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    Installed the glasses today. Instead of using the original/traditional beadings, we 'pasted' the glasses on. The process still involves beadings but very low profile. I think it turned out pretty sleek. Got the wheels back too. I initially wanted to have the centres copper plated but couldn't find someone who would undertake the job and decided to paint them in a colour that is close enough to my eye. The lips were buffed to a polish. Wiring is beeing done, mostly done, hope to wrap it up early next week. Battery was relocated to the boot due to lack of space at the front. Have a bunch of little stuff to do before upholstery work. Dusted off little bits and pieces collected over the last three years to finally go on the car.
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    Best bang for the buck in my opinion would be Protons and Kias. They are not as bad as people make you believe, especially Protons which are really Mitsubishis underneath. They have always been in 1-1.2mill price range. For little above 2 mill, you can get 2011 or so Fiat Linea nowadays. Ok Linea is a bloody slow car with its 1.4 ltr diesel engine. But its got Indian fuel economy, its relatively new so got some nice little options in it and parts are not hard to come by (many parts are compatible with Tata Indica Vista or something). For the same price you can also get a 2007 or so Italian made Fiat Punto. Leave popular brands aside. They are never 'bang for the buck'.
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    Must be a highly compacted situation!!
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    Well we do pay outrageous amounts for used cars don't we. I think european models are a bit reasonably priced but I don't know about their specific issues. Of the Jap versions fuel guzzlers such as cefiros are relatively cheaper, is comfortable has a few bells and whistles and don't cost you an arm and a leg. Also noticed that around a year back good condition Lancers (CS1,2,3 not EX)were reasonably priced. 2010 lancer and 2001 Corolla 121 would cost the same. And mind you they are pretty decent rides.
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    I think at moment only Euros are unaffected by this hype.even if you consider the risk of some parts failure,this seems to be a better deal. than paying about 3,4laks higher for a 18year old Jap in worse condition and with less options,comfort.
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    This is exactly the kind of retarded driving I observed during the three weeks I was in the country. People just don't seem to give a damn about road markings, signs, traffic lights and worst of all - lives of other people. After a couple of days of driving, I extracted scenes of so many traffic offenses from the dash cam. There were just so many of them, I gave up copying them to the PC at one point.
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    Though it should be, I dont think so. He(it) will drive again soon. It said Hatton - Nuwaraeliya rd
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    What a retard I hope his license gets canceled for good! Btw what road is this? Hatton-Nuwaraeliya?
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    So why are u asking this question? To waste people's time? Or are you one of those 'researchers' on fuel economy? There's a suitable forum for people like u -its called elakiri.com You will be very happy there.
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    The most economical car is one that doesn't move under its own power.
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    Been quite sometime since I dug this thread up Needless to say, I missed the deadline to have the car ready for my wedding. However, it was almost constantly being worked on. The highlight reel is as follows 1. The water pump was p!ssing all over the place. Had the water seals and racers replaced. Yet to test if the repair is successful and will have to bring down a replacement if not. 2. Additional tinkering work discovered in the process of stripping the paint down. Biggest being a caved in roof due to shoddy repair work before. Which looked like a flat piece of sheet metal was used to cover a sunroof and covered with filler. Almost the entire roof was fabricated anew and extra structural support was welded on from the inside. The tinker did a number on this one and drastically cut down the amount of filler that would otherwise would have been needed. 3. The door handles, window trim and the grill were all powdercoated black. 4. Door locks and boot lock were repaired and a new key was cut. 5. And of course, what seemed to be an endless cycle of prep work for the paint. The car went through a couple of colour changes during the process. From the black guide coat to the White base coat and to this..... Ideally, I wanted the engine bay and the engine painted before it was mounted. Due to the modifications that were needed inside the engine bay to make room for the larger radiator and other ancillaries, that never happened. Right now, it doesn't look practical to pull the engine out to repaint. So we're making do with what can be done as is, lots of masking and skinned knuckles of the painters. The engine bay is painted blue already. the actual engine itself is up next. The wheels are already in a shop being painted and polished. Glasses are to be mounted and the wiring to be done in the foreseeable future. it's getting there
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