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    don't the budgets always bring threads like these A wise man once said "when in doubt go for Japanese". This is just my opinion mate but I think when a car enthusiast is ready for a Euro that person knows it and will not even consider a Jap.
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    Pretty common issue on the Carina AT19X and even the AT 21X - especially if you park the car under the sun always. This is due to the degradation of the sponge that seals the flaps inside the air ducts. Basically, when you change the direction of the air flow, flaps within the ducts open and close off passages to direct air out through the selected vent. These flaps have a spongy/foamy border so that it seals off the duct, preventing airflow. When the seal is degraded, it doesn't seal properly and cold air flows into other ducts and out through (in this case windscreen) vents. You will need to take the glove box out and inspect the ducting and flaps to make sure they seal properly. If the sponge is okay, you might need to adjust the cabling so that the flap tightly seals the ducts when you change air the flow knob/switch.
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    Sorry for the delay in responding. Couldn't login for a couple of days. Glad that you got the car running. Perseverance sure does pay off. As for the stalling issue when you put it into gear, make sure you have plugged in all your vacuum lines. That's the first place I'd start from. I'm not sure if this has a MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor, but if it does, get that checked/cleaned as well. The MAP sends a signal to the ECU to adjust idle RPM based on the vacuum in the intake manifold which changes as load increases (i.e when you shift into gear).
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    It might help with your search if you spell it soltron.
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    As you continue to run with bad cells other goods cells too deteriorate faster. The good cells get heated up (cos they are overcharged) when the same charging current passes through all the cells in series.
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    two cars , 2010 mazda axela and 2000 mazda 323 (ZM) . This 323 has done 170K and i am using it for 10 years, still its its axel/joints/rack ends/arms has no symptoms of any abnormal sound or play. so its mechanically solid. That is why there was a hesitation to buy one of this sonata. I know it is not a fair comparison of long term reliability/durability of mechanical parts in between 2000 car and a 2011 car.
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