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    1. Tampered/damaged/cut vehicles auctioned off by customs are sold for spare parts. Chassis number must be removed and chassis/unibody must be cut to pieces. They will confiscate the chassis number part anyway but the number of pieces which you have to cut the chassis solely depends on the customs official and you *wink* *wink*. Customs will not issue any documents for registration 2. Whole vehicles auctioned off by customs will have extra 6 digits on the chassis number, appended by Sri Lanka customs. For example, if the vehicle's chassis number is FB15-123456, the appended number will be FB15-123456-CMT0XX. The registration book will carry "Bought from Auction" in the 'Condition when registered' field. Almost always, the YoM in these vehicles are wrong. The buyer can sweet talk the customs officer to write a YoM he likes. Hell, I have seen a early 1990s Mitsubishi Minica, which was auctioned by customs, with the registration book saying Toyota Minica and YoM as 2002. 3. Some vehicles, which are seized by customs, are handed over to government departments and ministeries, instead of being auctioned off. These vehicles have no additional characters in the chassis number (no CMT-0XXX part). 4. Vehicles which were auctioned off by customs years ago, didn't have the "Bought from Auction" part in the CR. Instead, the first owner of the vehicle was "Director General of Customs".
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    For some reason the name is a put off.. Vezel... Vessel.... Vesi..... Vassal.. Vassi.... I dunno...... I came in my Vesi.... I came in my vassi. Sort of implies you are bonking a hooker or a cow to get to your destination. Or a pot.
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    Welcome to the forum! Although this has been briefly answered before here, here goes: 1. The manufacturer recommended mileage for timing belt replacement is 100,000km (60,000 miles). BUT, if you are not the first owner of this car and have bought it from someone, I advise you to change the belt immediately. 2. Apart from the timing belt, the oil seals (I think there were two - crank oil seal and cam oil seal) need to be changed together with the timing belt tensioner. 3. Rough estimate with genuine parts from Unit#d Mot#rs will be about 40,000 LKR (someone please correct me if they know an updated price). For a repair like this, I recommend nothing else but genuine parts. Hope this helps. EDIT: - The water pump need not be changed. Especially if you have been maintaining your cooling system properly with proper coolant. - Cost figure given here appears to be off. Sorry about that and thanks trinity for giving the correct figures.
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    Or all the Honda's are riced up and Lowered that they hit the Jacks stands
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    Driven one to Hikkaduwa and back it is OK spacious not very comfortable if you hit a pothole you can count how many rocks are there in it as you feel every little pebble on to the steering wheel. One thing I've noticed was when you close and open the power windows the upper part where the window seals up tends to move about dono if its badly made or its some engineering thing that helps the windows to seal up properly.
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    Your symptoms are tell-tales signs of worn out or cracked pistons either in master cylinder or slave cylinder. Just inspect the rubber boots at either end for oil stains for there seems to a substantial leak if the level reduced all of a sudden. Best thing to do is to repair both of them with a repair kit. When you do this it is better to bleed the system and replace oil. Inspect the existing pistons for any irregular wear out (for example on one side of the piston) for there can be manufacturing defects on the cylinder walls causing premature failure of pistons. Although a bit unlikely (seen only once with a FB14 brake pump) in this case you will have to change the pump.
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    Hello Mate Please check the below - Check the fluid level for the clutch (This model got separate tank for fluid) - its worth to check the Gearbox oil level also - Which point your clutch is off? up on the top or bottom? Good luck mate regards JC
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    So after a few months of speculation (apparently) it was announced on this morning's news that the Honda Insight will cease production at the end of this month. The official reason being given is due to poor sales and the vehicles inability to perform well in fuel figures, etc against the Honda Fit and Prius variants... So far I have seen this only on local TV news...I am not sure if this applies only to the Japanese domestic market or if it is global.
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    So finally got to drive a vezzel today although it was just for like 200-300M, aaaand i loved it. the interior didnt feel too plasticy like the new toyota's and the cockpit looks really nice compared to most vehicles in that range, also there was loads of space for even the rear passengers (headroom and legroom). i just drove it from one building to another on a road filled with tiny potholes and it wasnt that uncomfortable as ^ Dinukap4 says. i have driven a Vitz and my corona on that same road and this felt way better compared to them This thing is way better than your average premio's and axio's, so honestly its not a bad thing that these are "Invading the country"
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    Lol Just cuz you have an Axio doesn't mean you gotta be jelous, none the less the Axio is great, not as great as the 260
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    If it is to select between those 2 I'll go for the premio It's better looking and it is not as common as the allion (as one of my friends said when i was going to buy one - "hama ballatama dan allion thiyenawa ne" Well i bought a premio nothing was good as i expected so sold it for 300k less than i bought it in 3months Bad fuel econ and performance were the culprits and the front seat was not comfortable for me as my montero sport the interior engine trans and everything else except some cosmetic parts r same in the allion so it also should not be good. So i'd advice to keep away from those 2 as they r overpriced and not worth what u pay for. Brand new japan the premio and allion have same prices U'r problem of selling the cab was because the prices of recondition double cabs came down, and i was going to sugest u to go for a Hilux Navara or L200 double cab but as u used one it is better for u to decide, but the petrol car will be more expensive to run than the diesel cab. Better options for u r for the price of an allion r Hyundai Tucson Diesel 2008 used Kia Sportage Diesel 2008 used Hyundai Tucson brand new petrol Kia Sportage brand new petrol Or a recondition double cab
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    About bloody time they did that here.
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