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    I humbly thank you all (komi, Don, MD, Vvti, Devinda ) showing interest. It appears that criticism is constructive. Especially Komi..who has been helping me do things right. I value your feedback and your comments made me put everything on a hold for a while. Meanwhile i spoke to Sacha n he said that we can talk about it during the course of next week. He was not too serious about a tubular frame, unless i had plans to take the car to race. Anyways, i will be more careful in future work.
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    then suggest ways, MD. i don't see you doing that. all of you just keep saying "apo charter now you've gone and done it" so where's the help the forum members are supposed to dish out? show me one place where any of you recommended any individual who the OP can get some help from. if its too expensive then find him another alternative. give him some contacts he can speak to. or even speak to him, for gods' sake how many cars have YOU done up yourself. jsut because he's not doing it the way YOU like it does that mean you shouldn't help him? wasn't that YOUR idealogy and the whole reason you jumped up in my rectum about the ricers in the first place? and i'm the rich guy with all the money is it? aney hukey. at least i saw sacha on facebook under my real name. not as chamara thenuwara. kiss it.
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    Why would you retire a perfectly fine car with all amenities and introduce a low cost unsafe car with no options? Tell me if you had a limited budget but you put enough emphasis on safety and the maintenance side of the story would you go for a newer car which is not well built as the older Japanese or European cars or stick with a good well built proper car from 15 years back? I myself would stick to a 15 year old car which is actually built very well than the Tata's, Maruti's, Geely's and etc.
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    this guy is funny.....
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    I'm guessing it's a hole to accomodate the transmission no? So probably a square foot off the bottom? Like don said, Sacha isn't cheap, but he's worth it. Doesn't matter even if you put this on hold til you can afford him. There's a guy called Muditha Tharaka on Facebook (you can find him on my profile) he's building a perana with a 5.0l v8. Get in touch with him. Might also have some ideas about a frame. You can say I referred you.
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    Just FYI and with all due respect to Sacha,he is not the only who can turn out a roll cage or braces.Heck if you get the blueprints and even rough measurements a proper welder/fabricator can do the job at a fraction of the cost.It seems for some internet heroes Sacha is a big deal but always remember project cars are not about handing over ass loads of money to some garage guy and driving out a shiny car a few months later...
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    The Don and I are not trying to discourage the guy.Just trying to save him some money because you keep shoving Sacha's expensive ass down the poor guys throat all because you saw his work on facebook think he's god.Wake up!People have been boosting and making cages here before the guy was even born... We are not all not made out of money like some people.Being rich is not an excuse to be stupid.And I'd rather be the guy posting hard truths than yelling worthless ''maxxa'' or ''ela machan patta'' everytime the guy posts. His car,his money yes...We were just mentioning that there are alternative and cheaper ways than what you were suggesting.Wether to ta take the advice or not is totally up to OP.
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    Dude...There are no ''roll cage making shops'' per se.What I said was he can make one himself.He has a good welder/tinker already.Steel tubing is readily available on the market and there are places that can bend them to one's specification.There is plenty of online help too...If OP is not a complete idiot without any imagination he can do it at a fraction of the cost than your suggestion... Since you asked,I do about 80% of the work on my cars myself...by the last count I have restored 9 cars,bought and modified 3 cars...so thats 12 in all. it took me a awhile to figure out who this Chamara Thenuwara you were reffering to.To those who don't know he is this guy who trolled Komi on Facebook for humiliating an innocent guy's Honda.All the guy did was fix an illuminated Honda badge and that didn't sit well with Komi and his high standards... I'm sorry to dissappoint you Komi but I'm not posting on FB under a fake name...I have two jobs,three cars under restoration while having take care of my ill dad aswell...And your pompous ego lets you believe that I drop all that and make fake profiles on facebook just to troll you...grow up dude.The world does not revolve around you. OP sorry for the OT.but please understand as a guy whos been in your place many a time I can't let people mislead you.
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    ... and do the 6 guys give u a happy ending too?
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