaboration with Winona Boiler and Steel, as well as We-no-nah Canoe and Cytec Engineering, who donated the carbon fiber. The vehicle uses a regenerative brake system, which feeds the electricity back into the batteries when the brakes are applied. It also has a solar panel mounted on the roof. The first prototype was unveiled at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum in March and the team now plans to build a re-designed version and develop the concept further. Their plan is to have the vehicle ready to hit the road by June and find investors who will help the team build a consumer version of this concept vehicle. + Human Electric Vehicle Above received by email. Sylvi Wijesinghe.
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