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    Maheshdbr – you can keep on asking from thousands of people about different cars, their features, values, fuel efficiency, resell values, budget impacts etc. and for surely each & everyone will tell different stories. Everyone thinks his or her car as the best one on the planet . That's why most of the time car models like Corolla 121s which are 10-12 years old, going above 3 M First you decide the main requirement of buying a car. Is it for daily travel or only for weekend/leisure/family travels? Then compare this against your budget. If it’s for daily travelling, then fuel efficiency will be a concern. For family travels, better to have a little big car. Likewise list down these points and discuss within yourself on what you actually want. Then it’ll be easy for you to make the decision. But at the end of the day, 75% - 80% of the final decision should be purely yours. For an example, you may decide to pay 3 M for a 121. For most it may look like a foolish decision, but for you.....it's MY DECISION .
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    This is actually not for a car. But definitely worth for the price. I had to pay Rs 810/= as taxes. Can use even in day time in a dim lit, lights offed room. http://www.ebay.com/itm/161401416819?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
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    Voice navigation for Google maps (android) was enabled in SL about 2 months ago. I've found it to be excellent. Found it useful and highly accurate during a trip covering the east and in finding my way around Hingurakgoda. For Windows Phone there is a free app called GPS Voice navigation which is based on google maps that is also quite good.
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    To add to what iRage said, I don't think deciding a car to buy based purely on the availability of a turbo is the smartest way to go. Buy 'a car' that you would enjoy going through the trouble. If you aren't too hyper about the car as a whole, the kick you get off the turbo will get real old real fast. Buy a nice little car you actually like based on shape, size, history or whatever. Get it up and running, maybe as a rolling project, as and when you can afford to spend on it. Remember, a turbo is not a must to have a cool car.
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    Refer: http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/14387-bluebird-sylphy-2001/
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    I just realized you already own a Toyota Corolla as per this thread. http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/15674-radiator-fan-working-continuously-on-ek-3/?p=252638 Why are you asking for buying advice for a vehicle you already have?? It's not cool to waste people's time.
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    U cannot buy Vitz new model below 24. Vios is better than IST imo. But if u find Vios is less space or with bad cracked leather seats, u can think of a option like 2002 or newer N16, N16 Sylphy. Paying 22-23 for a old car like Carina, AE110 is not acceptable
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    Yes, It was a cracked top tank. Relplaced at R..... H.... Nawinna. cost 6000 . 1 hour.
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    Riding discipline is a concept completely alien to our riding schools and even testers. I dont know about how it is now, but when I was getting my driving license, the only skill you needed was to do a '8' and ride a chally behind the instructor's van (which he's also assessing). Then you see choo kollas riding HC bikes in cargo shorts and flip flops being all 'pora' like it's their father's road, you can see where all the bad rep for HC bikes comes from.
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    Your "List" is sh!t to begin with. So I dont think there's any use adding to it
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    Still searching for a good model. Any suggestions? A 2-door car would be perfect
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    Can a carb engine be charged? Yes. Can it be done here? Debatable. WEPR/Sacha will turbo anything that has an EFI, for a price. But are you willing to throw money at a problem that can be easily solved by getting a turbo car for the 200000/2Million budget you claim to have? Plenty of Evos and WRXs around that are going begging these days. See, unless you put stickers, fake Brembo calipers and hood scoops on and have a happy feeling on your butt dyno, true performance mods require serious money. Going by the few posts you have made, you seem to be someone who is a Budget Mod person who wants a turbo purely for the bragging right it seems to come with, I could be wrong. My advise, should you wish to take it is, buy a car that already came with a turbo. Or if you are on a tight budget, get one of those early Mitsi Fiore Turbos if you can find one in good condition and use that as a starting point. Or buy a carb car, throw out the engine, and drop in a SR20DET or a VQ30DET. Can be done just under 500K all up, if you get a competent mechanic. But then don't create another thread and complain that you are not getting your neighbors Allion levels of KMPLs.
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    You don't really need to turbocharge a car for it to go faster.Sometimes a properly sorted NA with a few mods is faster than an equvalent turbo car...All that godawful lag put me off turbos for good.I'd take a high revving,variable valved NA any day. For carbed cars,I've heard Supercharging is better than Turbocharging.Don't ask me why though cos I don't know...I'm waiting for my Weber + Supercharger kit to arrive for a 2 litre twin carb.It's a bolt on one for that particular car.But custom making one in SL one can be messy and expensive.Better go for an EFI car as others said. And just to echo what VVti said.Real petrolheads don't race on the streets.The posers who do have lost family members and are facing jail time plus a life time of regret. ...If you really wanna show off your skills come on a track day with us or join a club or contact AndrewGTR and enter the official drags.
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    It's the J edition machan. The CRX Julola R was made for people just like him.
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    The Japanese vehicle prices have dropped significantly due to the exchange rate against the US $. Which means brand new & reconditioned vehicles coming from Japan are at an all time low. Good Time to buy a vehicle. This exchange rate will have a effect on used vehicles in the market (2nd hand) as well. Due to not much of a price difference on recently registered vehicles Vs Unregistered Vehicles Estimated Prices: Eg 1: Vezel (depending on the Grade X or Z) would have costed you between 4.7 - 5.15 Million 2+ months ago but today it will cost you 4.2 - 4.7 million (all inclusive) if you clear it during this time Eg 2: Allion 2013/14 will cost you in the range of 4.5 - 4.7 Million Even brand new vehicle prices from Agents will/should/has come down... KEEP AN EYE OUT AND DON"T LET CAR SALES GUYS FOOL YOU WITH THEIR LIES.
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