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    I guess this is another strategy by cigarette companies to indirectly fight against the pictorial warnings, diluting the message by dragging others in to it. Don't get caught. The fact is that cigarettes cause more health hazards to the smokers as well as those around them than any of the other things mentioned. There is no safe limit for smoking, even one cigarette is bad for your health where as drinking in moderation or the occasional burger will not cause any problem.
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    Hi Friends, Thanks to all and civicferio, I could do a custom work for my jeep. Picture attached. Its a small meter board for meters of volt, amp,vacuum, switches for fog ..etc. Happy to do it and hope someone could try it too.
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    Government earns its highest tax revenue from Tobaco taxation, highly doubt if they will ban it. On a different note i think we should impose a fine or a tax on people who are admitted to government hospitals for medical conditions related to tobacco. We are wasting public money on helping people who dont value their own life, money which could be well spent for some deserving cause.
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    That has come out really nice! Looks store bought!!!
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    Entire fq-400 conversion Thanks machan. Currently no plans to fit a Navi setup, I'm kinda hesitating to replace the OEM setup... Yup, a genuine setup will cost me an arm and a leg anyway... What about the regulations machan? It is prohibited to tint front windows ne?
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    Thanks guys for all the wishes. It's really flattering to see this thread I would have loved to have more of you there, but you know how sri lankan weddings go. There's more aunts and uncles than need top be invited than friends you know.. And all the wedding festivities ended with multiple trips to the hospitals and doctors, hence didnt get to even do our traditional carting outing! And NO you sick-minded buggers, the hospital visits weren't related to post-wedding celebrations, but rather some food poisoning and gastritis due to overeating.
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    Congrads ! Good job on the color choice.... On to the bucket list of things to do when the warranty expires; following Komi's strut bars the first thing that came to my mind was "that needs to get lowered a bit" . As the others suggested color code the mirrors, think it will go better with the already color coded door handles. Also, please do keep the engine bay clean from the start...it is a lot easier to keep it clean from the start when it is clean rather than let it get all dirty and gunky and then try to get it cleaned. <yes I do get excited by clean engine bays...but then i am weird enough to have a small paint brush to clean the air vents>
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    This is an awesome ride bro! Congratulations on your purchase. It looks a hell lot more badass than an Axio 161.
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    Just let the engine idle and reach working temperature for your idle to come down to 800 - 850 rpm range. Then while keeping an eye (or finger on the mechanism) on the dash pot, switch on the headlight. If the dash pot plunger retracts but the engine does not rev up then it is working and the adjustment is out ( if so, someone must have meddled with it). If it does not retract remove the vacuum pipe and check if there is any vacuum with your finger tip (close the pipe with finger tip quickly to prevent engine from stalling or better still stop the engine and restart keeping the hose closed). If there is vacuum but the pot fails retract then you can check the pot by using a syringe (need a large one like you get with printer ink refill kits) or you can connect a hose and simply suck (yuk! the taste and the health hazard) hard to activate it. If you do not get any vacuum to the pot trace the hose all the way inside the box (fitted to the firewall) until u get to the solenoid. On the other side of the solenoid you will have a hose from inlet manifold where you should have vacuum always. By this time you will be able to figure out what's wrong. I don't think the things which can go wrong beyond this point like ELD, PGM etc., are faulty. At least check up to this point for now.
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    O___O hot damn Rumesh you really do deserve the noob of the year award! (I mean that in a good way although it doesn't sound like it!)
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    Usual BS of some of our so called specialists. EG8 has load detection (ELD) and idle boost. When you have more load on the alternator the idle boost solenoid operates and keep the idle steady. Get the vacuum line #20 (marked on the hose) checked all the way to idle boost throttle controller (dash pot) for leaks and then the boost control solenoid for operation. Also the idle boost adjustment (did someone meddle with the carb settigs recently?). Hope the PGM unit does not display and errors (no blinks). If it does your ELD may be faulty.
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    I am not a smoker but I for one, am against this pictorial warning nonsense. If you want to kill yourself, its your problem. Existing laws about public smoking is enough to protect others, as long as they are enforced.
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    Not a smoker, but this makes sense :3
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    I have a belta, 2007, 1.3cc, 2sz-fe engine. Just calculated the fuel usage after my round trip to trinco from puttalam. It did about 17km/l(with ac). I maintained the speed within the range 80-95kmph most of the time thinking that it is the optimum speed for the engine(yet to confirm by you experts). I would like to know if these figures (fuel and optimum speed range) are acceptable for the vehicle/engine. Also I would like to know if there is any way to improve. Thank you
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