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    If its like 12,000 bucks for the above with toyota genuine oil and filter, isn't it cheap besides with comprehensive maintenance history you have a certain credibility when disposing the car one day. Also they do a bit of peeping around to find a faulty unit that you may miss elsewhere, even though you necessarily go change then and there with them. I find that information very valuable
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    just go to werahera and tell you want to renew.
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    Not that amazing because Warakapola to Gampaha you have a drop in elevation of about 70m for the 33km run. To be more realistic you should consider the consumption over a return journey.
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    It's my first hybrid vehicle, was thinking either to buy GP5 or Aqua. With help of this forum and by looking at physical condition of the cars finally decided to buy an Aqua. What i most like about Aqua is amazing fuel on 92 octane. Usual in heavy traffic it easily goes to 20 KM per L and in a night i had my best performance so far, it did 32 KM/L for 33 KMs from Warakapola to Gampaha. Shearing my experience...
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