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    Thanks Fiat fan for your reply I will be ware of that now , I am not surprised withe the cheap fluff trick's our people come up with these days...he..he..he.... I am thank full to Auto Lanka forum for creating a platform for awareness so we can inform one another be a step ahead and be aware.
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    Thank you TT I will sure consider that.... Have a wonderful day...:)
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    Splendid, Rumesh88 and davy thanks for shearing your educational information. so "wire clamps" it is then.... Hey Twin Turbo.... make a DIY post on the new hose replacement..... Have a good day..
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    No, for wheel speed sensor failure, it would light on the ABS indicator only or ABS light with the handbrake indicator. it depends on the error code, but the root cause might be the same. ex: error code 11 = Circuit failure of RF ABS wheelspeed sensor error code 41 = RF ABS wheelspeed sensor and/or sensor rotor malfunction error code 45 = RF ABS wheelspeed sensor input signal missing in these all cases probably it is the RF wheelspeed sensor that we have to clean or replace (if it is 45 , just cleaning the sensor will not help, it might be a bad sensor or or problem in the wire connection).
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